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Week 2: Day 12 Health Principle: Blender Jan 12, 2005


I've studied almost all of the diets (fad and ivory tower precipitants) that have been written over the past 50 years or so. One major flaw makes most of them unworkable: they take more effort or time than most people can afford. For example: if you want the most high performance diet on the planet, study all the Zone books; but, be ready to spend an hour per day planning and preparing food if you really want to do this one right (and you need fortitude and an IQ that's up there just to understand it). When I finish trying out a diet (in my opinion you don't really know a diet until you live it a few weeks), and go back to living what works for me, there's one eating principle that gives wonderful results (when combined with walking)-the blender.

No, I've never been overweight; but at 45-years-old, I still have the 6 pack. And one method I've used to stay lean has been to use a blender. Yea, blah, blah, blah. . .you may be saying to a man who's never been overweight. But, the people I've helped drop 30, 60, or 100 pounds and keep it off all used a blender.

A good question might be why would God put us all here and design things so that the species suffers with obesity for a few thousand years before someone invents the blender? The answer might be this: a few thousand years ago the work involved in obtaining and preparing food would have required that I do much more physical labor than presently required. Now that our culture supplies many high calorie foods in abundance yet making a living for most of us requires being trapped in a box (office), driving a box, and living in a box, we need a way to prepare foods quickly that kill the appetite without supplying too many calories. Quicker foods work better for weight loss and weight maintenance because the foods that cause obesity are frequently fast. Good foods that aren't quickly prepared will be eaten less frequently than less healthy foods that can be had quickly and easily.

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