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American Latino Heritage Initiative
National Heritage Area Program Legislation Introduced
The Art of Heritage
A Century of History, Set in Silver
Aviation/ Aerospace Executives at Wright's Home
Watershed Restoration in Shenandoah
Full Swing in Alaska
Rand McNally Best of the Road features Ohio & Erie Canalway
Theatre and Community Restored
Hudson River Valley and Erie Canal lead NY Heritage Weekend
Blue Ridge Parkway 75th Anniversary
Clean-up Huge Success in Lackawanna
Colonial Nachitoches Exhibition in Cane River
TD Charitable Foundation Supports Youth Jobs in Essex
Senate Hearing Held on NHAs
Trails in Thoreau's Footsteps in Freedom's Way
Homegrown Music at Lackawanna Heritage Festival
The Real Rosie the Riveter in Motor Cities
Barnstorming by Bike in Mormon Pioneer
Elissa Garofako named D&L President
Cultural Heritage Traveler Report Available
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Meetings and Trainings

NPS National Register and National 

 Historic Landmark webinars (EST)  


June 13th, 12-2 PM - HABS/HAER/HALS

Presenter:  Anne Mason 


June 18 2-4 PM: NR or NHL? Determining Significance


June 19, 2-4 PM: Writing Section 8: Assists preparers in writing Statement of Significance for NHL nominations.


June 27, 1-3 PM: Writing Section 7and Evaluating Integrity: Assists preparers in writing Physical Description for NHL nominations and evaluating the integrity of resources.


July 10, 1-3 PM: Writing Section 8 for Criterion 6: Archeology: Assists preparers in writing Statement of Significance for NHL nominations. Registration on the NHL website.


July 24, 2-4 PM: Nuts & Bolts of a NHL Nomination: Assists preparers in gathering information, provides detailed guidance on how to properly fill out an NHL form, and addressed mistakes made by NHL nomination preparers.


July 25, 12-2 PM: NR Regulations, review key sections


August 9, 2-4 PM: Writing Section 8: Assists preparers in writing Statement of Significance for NHL nominations.


Past webinars with materials


Association for Preservation Technology: Collaborative Approaches to Preservation 

Sept 30-Oct 4, Charleston, SC 

International conference for preservation technology, with Preservation Trades Network


Preserving the Historic Road Conference

Indianapolis, Indiana

September 20-23, 2012

: National Heritage Area Act of 2012 Sponsors: Rep. Charles W. Dent

 / S.2158: Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway National Heritage Area Act of 2012
House Sponsor: Rep. Thomas E. Petri 

Senate Sponsor: Herb Kohl

S.2131: A bill to reauthorize funding for Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area, Lackawanna Valley National Heritage Area, and Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor. 

Sponsor: Sen. Robert P. Casey Jr. 


S.2133: America's Agricultural Heritage Partnership Reauthorization Act
Sponsor: Sen Harkin, Tom


National Heritage Area Program,


Martha Raymond

National Coordinator:



Katie Durcan

Assistant Coordinator: 

Heather Scotten
Assistant Coordinator: 


Peter Samuel, Northeast Region: Peter_samuel@nps.gov

K. Lynn Berry, Southern Region:

Sue Pridemore, Midwest Region:

Greg Kendrick, Intermountain Region:

Linda Stonier, Pacific West Region:


Gretchen Luxenberg, Pacific West Region gretchen_luxenberg@nps.gov

John Quinley, Alaska Region John_quinley@nps.gov

Alliance of National Heritage Areas  Allen Sachse, Vice Chairman

Visit National Heritage Areas  on-line


Abraham Lincoln NHA


Arabia Mountain NHA


Atchafalaya NHA


Augusta Canal NHA


Baltimore NHA


Blue Ridge NHA


Cache La Poudre River Corridor


Cane River NHA


Champlain Valley NH Partnership


Crossroads of the American Revolution


Delaware and Lehigh NH Corridor


Erie Canalway NHC


Essex NHA


Freedom's Frontier NHA  


Freedom's Way NHA


Great Basin NHA


Gullah/Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor


Hudson River Valley NHA


Illinois & Michigan Canal NH Corridor


J.H. Chafee Blackstone River Valley NHC


Journey Through Hallowed Ground NHA


Kenai Mountains - Turnagain Arm NHA


Lackawanna Heritage Valley NHA


Mississippi Delta NHA


Mississippi Gulf NHA


Mississippi Hills NHA   

Mormon Pioneer NHA


MotorCities NHA


Muscle Shoals NHA


National Aviation Heritage Area


National Coal Heritage Area  


Niagara Falls NHA


Northern Plains NHA


Northern Rio Grande NHA


Ohio & Erie NH Canalway


Oil Region NHA


Last Green Valley: Quinebaug & Shetucket Rivers Valley NHC


Rivers of Steel NHA


Sangre de Cristo NHA


Schuylkill River NHA


Shenandoah Valley Battlefields National Historic District


Silos & Smokestacks NHA


South Carolina NH Corridor


South Park NHA


Southwestern Pennsylvania Heritage (Path of Progress)


