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Every person is a builder of a Temple called the Body May 2005
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  • New Guides to Replace Old Food Pyramid
  • Link of the Month: Calculate your percentage body fat
  • Book of the Month: The Abs Diet; Eat Right Every Time
  • Sex for Life and Better Health Too...
  • Recipe of the Month: Personalized snack...
  • Greetings!

    In 10 minutes or less, you should gather from this newsletter at least one practical way to improve your health today; otherwise, I've failed the goal of the letter. If you are helped, please consider forwarding to a friend who might benefit.

    Charles Runels, MD

    New Guides to Replace Old Food Pyramid

    The old food pyramid (which debuted in 1992) has been replaced by a new pyramid. The best addition to this new pyramid is a stick figure running up the side of the pyramid; meant to stress the idea that exercise is important. Finally, offical recommendations are replacing the very dangerous recipe for obesity (20 or 30 minutes of walking 2 or 3 times a week) with the truth: most people need 60 to 90 minutes of walking everyday to achieve normal weight and to maintain weight loss. If this seems much more than you have time for...then you're not alone. Most don't make time; hence 70% obesity rate in the U.S.A.

    If new trends continue, present day children will be the first generations of Americans to not outlive their parents and obesity will soon out run cigarette smoking as the number one cause of preventable death.

    Highly recommend you check out the new government website (link provided below) and forward this message to others who may be helped. If you put in your information, you can print out a daily worksheet that offers good advice about how much of what should be eaten (though vegetarians will need to modify).

    Link of the Month: Calculate your percentage body fat

    Here's another link that will help you calculate and follow your percentage body fat (and offer a healthy snack based on your weight). This one's provided by those who publish the Zone Diet materials.

    Book of the Month: The Abs Diet; Eat Right Every Time

    This is the number one book out in my opinion to help with weight loss. You can read my review of the book in the Spotlight review on Amazon to see why I'm seeing good results in my patients who follow this plan...

    Sex for Life and Better Health Too...

    I've been encouraged by those who have written about how their husbands are not only doing better in bed but also improving their health after being motivated by my book, Anytime. As a thank you to those who honor me by reading this letter, I'm offering the book directly from me at my cost. The course (book and CD) sell on Amazon for $21.21 I'm offering the book at $14.95 (including shipping). Hopefully, you'll return the favor by spreading the word about the book (now in second printing). This book is not slick, it doesn't work for everyone, it needs another professional edit...but the information is changing lives (so far...not one person's asked for a refund though I offer a money back guarantee and have now sold literally a small truck load of these books). Thank you very much to everone who's been kind enough to take the time to write and tell me how the book has helped.

    Recipe of the Month: Personalized snack...

    For a good healthy snack that's personalized for you, go to the link of the month and put in your measurements (you'll need a tape measure). Then click the button and the computer will give you a good recipe for a snack that's proportioned right for your body.

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