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- Did You Know? UV Absorbers, Space Shuttles, and Viper Missiles
- Adesis Next Generation UV Absorbers Whitepaper
- ChemOutsourcing, Long Branch, NJ
- Academic Alliance Initiative - University Discounts & much much more
- New Compounds for September -  Always In Stock!


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Did You Know?
Academic Alliance Initiative
UV Absorber Whitepaper
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Adesis Whitepaper


Adesis has a Whitepaper, "Orthogonally-functionalized Pyridines from a Drug Discovery and Optimization Perspective", featured on 20/20 Pharma's website. To read or download the paper


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Did You Know?

UV Absorbers, Space Shuttles, and Viper Missiles


A lot of people know us from our ads in C&E News and for our catalog of heterocyclic intermediates, but people are often surprised and most intrigued to hear about our other areas of expertise.  Over the next few months, we will be be putting the spotlight on the people, the stories, and the science behind some of our more diverse areas of expertise.  We hope you discover something new and interesting each month. 


  Chuck Beard

In this issue we'd like you to meet Dr. Charles Beard, co-founder and President of New Technologies at Adesis. Judging by the title of this article, it will come as no surprise that Chuck has quite a diverse and storied background. You can read more about Dr. Beard's work with propellants for viper missiles and development of polymers for space shuttles here, but today our article will focus on Chuck's work in Opthalmology.   


While at Johnson & Johnson (IOLAB Corporation) Chuck worked on ophthalmology applications, primarily polymerizable UV absorbers for attachment to intraocular lenses (IOLs). Several polymerizable benzotriazaole UV absorbers were identified and rigorous production methods developed at the Noramco cGMP facility in Wilmington, DE. 


Norbloc 7966 is currently utilized in a variety of IOLs and has been implanted in millions of humans. Ever wonder why it's called Norbloc 7966 instead of 7965 or 7967?  Of course you haven't, it's Chuck's wedding anniversary.







Introducing the Adesis Academic Alliance Initiative  (AAAI)


Start your research off right with new and novel heterocyclic building blocks from Adesis.  


  • 50% Discounts to Academic Institutions
  • Free Chemistry Seminars for your University
  • and much much more...


Click Here to find out what the AAAI can do for you.






UV Absorber Whitepaper - Next Generation UV Absorbers from Adesis  




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 Click Here to Download the Adesis Whitepaper on Next Generation UV Absorbers.  All compounds are in stock etc. etc. etc.  





ChemOutsourcing Sept 12-15th

Drop by booth #73 to meet our CEO, Dr. Ving Lee and our VP of Chemistry, Dr. Andrew Cottone.  Plus, don't miss Ronald Yarger, Dir. of Business Development's panel talk "What CRO's and CMO's Need from Their Customers: Communicating Process Change, Material Requirements etc." at 3:30pm on Monday.  Click Here For More Info


Compounds of the Month

Hot New Heterocycles 


Here are just a few of the new compounds introduced this month at Adesis.   Many are novel and the majority are exclusively available through Adesis.  All compounds we list on our website are in stock.  To see all of our new heterocycles  Click here

1     2   3

 2-1202                                    2-1205                               2-1203
4         5           6

  4-369                                       4-320                                4-488

7        8        9

   4-398                                     4-388                                 4-144

10  11  12

   5-193                                    10-108                                 3-113                       



About Adesis

Adesis, Inc. is a contract research organization (CRO) supporting the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry, biomaterials and catalysts industry. 


The life science industry has embraced the philosophy of outsourcing reference standards (competitor's drugs), targets, scaffolds, building blocks and advanced intermediates. Outsourcing allows medicinal chemists to focus on design and assembly of new targets for pharmacological evaluation and streamlines the early stage drug discovery process. Similarly, other chemistry-based research organizations (catalysts, biomaterials and fragrances) have accepted similar modus of operendi in order to maximize cost controls, while having timely project successes.


The core foundation of Adesis, Inc. is attributed to our experienced chemists with the expertise to conduct complex multi-step synthetic sequences (typical range of 2 - 20 steps).



We hope you have enjoyed reading our Adesis newsletter.  We welcome your comments.


With Best Wishes,


Paul Beard


If you are interested in how your company can do business with Adesis or to learn more about our capabilities, please contact one of the members of our business development team. 




Ronald G. Yarger, PhD

Director, Business Development 

Ph. 302-261-3383; Mobile 302-358-8837 



Paul Beard, MBA BS 

Business Development Associate 

Ph. 302-323-6314; Mobile 302-383-5918                      




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