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Happening Registration

Click this link to register candidates for Happening #87, July 29 - 31, 2011. Registration deadline is July 18th, 2011.

Church Development Institute

The Diocese of Georgia's Church Development Institute (CDI) is a leadership training program focused on the ministry of developing the spiritual community and organizational life of congregations. We equip leaders to serve their congregation through a highly integrated training experience that engages participants in the issues and dynamics faced as leaders. CDI is a program for clergy and lay leaders who desire to transform their congregations by making them stronger, healthier, more deeply rooted in our tradition, more responsive to God and more effective in their communities.


A new year of CDI Georgia starts this fall. Contact Canon Frank Logue at the diocesan office for more information or to register.

Pre-Happening Lock-in, Christ Church, Valdosta
The Rev. Canon Leigh Hall leads a discussion on Holy Eucharist in The Episcopal Church.
Christ Church, Valdosta
Church Lock-In Recruits for Happening

Taste and see. That's the idea behind a lock-in held this past weekend at Christ Episcopal Church, Valdosta. Youth leader Beth Baker went to Happening as a high school student in Brunswick and found it life-changing. But how could she encourage kids in her youth group to sign up for a Happening weekend, and better still, how could the kids in her youth group encourage their non-Episcopal friends to go to the weekend? Baker decided to hold a lock-in at the church as a tool to encourage Happening registrations. Members of the Christ Episcopal youth group discussed how to apply for the weekend and scholarships. The Rev. Canon Leigh Hall celebrated the Holy Eucharist at midnight, encouraging questions and comments from lock-in participants during the service.


The Christ Episcopal youth group hopes to hold various fundraisers to help potential Happening candidates pay for the weekend.   


The July 18th deadline for Happening #87 (July 29 - 30) is quickly approaching. Students who have finished the 9th grade but who have not yet begin college are eligible to attend. The weekend fee is $110.

Register online for Happening #87.

Download a PDF of the registration form.

Financial assistance is available on a limited basis but please seek funds from your parish first. Email The Rev. Canon Leigh Hall for more information. 

Diocesan Staff Events

Canon Willoughby will be at Honey Creek tomorrow working with the staff and the chair of the Honey Creek Commission on the transition taking place in the camp and conference center's operations.


Canon Hall will be at the Happening #87 Staff Lock in this weekend which is being held at Christ Church, Dublin.


Canon Logue will be on vacation Thursday through Sunday, officiating at the wedding of his sister-in-law.

Honey Creek

Conference Center is Back in the Black

Our Episcopal Camp and Conference Center, Honey Creek, has just finished its second quarter with more income than expenses for the quarter. This move back to profitability for the first time in years is thanks to the whole team of staff and volunteers working with the health of Honey Creek in mind. As encouraging as this news is, the first quarter losses still leave the camp with a $52,000 in negative cash flow for the year to date. However, opportunities remain for tightening up operations to keep expenses in line with income even for the lean months. Yet, one quarter with no losses is an improvement and shows what is possible.


Bond Sale Progress

To date, the Bond Sale has raised $925,000. The sale continues and with the move back to profitability, the improvements to the campus are more important than ever. For example, this bond sale enabled the purchase of an $11,000 in heating and air conditioning repairs to Stuart Hall. One of of two main meeting rooms was no longer functioning as the old unit could no longer be kept running. With the bond sale funds, the HVAC is being brought back to the standard we should expect from our conference center.


The Bond Sale Continues
Qualified investors in the state of Georgia may now request a prospectus for the Honey Creek Bond Sale. As previously announced the Diocese of Georgia is offering a $2 million issue of non SEC-registered, non-secured bonds having a 10-year maturity and a per annum return of 5%. It is expected the Bonds will pay semi-annual interest only, with the principal payable in a balloon payment at maturity. The Bond Issue proceeds will do the following for our Honey Creek Camp and Conference Center:

  1. Convert current debt to a manageable long term basis,
  2. Perform some needed renovations and deferred maintenance on Honey Creek and
  3. Provide working capital for the near term future operation of Honey Creek.