Tennessee Civil War NHA


Upper Housatonic Valley NHA


Wheeling NHA


Yuma Crossing NHA 

Send articles and postings for the National Heritage Area Newsletter to:

American Latino Heritage Initiative


Secretary Salazar discusses the importance of preserving sites of cultural and historical importance to American Latino Heritage

The Department of the Interior is working to celebrate the contributions of American Latinos who helped shape America's rich and diverse history. The initiative explores how the legacy of American Latinos can be recognized, preserved, and interpreted for future generations.


The NPS is committed to telling the diverse stories that form the proud heritage of our nation's history.  The American Latino experience is far too rich, too vast, too entwined in the American narrative to go unrecognized. 
The initiative includes the creation of an American Latino Theme Study, Latino themed National Historic Landmarks, and an American Latino Heritage Fund at the National Parks Foundation. For more information visit http://www.nps.gov/history/crdi/latino.html or contact: American_Latino_Heritage@nps.gov. 
National Heritage Area Program Legislation introduced by House Caucus

Representatives from Northeast Region National Heritage Areas on top of the dome of the U.S. Capitol, with the Washington Monument and the National Mall in the background.

U.S. Representatives Charlie Dent and Paul Tonko, co-chairs of the Congressional National Heritage Area Caucus, introduced H.R. 4099, a bipartisan bill to create a system of National Heritage Areas. The bill has 43 co-sponsors. The legislation was drafted in cooperation with the Alliance for National Heritage Areas (ANHA) and with input from the National Park Service (NPS).


"Heritage areas not only preserve our vibrant culture and rich history, they spur economic growth in communities across the country," said Rep. Dent. "Throughout my home state of Pennsylvania, these public-private-partnerships are recognized as significant contributors to local and regional economic development. Modernizing the heritage area system and enhancing its efficiency will help ensure the long-term viability of these important economic drivers."


"The tool kit for economic recovery includes highlighting our nation's rich heritage areas and strengthening our awareness to a sense of place," said Rep. Tonko. "These items have proven to be persuasive tools in the very competitive sweepstakes for jobs."


"The ANHA is extremely grateful to Congressmen Dent and Tonko for advancing the proposed legislation to improve the National Heritage Areas program," said ANHA Chair and former Executive Director of the Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor, C. Allen Sachse. "NHAs are a proven model to save and share America's heritage with minimum public investment. NHAs have been saving America's significant stories and creating jobs in NHA towns since 1984. We're looking forward to continuing this legacy within the framework of the new legislation."


The National Heritage Area Program is a cost-effective initiative; relying on a public-private partnership in which every federal dollar is matched with an average of $5.50 in other public and private funding. Heritage areas have a proven record of fostering job creation and advancing economic, cultural, historic, environmental, and community development. In addition to creating jobs, NHAs generate valuable revenue for local governments and sustain communities through revitalization and heritage tourism.


For years legislators, NPS and NHA advocates have been working to see legislation for the National Heritage Area Program. Without specific program legislation,  each of the 49 existing NHAs has been individually designated by Congress.

The Art of Heritage

By Sherris Moreira, Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area


Rivers Ballet Billboard
Ballerina at Carrie Blast Furnance featured in marketing, by Eric Rose

A blast furnace and ballet slippers. Biodiography Contemporary Ballet,a Pittsburgh ballet troupe, shot their marketing materials at the Carrie Blast Furnace, a Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area site. The pictures were used on billboards, in newspapers and as a backdrop for their "Red Carpet Roll Out" event.


In the quest to remain increasingly relevant in meeting the needs of the region it represents and to engage a broader audience, Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area (ROS) is finding creative ways to combine steel heritage with the regional arts community.


The Furnace was also used in a scene for a new movie "Out of the Furnace" and the most recent Wiz Khalifa music video "Work Hard Play Harder."

 river hammerin

Other examples of connecting steel heritage with the arts include a steel heritage art show at Point Park University utilizing ROS steel-related art and artifacts and student photography of the blast furnace.


