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Week 3: Day 19 Health Principle: Break Barriers with Order Jan 19, 2005


Ever try to solve one of those toy puzzles where a plastic picture is divided into squares that you slide around in a frame? Working the weekly schedule to make room for daily exercise feels very much like working one of those puzzles.

Even after solving the puzzle of fitting all the important activities into the week, another task should be done (that involves Order) to assure the completion of planned exercise. Leave this one out to greatly decrease the chances of success. To understand, consider the following scene:

You're sitting on the couch in your home. You become hungry and decide to eat. Little stands between you and food. Maybe, you need to open the refrigerator door. Maybe you need to push 2 buttons on the microwave. Perhaps, you need only reach across the coffee table and pull candy from a jar. In most homes in this country, you need use very little effort or time to go from completely at rest to eating.

Now. Same scene; you're sitting on the couch. You look at your handy, weekly schedule and see that it's time to go walk. How easy have you made it to go from couch to walking? Do you need to find your walking shoes? Oh, and you're thirsty and somewhat hungry so you must have a snack before you start walking. And, where did you put those new exercise shorts? Oops, where's the portable CD player? Need to find my toboggan. Where's my walking partner? She was supposed to be here 10 minutes ago. Here comes little Johnny (who knows mommy always stops everything to help with homework instead of letting him puzzle over it for a time).

Oh, well. Planned to walk for 30 minutes, but already used 25 minutes getting ready to walk. Might as well try again tomorrow.

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