This is not a fundraiser, but a unique investment opportunity offering a return to those who purchase bonds while investing in the future of the Diocese of Georgia. The sale is for qualified investors in the State of Georgia only. Congregations of the Diocese of Georgia will qualify to invest. To request a prospectus, contact Canon Mary Willoughby at (912) 236-4279, 

Christ Church, Savannah

A Photo Sent with Prayers for Dede

CCE for Dede

This past Sunday, Virginia Maxwell organized the congregation of Christ Church Episcopal, Savannah, into a group photo for Dede Austin. Dede is a long-time member of Christ Church (and deceased Deacon Susan Harrison's sister-in-law) who was in a terrible auto accident more than six weeks ago. 


Dede and her husband, Larry, were in headed to Highlands, NC. On the US 1 Bypass around Swainsboro, GA, a church van did not stop or slow for the stop sign and came right out into the roadway (the driver of the van was at fault). The impact was on the front left quarter of their car. Fortunately they were both wearing their seat belts. Dede was driving and apparently she had been VERY insistent that Larry put his seat belt on before she would start the car. Larry was essentially unhurt with a slightly bruised knee and tenderness from the seat belt. Unfortunately Dede suffered a spinal cord injury as a result of the impact. The accident left her paralyzed from the neck down with some feeling in a few fingers and has very slight mobility via her elbows.


Dede is now at Shepherd's Spinal Center in Atlanta. She is working hard on her rehabilitation. Only time will tell what gains in mobility can be made. This story is shared, requesting that you add your prayers to those of her Christ Church family, and to show one way a church has reached out in love to a parishioner in need of loving support and prayer.

St. Anne's
David Rose Joins Clergy Team in Tifton

St. Anne's, Tifton, has recently welcomed The Rev. David Rose to its clergy team. Rose will assist The Rev. Lonnie Lacy with the priestly and pastoral responsibilities and will also be charged with leading St. Anne's in the cultivation of strong and vibrant programs for youth, children, and young families.


According to Lacy, "Deacon Rose comes to us with a great deal of experience in ministry with young people. With high recommendations from his bishop, his previous churches, and his seminary professors, I believe he has all the right gifts for challenging and equipping us for years of vital ministry to, with, and for young people. What's more, he's kind, funny, extremely thoughtful, and a man of devoted prayer and deep spirituality... the kind of person everyone can relate to. We are tremendously blessed to have him with us at St. Anne's."


Deacon Rose comes to the Diocese of Georgia from the Diocese of North Carolina. A recent graduate of Virginia Theological Seminary, he is married to Amy Hundley Rose. They are expecting their fourth child. Prior to seminary, Deacon Rose served as Youth Minister for St. Timothy's, Winston-Salem, NC. His ordination to the priesthood, which is anticipated in December, will be set in consultation with the Bishop of North Carolina. The date will be announced as it comes available.

Upcoming Ordinations 

God willing and the people consenting, the following ordinations are planned for this fall:


August 20 at 11 a.m. The Rev. Dcn. Remington Sloan will be ordained to the priesthood at St. Peter's, Savannah.


September 6 at 6 p.m. The Rev. Dcn. Abi Moon will be ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Howard of the Diocese of Florida at St. John's, Tallahasee.

September 24 at 4 p.m. The Rev. Dcn. Walter Hobgood will be ordained to the priesthood at Christ Church, Valdosta.

October 1 at 4 p.m. The Rev. Dcn. Al Crumpton will be ordained to the priesthood at St. Mark's, Brunswick.

Ordinations to the priesthood are being planned, though no dates are yet set, for The Rev. Deacons Sierra Wilkinson and David Rose. Those dates will be announced as the plans are made firm.


Clergy: Unless otherwise directed, always vest in cassock, surplice and red stoles for ordinations.

Camp St. Peter is now underway at Honey Creek.
Photos above and below are from this week's session of camp.