Other art partnerships include photo safaris; having local musicians and artisans take part in the weekly summer market at the Historic Pump House and Water Tower,  as well as an annual blacksmithing event at the W.A. Young Foundry & Machine Shop, also owned by Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area. Recently, Rivers of Steel was invited to include steel artifacts in the décor of an annual fundraiser at Heinz Field by the Rooney family, owners of the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Using creative and innovative strategies to build unique partnerships between steel heritage and the arts community is not only an effective way to reach and engage a larger audience, it is also an effective way to creatively get the steel heritage message to a non-traditional audience, thus raise awareness about the region's history and the importance of heritage areas.


For more information, visit www.riversofsteel.com

A Century of History, Set in Silver

Yuma-made medallion marks milestones 


In 1912, Yuma merchant E.F. Sanguinetti commemorated Arizona statehood and the opening of the Yuma Siphon irrigation project by casting a silver medallion. His commemorative coin featured an image of the interior of the Yuma Siphon dated 1912.


Yuma coin
Image of the Arizona Centennial on the coin.

Flash forward to 2012: With Arizona preparing to celebrate its Centennial, Sanguinetti's grandson, Bruce Gwynn, brought one of the historic coins to the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area board. Inspired, they decided Arizona's 100th birthday was worthy of a new medallion.


To realize its vision, the Heritage Area turned to Yuma master jeweler Paul Bensel, who created a limited edition coin cast in sterling silver and in brass with a three-dimensional image of the Siphon's interior on one side and an Arizona Centennial image on the other. Proceeds from the sale of the medallions support an exhibit on the Yuma Siphon and for the Centennial celebration.


"This is not just a beautiful keepsake to mark two huge milestones in Yuma history, but a great local story that says so much about what makes Yuma special," said Charles Flynn, executive director of the Heritage Area. "Yuma not only has the Siphon going strong after 100 years of operation, but we have Bruce Gwynn and other descendants of Yuma's pioneer families actively involved today in preserving and interpreting Yuma's rich history for generations to come."


"This coin is not just an emblem of the Centennial of the Siphon and the state, it speaks to the vitality of the Yuma community," said Flynn. 


Yuma coin back
Three-dimensional image of Siphon's interior

What is the Yuma Siphon?

It's a massive tunnel under the Colorado River that delivers irrigation water to the Yuma Valley. Because the shaft on the California side is higher than the exit in Arizona, the water moves by natural siphon action. Water first bubbled up through the Siphon on June 29, 1912, helping to fuel the powerful growth of Yuma agriculture for the last century. Today, this engineering marvel still works exactly as it did in 1912, bringing water to 50,000 acres of rich farmland and helping to make Yuma the winter         vegetable capital of the nation.


  Visit http://www.yumaheritage.com  

Aviation/Aerospace Executives Meet at Orville Wright's Home

National Aviation Heritage Area

Senator Sherrod Brown and Alan McArtor, chairman Airbus Americas, enjoy their tour of Orville Wright's study. Dayton Development Coalition


When the Dayton Development Coalition, the primary economic development organization located at the heart of the National Aviation Heritage Area, went looking for a special place to host a recent meeting with aviation executives and Senator Sherrod Brown they turned to the National Aviation Heritage Alliance (NAHA).  The Wright Family Foundation, an Alliance partner, offered Hawthorn Hill, the home of Orville Wright for the meeting location.


Designated as a part of the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park in 2009, Hawthorn Hill was built in 1914 and was Orville Wright's home until his death in 1948. Wright descendants, Amanda Wright Lane and Stephen Wright want the site to be more than a house museum. They are pleased to see it used to advance the industry their great Uncles Wilbur and Orville began in 1903.


Allan McArtor, Chairman of Airbus Americas, Inc. joined Sen. Brown and Dayton business executives at Hawthorn Hill to announce a $5 Million dollar project with the Dayton-based National Composite Center for development of composite technologies that will be used by Airbus in future air vehicle designs.


"It lifts our spirits and confirms our objectives to see such leaders in Uncle Orville's home. While we can't build airplanes at Hawthorn Hill, we can help build business relationships at this unique element of the National Aviation Heritage Area. It is a perfect example of how NAHA is using the past to help make for a brighter future for the National Aviation Heritage Area," said Amanda Wright Lane, great grand-niece of the Wright brothers.

Watershed Restoration in Shenandoah

Shen 3 winchester

The Shenandoah River Valley's Civil War battlefields contain some of the most important and threatened watersheds in Virginia which flow into the Chesapeake Bay including Opequon Creek and Redbud Run on the 3rd Winchester battlefield.


