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Week 2: Day 11 Health Principle: Moveable School Jan 11, 2005


How would you like to have 8 weeks of uninterrupted time to study anything that you would like to know more about? Is there something that you could learn that would make you better at your job? Maybe, you'd like to learn a foreign language, or study history, or learn better management skills. I'll tell you how to find 8 weeks of time to study whatever you want.

If you buy a CD player that's waterproof (about $30 at Target), you can listen to CD's on any subject you wish to study. An ipod works well too. If you walk 3 miles per day at a leisurely pace, you'll spend about 1 hour per day walking-that's 365 hours over the course of a year. Divide 365 by 8 and you'll see that allows you 45.6 work days (8 hours long). Assume a 5-day work week. That means you'll get 8 weeks of study (8 hours per day 5 days a week), by walking one hour per day and listening while you walk.

I don't claim to be the brightest fellow around, so I hesitate to reveal too much for fear of sounding boastful. But, while walking I've been through the Bible several times, learned much of the material presented to me in medical school (lectures were recorded), learned to speak Italian (only about 4- year-old level with a few thousand words so far), many medical research updates, learned history, science, marketing, business, and parenting skills.

Listen to this wonderful opportunity that's come about in the past few years: When I first started doing the miles back around 1975, there were no personal, portable tape players. Now, just a few 25 or so years later, when I walk, I can take with me (and hopefully learn from) prophets, poets, scientist, or just somebody who's funny.

Now, you can buy whole college courses on CD or in digital downloadable form and literally listen to courses from Ivy league colleges while walking down the street in your neighborhood pushing your three- year-old child in a stroller.

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