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Week 2: Day 8 Health Principle: Environment and Friends Jan 8, 2005


_Read Matthew: Chapters 1 - 4 _____ __Walk 3 miles: actual miles walked _____ __Eat 5 fruits or vegetables _____ __Virtue: Silence-speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation.

Want a guaranteed way to increase your chances of doing what will bring you joy and help you avoid what will bring you suffering? The answer is to control your environment. There's a reason why Christ prayed to "lead us not into temptation." A clean environment makes it much easier to behave in a heathy way. And what could be more important in your environment than the people who accompany you?

Like many of the lessons learned as a child, we may become "too grown up" to pay attention. After all, we think for ourselves now that we're adults. It can't really make any difference with whom I associate.

I've noticed that my friends put me in places. My obese friend asks me to dinner. My physically fit friends ask me to go hiking or to go jogging on the beach. My unhealthy friend wants to go drinking. My healthy friend needs to make a run to the health- food store or to meet me at the gym.

Conversations differ as well. My unhealthy friend wants me to try a new recipe for candy. My healthy friend just found a new protein bar or a new exercise that works well. My unhealthy friend talks about the latest T.V. show. My healthy friend tells me about the last triathalon and where he placed in the field.

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