One of Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation's (SVBF) projects is the Huntsberry Farm Riparian Buffer Restoration Project at 3rd Winchester. The goal is to prevent sedimentation and non-point source water pollution from entering Redbud Run by excluding livestock and providing alternative watering sources -- aiding the restoration of threatened fisheries and waterfowl habitat. Pasturing the farm is the most economical way to restore and maintain the open fields that characterized battlefield during the Civil War. This project provides a model of restoring and improving stream health while increasing the farm's productivity.


This spring, the Foundation completed the best management practice (BMP) improvements as outlined in the Conservation Plan, developed as a partnership with the Trout Unlimited Cooperative Conservation Partnership Initiative (TU CCPI) and the Resource Conservation & Development Council Cooperative Conservation Partnership Initiative (RC&D CCPI).  SVBF's principal partners in facilitating this project were the Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA) and the Lord Fairfax Soil & Water Conservation District.


As a result of this effort, the Huntsberry farm north of Redbud Run was returned to a fully sustainable, working farm system that includes over 8,200 feet of rotational grazing (following historic fencing alignments), stream exclusion and wetland protection fencing, nutrient management plan, electric power, well, pumping plant and potable watering systems for livestock and human needs, planting of native grass and trees within the newly fenced riparian buffer, and a newly installed hardened stream crossing at the ford along Redbud Run.


This conservation work would not have been possible without federal and state matching funding support (including a Chesapeake Bay Restoration Fund grant) that covered 83% of the total $66,040 costs.


This project struck a balance in the needs for cultural resource protection, conservation, preservation, sustainable agriculture, recreation, and interpretation. This work is part of SVBF's $1.5 million 3rd Winchester Restoration and Interpretation project, the largest non-land acquisition project undertaken by the Foundation, and scheduled for completion on the 150th anniversary of the battle in 2014.

Alaska's Kenai Mountains-Turnagain Arm NHA in Full Swing

The Kenai Mountains-Turnagain Arm National Heritage Area (KMTA) management plan is complete and under review by the Department of the Interior. Meanwhile, the KMTA Community Corridor Association has been busy supporting the protection, preservation, and promotion of this uniquely historic region of Alaskan. 


One of several grass-roots projects and initiatives is the restoration of the Divide Ski Area Historic Trail. Near Seward, Alaska, the trail was quickly being decimated by motorized traffic. The Seward Nordic Ski Club - in partnership with KMTA CCA, the Chugach National Forest Service, Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Iditarod Trail Blazers and the City of Seward worked to restore the damaged trail and put gates up to restrict access to motorized vehicles. Over 200 people participated in a Luminary Ski with lighted ice candles along the trail - a New Years celebration testament to the success of the project.


KMTA alaska waterwheel

The sign next to the 10-foot waterwheel with a sharpening stone reads:

"Moose Pass is a peaceful little town. If you have an ax to grind, do it here."

Another successful project was the repair of the Estes Brothers Grocery & Waterwheel, a well-known historic stop along the corridor. The waterwheel was in a state of disrepair. The Moose Pass Sportsman's Club, Moose Pass Advisory Planning Commission, Jaffa Construction and KMTA CCA partnered to restore the waterwheel to good working condition. 



Other projects include:


·       Prince William Sound Museum Oral History/Museum Development

·       Exhibit Planning for Seward Museum

·       Slab of History sign restoration

·       Iditarod Monument construction


Stay tuned for progress on an plan for NHA signage and a curriculum project that will bring the area's fascinating history to the classroom.



For more information about the Kenai Mountains-Turnagain Arm National Heritage Area, please visit www.kmtacorridor.org   





Rand McNally Best of the Road Puts Spotlight on the Ohio & Erie Canalway 

Katie Montgomery, Ohio & Erie Canalway National Heritage Area


ohio and erie

The Ohio & Erie Canalway America's Byway now serves as a driving tour to 30 key Canalway sites as one of the newest entrants in the Rand McNally/USA Today Best of the Road Series. In a Road Trip entitled Discover America in 110 Miles, those motoring along the Byway journey will find themselves taken to sites of historic, national and worldwide renown. 


Rand McNally calls their Best of the Road series a group of road trips that "must be traveled at least once in a lifetime."


