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Free Weight Loss Class October 2004

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New Free Class by phone!

Benjamin Franklin


New Free Class by phone!

For permanent weight loss, research shows that group meetings greatly improve results (for instruction and inspiration from others with same challenges). Most people suffer with shortage of time, so I'm offering a free class by telephone every Saturday morning. This is a conference call that will feature a time to ask questions of me and others who are losing weight successfully. I'll also offer the latest research and about 5 minutes of weight loss strategies.

Call 1-800-504-8071 and enter access code 625- 2612 to attend the class for free. 9:30 am cst every saturday.

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Just a couple of quick notes to improve you health...

  • Benjamin Franklin
  • I'm seeing wonderful results in my patients who are practicing the principles taught in my book I didn't invent them. I just integrated some of the principles taught by Ben Franklin, Leonardo da Vinci, the Chinese Tao, and otheres with modern pharmacology and herbology and exercise physiology. The title's Anytime...for as Long As You Want: Strength, Genius, Inspiration, and Erection by Integrative Sex Transmutation. See my web site for more details.

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