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Summit Reservoir - Philmont






October 6th



Meet us at the boat launch!





If you have a flat boat, a row boat, a canoe, or a kayak, please feel free to join us at the boat launch at the Summit Reservoir this Saturday at 8am to 12noon for a workshop event.    


We are pushing off the shore at 8am volunteering to assist Professor Richard Bopp take a ride over to the "silt island" located at the eastern inlet to the reservoir to take core dating samples of the sediment for testing purposes.  


Hopefully, the core testing method, developed by Professor Richard Bopp in his renowned work of the restoration of the Hudson River will help us in the Village of Philmont discover what this sediment is, what it consists of, how much volume per year is ending up in the reservoir, possibly give some indicators of where the sediment is originating from, and how it is affecting the hydrology.


These tests should go a long way to help determine the best methods to clean up the reservoir, protect our wildlife, protect our natural resources, and how to stop the sediment build-up in order to bring the reservoir back to the community in good health for a bright and sustainable future. 



All persons interested are invited to attend.  Please bring your own outdoor protective gear.  

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