"We start the trip in our Northern Section - at the corner of Ontario and Carnegie in Cleveland - where a world of professional sports awaits," states Tim Donovan, Co-Executive Director of the Ohio & Erie Canalway. "By the time the trip is completed, you'll have traveled 110 Miles into Tuscarawas County. The journey will have taken you to two Halls of Fame - Rock and Pro Football - through our award-winning County Park Districts in Cuyahoga, Summit, Stark and Tuscarawas, through the heart of our nation's "Top 10 Visited" National Park - in total, to 30 cultural, historic and natural wonders our region has to offer."


"It's a great way to spend time in Northeast Ohio - or America, for that matter," added Donovan. 


The America's Byways Resource Center invited Byways across the country to create and submit Road Trips to the Rand McNally/USA Today Best of the Road series. The Ohio & Erie Canalway reached out to partners in the region to make it happen. "Creating the trip became an amazing collaborative effort," stated Katie Montgomery, Director of Marketing for the Canalway. "We used a 'sorting hat' of one-of-a-kind experiences to be had in the region and the world," she added. "The wealth of choices for great getaways in the Canalway is amazing, and partners from all over the National Heritage Area joined in to help us create this journey." 


Find the trip online Discover America in 110 Miles  

Visit: www.ohioanderiecanalway.com 

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OhioandErieCanalway

Theatre and community restored with support of Mormon Pioneer  

A grant from the Mormon Pioneer NHA helped restore the historic Casino Star Theatre.

 A project supported by the Mormon Pioneer National Heritage Area in the small city of Gunnison, Utah (population approx. 3,000), illustrates the kind of impact National Heritage Areas can have on their communities.


In 2007, a 20,000-gallon underground gasoline leak in Gunnison's business district devastated the city - ruining

properties, disrupting the economy, and crippling civic morale.


 The disaster nearly brought a halt to a restoration project on a 1900's Beaux Arts-style building - the Casino Star Theatre - but a pivotal $25,000 grant from the MPNHA (matched dollar-for-dollar by private funds) at a critical juncture

allowed the project to proceed.


As the theatre's exterior was restored to its former beauty and grandeur, other business owners began taking pride in their properties. A partnership between private owners and local government created a façade renovation program as part of a comprehensive Main Street revitalization project.


MP restored
The theatre's transformation was an impetus of a program to improve Main Street facades of businesses devastated by the disaster

The program "snowballed," said the city's mayor, leading to an estimated investment value of $300,000. Properties have been transformed, business and economy have improved, and community pride has been restored.


That influence is rippling outward as, having seen the effects in Gunnison, nearby cities are adopting similar programs. The


MPNHA is proud to have made a difference for good in the lives of communities and individual citizens.


NY Heritage Weekend Presented by Hudson and Erie Canal NHAs
NY heritage weekend
L-R, Mayor John McDonald, Congressman Paul Tonko, Senator Neil Breslin, Assemblyman Ron Canestrari, Beth Sciumeca, and Mark Castiglione

The Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area, Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor, and Congressman Paul Tonko kicked-off New York Heritage Weekend in Cohoes, NY. Over 200 events were held from New York City, north to the Canadian border, to Buffalo and all points near and far.

"I am heartened to see the broad mix of communities, museums, historic sites and heritage organizations that are working together to make New York Heritage Weekend a success" said Congressman Paul Tonko. "As co-chair of the bipartisan National Heritage Area Congressional Caucus, I know that our heritage expression both defines our history and guides our future. By working together to promote, protect and celebrate our rich heritage resources, we can leverage these strengths to better both our local communities and economic growth."

In 2011, tourism generated 87 billion dollars in New York's economy and supported over 694,000 jobs. Studies have also shown that 78% of tourists seek out heritage and cultural activities when they travel.

"Heritage Weekend opens the door to so many of New York's great historic and cultural treasures," said Beth Sciumeca, Executive Director of the Erie Canalway NHC. "Once that door is open, people will find that there is a lifetime of places to experience throughout the state."

 Mark Castiglione, Acting Director of the Hudson River Valley NHA said, "This year we are incredibly excited to once again partner with all the communities, museums, historic sites and heritage organizations that have worked together to make the 2012 New York Heritage Weekend an even bigger success. With the bounty of our heritage resources, Heritage Weekend will continue to provide people of all ages an opportunity to experience the rich heritage landscape of New York State while helping to grow our economy."

Presented in partnership by the Hudson River Valley NHA, Erie Canalway NHC, NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, the NPS, I Love New York and more than 160 organizations hosting events.  Visit www.hudsonrivervalley.com and www.eriecanalway.org for information.

Blue Ridge Parkway 75th Anniversary

BlueridgeParkway quilt. 

