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  • Proven: Exercise for Better Erection
  • Link of the Month: The Thyroid Controversy
  • Book of the Month: The 8th Habit
  • Greetings!

    In 10 minutes or less, you should gather from this newsletter at least one practical way to improve your health today; otherwise, I've failed the goal of the letter.

    Charles Runels, MD

    Proven: Exercise for Better Erection

    In addition to doing more to prevent heart disease than any medication on the market, aerobic exercise also proven to improve erection by a factor of 3 on the International Index of Erectile Dysfunction. In plain english: the more miles you walk/jog the more firm the erection. The interesting thing is that some...

    Link of the Month: The Thyroid Controversy

    One out of 10 women will develop low thyroid at some point in their life. Even more will develop "low normal levels" with symptoms of low thyroid. Being in the lower 20% of normal doubles the risk of dementia compared with those in the upper 20% of normal in one study in neurology.

    I've swapped over more than a thousand people from Synthroid (T4) to Armour Thyroid (T3 and T4) and all but one told me they felt better after the change. But, I still hear from my patients that they frequently must listen to critical remarks from other physicians when they find out about the Armour. So, I'm providing a link here that gives good information about the manufacture of Armour Thyroid and why I prefer it over Synthroid.

    Book of the Month: The 8th Habit

    One of the most difficult concepts to explain to the people I care for is that exercise creates time rather than uses time.

    Even when I worked routinely for 2 to 3 days without sleep (during my 12 years in the emergency room), I still found time for exercise. By doing so, I slept more soundly (could swap from days to night quickly), used less energy and time doing my duties in the ER (saving time), and thought more clearly (again saving time). It was so important to me that I considered exercise as necessary for my ability to function well as an ER doctor. But, still when I hear lack of time as the number one reason for lack of exercise, I do not do a good job of explaining the concept and helping people see the truth of it in their own life. The best description I've seen in print about how exercise creates time is in Appendix 1 of this book, The 8th Habit, by Steven Coven (author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People). I highly recommend the book as a way to better health.

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