Honey Creek
Space Available for 3-5th Grade Camp

The middle school camp session, Camp Saint Peter, is currently underway at Honey Creek. There are limited spaces available for the final week of camp, which will be held next week. Scholarship assistance remains available.


Camp Honey Creek features incredible opportunities for exploration, adventure, learning about God and building relationships!  As always, thereis great music and worship every day. Campers enjoy spending time in activities: swimming, arts & crafts, fishing, singing, sports, exploring nature, kayaking, ropes course, disc golf, hanging out and so much more.


New for 2011, all camps will include special opportunities to explore nature and music in a more in depth way.  In the past, we have had camps dedicated to these two offerings, but because of their popularity, we are including them in each camp session. Camp director, The Rev. Sonia Sullivan Clifton, offers more complete information online here: 2011 Summer Camp Brochure


Campers singing in Bishops' Hall.


The Rev. Bill Stewart leads Compline in the Chapel of Our Savior.


The remaining Camp Session for 2011 is:


 St. Joseph & Mary II | July 17-23, 2011 | Finished grades 3-5

"Christianity is either a missionary religion or it is nothing,
and every Christian is a missionary
or he denies the faith in his life, if not in his words."
-Bishop Frederick Focke Reese,

Diocese of Georgia Bishop's Address 1929 


"Quit evangelizing; start blessing."

-Reggie McNeal

The Loose Canon
How Can You Be a Blessing?
This question-How can I be a blessing to others?-has been fundamental to the move in the some Diocese of Georgia churches to a more mission focused way of being the church. The question comes from Reggie McNeal, an author and speaker I referenced in recent Loose Canon articles.
It's not about the church

At St. Anne's, Tifton, The Rev. Lonnie Lacy says the congregation hasn't necessarily taken on any major programs for growth or new strategies from the outside, but among the changes to that church is the vestry's longterm consideration of this question of how the people of St. Anne's can be a blessing to others beyond their walls. This has been significant. The discussions in the vestry have been formative, and with subtle emphasis on this question in the congregation via the parish leadership, the attitude is taking hold. If you attend St. Anne's, you may never have heard this question asked, but you have probably seen the results of being a part of a church seeking to be "in the business of blessing." The question, at its purest, is not about that congregation at all. If someone who attends St. Anne's is being a blessing to others at work, home, or in the community, then in and of itself, that act is transformative. This changes the person who is a blessing and changes those who experience being blessed. (St. Anne's van is shown above delivery supplies to tornado-torn Alabama.)

Anyone can be a blessing to others
At Holy Comforter, Martinez, the congregation was challenged to be a blessing to others in some real andtangible way. Then on a subsequent Sunday the sermon time was given over to those in attendance telling their stories of what happened when they tried to act on that challenge. The response was enthusiastic with stories flowing for more than 40 minutes. The Rev. Joe Bowden said, "The people shared some of the most moving blessing and praying stories I have ever heard. It was one of the most joyful and moving moments in my life!"

If you attend Holy Comforter, you almost certainly not only know about this question, but you've heard some fellow parishioners talk about living into the answer. None of this has anything to do with church growth or even evangelism as they are typically considered. Yet, getting intentional about being blessing to others has everything to do with living in to Jesus' teaching that we are not only to love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength, but we are also to love our neighbors as ourselves, hence, being a blessing. (Two Holy Comforter parishioners, Jim and Frankie Ring, pictured helping with the church's Vacation Bible School.)
You don't even need the question
Filling in Sundays at St. Patrick's, Pooler, I have seen that congregation being a blessing to others without anyone bothering to ask the question. On Christmas Eve, a large group went to the Waffle House following the candlelit liturgy in order that a young woman who couldn't be with family would not be alone. They ordered a lot and left a big tip too. More recently, the same congregation was reaching out to a stressed out mom watching her young kids. These are just two ways I have seen the small congregation be a blessing
It is about the Gospel
Living in to answering this question is a simple way to get at what Bishop Reese hoped for in 1929 when he called on every Christian to become a missionary. When as individuals and as churches we become a blessing to the people around us, we are about the mission of the church. This is not to in any way divorce those actions of blessings from the content of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are not the Jaycees or the Junior Service League. But if we live is if our only goal as churches was to get the numbers up, then why would anyone want to be among those counted in the pews or whose dollars are counted in the plate? On the otherhand, if we actually live out the love of neighbor as revealed in the life and ministry of Jesus, then we will need no other advertising and the real work of relational evangelism will naturally follow. Yes, we want people to be most fully blessed by becoming a disciple of Jesus, and that may well start with our being a blessing to them in other ways. (Above, The Rev. Joe Bowden blesses and is blessed by a dog.)
Where might it start?
In Tifton, the question about how to be a blessing has been almost exclusively a vestry question so far. In Martinez, the whole congregation considered it. What is your church's blessing strategy? Where might this movement start in your congregation? As you're the one who read this article to the end, perhaps it should start with you being a blessing to someone between now and Sunday and then sharing the experience with others as you share coffee and conversation after church this week.