Throughout American history, quilt-making has been viewed as a community-building activity as well as a form of communal creativity. The Blue Ridge Parkway Commemorative Community Quilt Project, created on the occasion of the Parkway's 75th Anniversary, provides a visual and lasting reminder of the region's relationship with the Parkway and how the Parkway inspires us all.


Looking at this unique work of art, its purpose becomes apparent. As each square portrays an individual community's expression or identity, it inherently compliments adjacent squares, all of which are bound together by threads of community. Greater awareness of these relationships and continued understanding and collaboration is its message of hope for our region.


The quilt traveled to numerous locations in North Carolina and Virginia and was on display in the Parkway Visitor Center in March and April.

More quilts are exhibited in other locations on the Parkway, the Folk Art Center and the NC Arboretum. Visit www.blueridgeheritage.com for more information.

Great NEPA Clean-Up a Huge Success

Colleen Carter,Lackawanna Heritage Valley


lackawanna river clean up
Together, volunteers helped "clean and green" communities.

Hundreds of volunteers gave a helping hand during the 4th annual Great Northern Pennsylvania Clean-Up. Throughout April, parks, municipalities, schools, businesses, non-profit organizations, and environmental groups, hosted 60 clean-up events.  


Volunteers turned out in force to pick up litter and trash in neighborhoods and community parks, on sections of the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail and the Delaware and Hudson Rail-Trail, on the banks of the Lackawanna River, throughout Lackawanna State Park, and along local roads. Illegal dumpsites required heavy equipment to haul away tires, appliances, and large debris. Many groups hosted tree plantings and park beautification events. The University of Scranton, Keystone College, Lackawanna College and Everything Natural, a local health food store, sponsored lectures, presentations, picnics, and programs encouraging "green" practices such as walking or bicycling to work and school, and sustainable gardening practices.


Along the Lackawanna River watershed and the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail more than 500 volunteers donated their time in 20 cleanups to make the river and the trail cleaner. 1,600 hours were donated amounting to an estimated $31,500 worth of work. In all, 25 tons of trash was picked up, 839 tires were removed and recycled, and several miles of brush was cut back. An amazing effort!


The Great NEPA Clean-Up was coordinated by Lackawanna Heritage Valley and the Northeastern Pennsylvania Conservation Alliance, a partnership of more than 80 environmental groups. Supplies for the Great NEPA Clean-Up were provided by PennDOT. Trash was delivered to Alliance Landfill by Waste Management and Nestle donated water. For information, visit www.LHVA.org


Colonial Natchitoches Exhibition

Cane River 

Cane River National Heritage Area is supporting an exhibit at Fort St. Jean Baptiste State Historic Site Museum in Louisiana titled, Colonial Natchitoches. Designed to emphasize the distinct relationship among the Spanish, French, and Native Americans who inhabited colonial Natchitoches, the exhibit illustrates each group's dependence upon one another for survival on the frontier.


 The exhibit features Los Adaes artifacts on loan from the Cane River Creole National Historic Park, Northwestern State University, Williamson Museum, and Oakland Plantation.


As the easternmost post of the El Camino Real de los Tejas National Historic Trail, Natchitoches and the Cane River region are tied historically and culturally to its Spanish legacy. The exhibit demonstrates Cane River NHA's initiative to interpret the region's transportation legacy as a crossroads for culture and trade on the colonial frontier.  For more information, visit: Cane River Heritage

TD Charitable Foundation supports Youth Summer Jobs Program in Essex NHA
Deb Paysonessez 


The Essex National Heritage Commission and the National Park Service are pleased to receive a $5000 donation from TD Charitable Foundation to support Essex Youth Summer Jobs program. The grant will allow for the hiring of three additional under-served youth to work at NPS sites in Salem and Saugus.


"Connecting youth to our local heritage and national parks is a top priority for Essex Heritage and the National Park Service," said Annie C. Harris, Executive Director, Essex National Heritage Commission. "And we are thrilled to receive this grant from TD Charitable Foundation to hire additional youth who will engage in educational and enrichment programs, while gaining valuable employment experience and life and leadership skills. This program is a successful example of the benefits of public-private partnerships."


"A staunch commitment to active involvement in the local community is a vital element of the TD Bank philosophy," said Daniel Griggs, Market President, TD Bank. "TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank® and the TD Charitable Foundation provide financial and other support to affordable housing initiatives, financial literacy and education and the environment, many of which focus on improving the welfare of children and families."


The Job Corps program began in partnership with the North Shore Work Force Investment Board with federal stimulus grant funding which underwrote portions for two summers. The program is continues with NPS funding with investments by Essex Heritage. The program is directed towards youth ages 14-18 as a first job experience. They rotate through a variety of jobs including maintenance, administration, visitor services and interpretation.


