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Week 1: Day 5 Health Principle: 80/20 Jan 5, 2005


Read Genesis: Chapters 29-35 __Walk 3 miles: Actual miles walked __Eat 5 fruits or vegetables __Virtue: Temperance-eat not to dullness; drink not to elevation

Mistake Four: Focusing on the less important We're five days into the year and still talking about ways to make New Year's resolutions that take you where you want to go. Another mistake in resolutions is that of working very hard at the less important. Part of the art of any endeavor is deciding where to focus the most effort for the best results. With only a finite amount of time and energy, focusing on the less important results in wasted time and poor results. The 80/20 rule applies to health just as much as it does to business

For example: I really like the way I feel when I do YOGA. The focus and stretching make me feel relaxed and focused and seem to release energy. But, research does not show nearly the benefit to health with YOGA as what is possible with walking. I've known hundreds of people who have lost 40 or more pounds walking (and kept it off); I know no person who lost more than 40 pounds with YOGA. I'm not saying that no person ever lost 40 pounds with YOGA. I just think it's less effective as a health maintenance activity for most people. So with limited time, I choose to walk every day and save YOGA for those rare days when I have extra time after I've walked at least three miles.

In the effort to build physical and emotional health, is there something you're including in your day that may be less helpful? Sometimes, people miss out on good health by finding time for a helpful activity but not having time for the activities that could affect a radical change.

Solution Four: Concentrate on the important 20% that gives 80% of the results

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