The Rev. Canon Frank Logue

Canon to the Ordinary


Note: To hear Reggie McNeal speaking about these topics, you can go to: for two videos of presentations.

The Loose Canon is a regular column in From the Field whose content is gathered together with other items of interest to those concerned with congregational development at

Organist Needed in Savannah and a

Full-time Youth Leader in Augusta 

The congregation of St. Patrick's, Pooler, is searching for a part-time organist to play on Sunday mornings for the church which is just west of Savannah.

St. Paul's, Augusta, has created a unique full-time position blending youth ministry with some other duties to create an attractive job for the right candidate.

Persons interested in either position should contact Canon Logue at or 912-236-4279 to initiate contact.

Clergy positions are always posted online at

Good Shepherd, Augusta

Take Part in Service Project in D.C.

Four teens and two adults from Good Shepherd, Augusta, took part this summer in a Youth Service Opportunities Project (YSOP) workcamp. YSOP operates out of Washington, DC and New York City and focuses on issues of hunger and homelessness. Good Shepherd Assistant Rector, The Rev. Loren Hague, said, "The purpose of a YSOP workcamp is to help young people see that even the smallest actions can make a difference in our world."
This is Good Shepherd's second year doing a workcamp in DC. This year the congregation had four youth-Bleak Chandler, Daniel Howard, Kevin Huggins and Arden Mobley-and two adults-Hague and Rebecca Brune-participate in the workcamp. The group worked at a different site each day, with sites including an organization which provides furniture and home goods for those who were recently homeless, an organization which provides meals for people who are terminally and chronically ill, an organization which sends out food to other service sites in DC which feed 4,500 people a day, and the largest food bank in DC. On Wednesday evening the YSOP participants prepared and served a meal to 40 people who would be sleeping in shelters or on the streets that night. During their evenings we did some sightseeing including seeing the fireworks on the Mall on the 4th of July and Evensong at the National Cathedral.
The Augusta YSOPers with others taking part in the project on their visit to the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum.

Senior Warden Laura Chan reads to the kids taking part in the VBS at St. Patrick's, Pooler.

Participants make crafts during the Vacation Bible Schol at St. Patrick's, Pooler.

The staff of the VBS program at St. Patrick's, Pooler, took an individual photo of each child in the program, such as the one above.

A group photo from this year's Vacation Bible School
at St. Augustine's, Augusta.


Vacation Bible School in Photos

The Vacation Bible School photo album is collecting pictures of our kid-friendly catecheses taking place around the Diocese this summer. Send your congregation's photo to

The photos will be added to the album: VBS Photos and used at the diocesan website. Some of the photos will be shared here in From the Field. If you create a Facebook or other online album, you may also just send a link to that album to the address above and our online photo gallery curator, Julius Arial, will copy the photos to the diocesan album.

This year's Vacation Bible School at Holy Comforter, Martinez is pictured above and below.

Send your news and events to,
so we can feature them in upcoming issues
of From the Field.

Diocesan Staff
The Episcopal Diocese of Georgia