"Youth who excel in this program are hired as National Park Service employees and brought back to work season after season," said Michael Quijano-West, Superintendent of Salem Maritime and Saugus Iron Works National Historic Sites. "This grant funding enables us to hire three additional youth who will now be able to explore our national heritage and work alongside our rangers and staff this summer. This program provides essential job skills for youth and will help cultivate the next generation of stewards for our country's natural and cultural resources."

Senate Hearing Held on National Heritage Areas
Senate Hearing
Senators John Kerry and Jack Reed testify regarding Blackstone National Heritage Cooridor.

In March Dr. Stephanie Toothman , Associate Director, Cultural Resources,  testified before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Sub-committee.  Her testimony related to bills to create new heritage areas in Sacramento San Joaquin Delta, CA. and Susquehanna Gateway, PA., to study Naugatuck River Valley, CT. and to reauthorize Essex NHA, Silos & Smokestacks NHA, Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area, Lackawanna Valley NHA, and Delaware and Lehigh NHC.  Dr. Toothman also testified on other park related bills including a bill that would establish a new unit of the National Park System, the John H. Chafee Blackstone River Valley National Historical Park within the existing Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor.


U.S. Senators Jack Reed and John Kerry testified in support of creating a new national historical park within the John H. Chafee Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor. Senator Kerry also testified in favor of reauthorization of Essex National Heritage Area.


Senator Kerry stated that "The Essex National Heritage is a sterling example of how private/public partnerships can succeed in conservation."


Senator Reed testified that,  "Rhode Island is the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution and the Blackstone Valley is a national treasure.  Turning this area into a national historical park is a smart way to preserve our nation's history and invest in Rhode Island's future. 

Trails in Thoreau's Footsteps 


freedom way
At the Summit of Red Hill, NH. Photo by Jessica Ludlow Wright

Freedom's Way National Heritage Area is about the ideas, places, and people who shape our thinking about democracy, freedom and stewardship. The area encompasses 45 towns that produced nationally renowned patriots, writers, environmentalists, thinkers, and visionaries. Today, more than 150 years after the publication of Walden, Henry David Thoreau continues to invite 21st-century people to "go walking" and to live more simply in a hectic, complex world.


Recently Thoreau Walks to Wachusett Trail was launched including an on-line map and In Thoreau's Footsteps events in the towns of Ayer, Concord, Fitchburg, Medford and Westminster, MA.  This trail-based outreach combines public lectures and walks with Thoreau, recreated by Richard Smith, to bring to life his teachings, writings, observations and curiosity about nature and humanity.


Freedom's Way National Heritage Area conducted planning sessions with historical societies, libraries, and natural destinations, to consider how the words of Thoreau linger in 39 of the towns where he often traveled. Held at the Thoreau Farm- Birthplace and at Indian Hill Music Center, Littleton, MA, participants were encouraged to explore themes and effective ways to collaborate and leverage support. The Trails invite all ages to "go exploring" by foot or bike and discover anew the natural and built landscapes that connect us to the past and the future.


Two or three hours' walking will carry me to as strange a country as I expect ever to see. . . .The walker in the familiar fields ... sometimes finds himself in another land. . . . The landscape lies far and fair within, and the deepest thinker is the farthest travelled. ~ Henry David Thoreau, "Walking" (1862) 



For more information visit http://www.freedomsway.org/  

"Homegrown Music" Featured at Lackawanna's Heritage Explorer Festival 

Collen Carter, Lackawanna Heritage Valley National Heritage Area

bike tourThe Lackawanna Heritage Valley will come alive June 16th as three highly acclaimed bands perform at the 3rd Annual Heritage Explorer Bike Tour and Festival. In partnership with WVIA-FM, the area's public radio station, the festival will showcase bands featured on "Homegrown Music," part of the contemporary music program "Mixed Bag." The bands include The Merchants of Groove Blues Reunion, featuring guitarist Teddy Young; the folk rock artist Don Shappelle and the Pickups; and Jason O.


Along with the great music, the festival features demonstrations by Flowstyle BMX and the Scranton Police Department, a bike rally for children, a kids' fun run, food, vendors and exhibits.


Don Shappelle is a singer/songwriter from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania who lives on the banks of the Susquehanna River. Much of his music features the river in subject and spirit. Trains are a constant theme in his music. The influences of blues, folk, and rock traditions mixed with a bit of jazz and ragtime make up the styling of Don's songs. The Merchants of Groove Blues Reunion plays a wide variety of originals and blues classics. Jason O's original music is seamlessly funky and folky with a pop twist and an honest lyrical style.


