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Message from Marzelli and Hughes "Ed Fund (Foothill Education Foundation) has become an important part of our educational process by giving us things that our budget can no longer provide......"

Al Marzilli

Principal, Foothill High School 


Do you know that Ed Fund was formed in 1986 to bring the latest technology to FHS?  edfund  

Through the years we have had to continue to bridge the gap between the District and the school budget due to the economic budget crises.


We contribute to each classroom and our donations are a vital and important part of your student's education at Foothill High School.


Do you think our State and District should pay for  Foothill High School needs?  state

We do too!  Yet every year it becomes our challenge to meet the needs of FHS.  We strive to look further than the basics-and with your help we can continue to do so.  The Ed Fund has purchased these items and without us, they wouldn't be at FHS:


  • Ability to access your childs grades via Edline.
  • Student Agendas
  • Access Naviance this year- an online college-planning tool used by colleges nationwide.
  • Up-to-date computers, hardware and software for labs, the library and the teachers.
  • Document Camera

    Document cameras purchased by Ed Fund with your donations

    Document cameras
    to help with teaching (some classes have 40+ students-they need these teaching tools).
  • Illumniate - A new technology for teachers to instantly determine a lesson's success and individualize instruction based on data-informed needs.
  • Supplies, magazines and books for the library. (No support from the district)
  • Enhancing the following departments: Art, Music, Science, English, Ceramics, Choir, The Green Academy, Video, The Event Center and more.
Event Center Rendering

FHS New Event Center........Coming Soon!

We need support from every family to continue our mission of providing quality education that our students deserve.  All donations we receive are from parents like you! No matter what the amount, we welcome your donation.  All of us make a difference and you are part of the Education Foundation by donating any amount you can.


Please donate to the Foothill Education Foundation. 

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Donations are 100% Tax Deductable

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Our Mission: 
The Foothill Education Foundation (Ed Fund), a cooperative effort of parents and supporters at Foothill High School, strives to enhance the quality of the educational experience for all students at Foothill High School by providing additional financial resources obtained through its fundraising activities. 
Foothill Education Foundation
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Do you know why the Ed Fund was formed?


Do you think our State and District should pay for FHS needs? 


FHS Ranked 190th Best High School in the Nation. 


2011-2012 Ed Fund Campaign Donors 


Foothill High School
ranked 190th

 Best High School

in the Nation

(23rd in the State)

By:  Newsweek Magazine

America's Best High 

School's 2011 


Monthly Spotlight 

New Picture

A scanner that allows for quick grading.  See more from Mr. Garcia....

"....Kids also love it because they get immediate feed back as to how they're doing..."

James Garcia, 

English Teacher


 "The Ed Fund has contributed to updating the Foothill science equipment to a

"state of the art"

level enhancing

the ability to add AP classes and honors biology, fetal pigs, frogs and organic chemicals within the Science department curriculum."

Sheryl Beamer,

Science Department Chair


Susan Hughes Video 2

See video from FHS Teacher

"Ed Fund has put so much technology in my classroom...." 

Susan Hughes

 Math Teacher, FHS

Thank you for your support!


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Jim & Karen Baker

The Bianchetti Family

 The Brownstein Family

Maynard & Sherri Carkhuff

Chapman Medical Center Staff

Ed & Terri Dainko

Brenda & Lynn Davis

Ray & Jeanne Diradoorian

Greg & Patty Ekstrom

Carl & Valerie Ferraro

Tony & Lori Fiduk

Preston & Beth Flanigan

 The Folick Family

Julie & Alan Friedman

Frost & Gorbit Family

Robert & Alison Green

Klane & Amber Hales

Bob & Sue Henke

Makenzie & Taylor Hirz

Andrew Holden

The Hudack Family

Jeremy & Sandi Kaslow

 Sarah & Tim Randall

Art & Alice Rose

The Daniel & Francine Scinto


Perry & Lois Secor

Bob & Gitte Thacker

Kalovnna Virachith

Jim & Barb Walery  


Timothy & Erin Casey

Bruce & Cynthia Hass

 John & Katie Horwitz

Gary & Robin Kelley

Kevin & Lynne Kodzis

John & Kim Stauffer

Michael & Charlotte Waggoner




Greg & Kathy Anhaltzer

Tom & Allycyn Bennett

 Lonny & Nancy Blank

Scott & Lori Browne

David & Karen Dvorman

Clifton & Doreene Fincher

Molly Frodyma

Craig & Janice Furniss

Tim & Darci Goodman

Tom & Kathy Greubel

 The Healy Family

Shirley & Stuart Lee

The McGaffigan Family

Law Office of Yass McNeil

Dan & Sue O'Bannon

Jim & Annette Panting

Dan & Laurie Peterson

Marco & Kerry Racanelli

 David & Jennifer Schmid

Marilyn Sion

Jim & Elizabeth Stevens

Mark & Lisa Telles

The Widdicombe Family



Nathan & Sheryl Franke

Carl Groner - FHS '91

Brian & Lisa Halle

Kevin Kieu

Jon & Amy Lee

 Martin & Jennifer Rigby

The Romo Family

Marilyn & Jack Stemper

The Valdvia Family


Kevin & Mary Aaberg

Todd & Shelly Anderson

 Abdul Aref & Nilab Abassi

Mark & Bethny Avila

Sonya & David Bangston

Maureen Benner

Sherri Bird

Deb & John Bosko

Trez Ibrahim Brown

Wilbert Cabrera & Jacobe Escobar

Tami Crosby & Doug Hatchimonji

Martin & Julie Florman

Spencer & Terese Garrett

Steve & Jennifer Gates

Jim & Karla Gutel

Francisco & Patti Gutierrez

Theresa Hallock

Kevin & Joanne Hayden

Charles & Vicki Hogg

Brett & Uli Howard

The Hull Family

Edmond & Jean Kwong

John & Cindy McCarthy

The McNamara Family

Robert & Barbara Meyer

Gary & Mary Murray

Nick & Janis Nisson

Tim & Michelle O'Donoghue

Rehanna Pacheco

Judy & Gary Penman

Dave & Lisa Pflueger

Greg & Gisella Rewers

Ruth & Deloney Richardson

Javier & Maria Elena Robles

Melissa & James Seeley

Eric & Minna Van Skike

The Jacob Voyen Family

Tim & Eileen Yount


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