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-- Jan 4: Week 1: Day 4

Jan 4: Week 1: Day 4
_Read Genesis: Chapters 22-28 __Walk 3 miles: Actual miles walked_____ __Eat 5 fruits or vegetables_____ __Virtue: Temperance-eat not to dullness; drink not to elevation.

Mistake Three: Not keeping records

Most of the business gurus seem to stress setting measurable goals. Without a measurable goal, how do you know if you're on track at the end of the day? The same principle applies to health. For example: if you resolve to eat less and exercise more, exactly how do you know if you've accomplished that goal at the end of the day? Beneath that simple goal, you find complicated questions: How much less do you need to eat? How much more do you need to exercise? What exercise should you do? If you miss a day of exercise or if you eat an extra piece of pizza, how do you compensate tomorrow to reach overall goals such as losing 20 pounds or breaking free of your hypertension medication?

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