For more information about the Heritage Explorer Bike Tour and Festival, visit www.HeritageExplorer.org

The Real Rosie the Riveter in MotorCities National Heritage Area 
Edited from an article by Robert Tate, Automotive Historian


MC rosie

Woman Riveter working on a wing surface of an Avenger aircraft at the Eastern Aircraft division of General Motors where planes replaced automotive hardware on the assembly lines.

Photo courtesy of the National Automotive History Collection


Many women began working at Ford, GM, and Chrysler factories in Detroit during World War II. The name "Rosie the Riveter" became most closely associated with a real woman, Rose Will Monroe, who was born in 1920 in Kentucky and moved to Michigan during World War II. She worked as a riveter building B-29 and B-24 bombers for the Army Air Corps at Willow Run Aircraft factory in Ypsilanti, Michigan.


By 1944, Rosie the Riveter inspired a social movement that increased the number of American working women from 12 million to 20 million people, a 51% increase from 1940.


Conditions were sometimes harsh and pay was not always equal. The average man working in a wartime plant was paid $56.65 per week, compared to women who were paid about $31.50. However, many women supported the war effort and it was the turning point for many women and their lives.


"Whether you were black, white, a grandmother, mother, daughter, sister, or the woman next door, woman were a huge part of the culture change in this country. I believe women became more empowered not only with just themselves, but also encouraged women everywhere. Rosie the Riveter provided a valuable historical resource for our history and historians from all over the world." Robert Tate.


For further information contact Robert Tate at btate@motorcities.org.

Barnstorming by Bike in Mormon Pioneer

MP Helen Dyreng Barn
"Dyreng Barn" in Manti, Utah, is featured during a 3-day Bicycle Barnstorming tour. The event promotes pioneer and agriculture heritage, and raises awareness of barn restoration and preservation needs.
The Mormon Pioneer National Heritage Area is partnering with the Utah Heritage Foundation to promote awareness and appreciation of historic barns, an iconic feature of the Area's landscape and rustic heritage.


The organizations are co-sponsoring the "Bicycle Barnstorming Tour," a three-day exploration of barns in the Area for cyclists, heritage enthusiasts, and historic preservationists.


"These old barns are some of the most distinctive remnants of our pioneer heritage," said Monte Bona, MPNHA's executive director. "They reflect the area's agricultural flavor, and the industry and practicality of its pioneer colonizers. The Barnstorming Tour will help people appreciate not only the barns themselves, but the characteristics they represent."


This summer's Barnstorming Tour is the first of what will hopefully become an annual event.


"The tour will allow us to display the area's heritage, promote recreation, and encourage heritage tourism - all of which will develop the economic benefit of historic preservation," Bona said.


It will also raise awareness leading hopefully to the restoration of old barns and the possibilities of converting them for use as heritage-related businesses or other economic ventures.


The event has been funded in part by a $5,000 grant from the Eccles Fund for Utah with the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Elissa Garofalo named D&L President

Elissa Garofalo was named President and Executive Director of the Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor, after serving as Vice-President since 2009. She began her career with the D&L in 2000 after working on several community and downtown revitalization programs. Elissa became one of Pennsylvania's first Main Street managers when she held that position in Jim Thorpe from 1981-1986. Her past experience also includes consulting for the National Main Street Center and 10 years as co-owner of an outdoor specialty store.


Garofalo is succeeding C. Allen Sachse, who stepped down from his position after 12 years. Sachse is serving as a part-time advisor focusing on the D&L's partnerships with federal and state governments.


Addressing upcoming challenges facing heritage areas, Garofalo stated, "The D&L is fortunate. Allen will continue to work hard with state and federal legislators to secure funding. Meanwhile, we will also be undergoing a transformation to our culture as we actively seek out new funding and revenue opportunities."


"I'm excited and deeply committed to the D&L's objectives," Garofalo said. "My professional career has been devoted to revitalizing regional communities and responsibly taking advantage of our historic landscape."


The D&L also promoted Silas Chamberlin to Director of Stewardship & Interpretation. Chamberlin will help develop and implement D&L policies related to conservation, preservation, and interpretation of the Corridor's resources. For more information, visit: http://www.delawareandlehigh.org/


Cultural Heritage Traveler Report


The Cultural Heritage Traveler Report is now available from the U.S. Department of Commerce's Office of Travel and Tourism Industries. 

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