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Week 2: Day 14 Health Principle: Purpose Jan 14, 2005


Here's a seldom noticed or described characteristic of the healthy and the happy. I hesitate to mention it because the description may sound nebulous, impractical, cliche, or even flaky. But, I must speak of it because I see this characteristic in every truly happy person I know.

During years as an emergency room physician and while in private practice, I've questioned the very healthy and especially calm in the midst of calamity. I always found the characteristic I'm about to describe.

You also see this characteristic in today's scripture reading.

When I see the discontent and unhealthy (by way of their own destructive behavior), I frequently find someone who's highest aspiration involves a circle that inscribes only their own person or perhaps that of a few loved ones. But, the truly happy and those who fight for good health with the most ferocity have "lain down their own life" for a purpose higher than what lies within that circle.

It's said that a great missionary and explorer was told as he sailed into a distant port that to make land fall at the approaching shore would mean danger and possibly death.

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