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10am to 1pm 
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Dear Friends,
The market needs your help THIS SUNDAY!  A visit is scheduled for 11am by Congressman Chris Gibson (R) New York Congressman Chris Gibson (R) N.Y. representing the 20th District.  We need to show the market at its best!  That means everyone who loves this market and would like to help it grow to more effectively support our local farmers and crafters and the Village of Philmont.  PLEASE  turn up by 11am even though we all know it's very hot out there and some would rather stay indoors with air conditioning! Not this week my friends!  Please visit the Congressman's web site and check out his record as a member of the House Committee on Agriculture .  
Martin Summer - vendor





Martin Summer - hand-cast stone birdbaths.

Get to the market early! Birdbath (2)   











Common Hands - pea shoots

   Marsh Meadow - cucumbers

Corn - White Oak Farm  

Common Hands   Farm Project 

Marsh Meadow Farm

White Oak Farm


We are trying something new at the market!



A table offering Market tokens EBT, WIC, and FMNP recipients

with choices for more affordable fresh produce by using your 

voucher program at the market. 

For every EBT charged at the market or use of a market WIC or FMNP voucher the shopper will receive a 

Philmont Farmers' Market coupon for a choice of a FREE bunch of your choice of vegetable. 

See Heather at the EBT table for more info




Studio 55


Studio 55 baskets 2011  

Studio 55 - offering market baskets and hand-made applique T-shirts - don't miss this opportunity to own one of these lovely baskets!  Caroline won't be back until Aug 12th - so don't miss seeing her this Sunday.

Thanks to Nicole Private Chef - Nicole - a private chef 

who only shops at the market using her Studio 55 


Goats and llamas


 Marsh Meadow Farm - Germantown 

Organically grown vegetables, herbs, free roaming chickens farm eggs, Eggs - Marsh Meadow Farm potted plants and herbs for 



your garden, healthy dog treats, more at affordable prices for healthy living. 


Marsh Meadow Farm table

Delsia Hilton

Delsia Hilton - welcome back!

Born and raised in Philmont - now the baker at the Spencertown Store.  Apple pie, choc chip cookies, the best carrot cake, and more. 

Maple Syrup - Schober Farm
Schober Farm
Red Devon Beef
Maple Syrup
Cool Whisper Farm  
Philmont Market & Cafe Co-op

 Co-op blackboardPhilmont Market & Cafe Co-op













Market breakfast sandwiches, coffee, local cheeses, locally made pesto, more.  Volunteer for the Co-op market stand and earn a $100 membership for 10 hours or more.  We hear everyone's having a great time prepping at the Main St. Public House kitchen for the market experiencing how food is costed, and why volunteering with the Co-op is such a lot of fun when you're with like friends all working together.   

Asia Luna - products  


EBT on siteAsia Luna

Full range of their organic home/bath products, soaps, bug spray, candles,

and those bubble wands!












EBT at the market 

Stop by to see Heather for EBT on site.


ALERT! - starting July 15th - a new market stand assisting EBT shoppers with affordable fresh produce incentives.

Market raffle supporting educational programs             


Stop by the Market EBT stand to enter the weekly raffle supporting educational programming. Raffle proceeds are providing four scholarships to qualifying families in Philmont taking the "Families Growing Together" program at the PB Inc Resource Center by Beth Horton, a Master Gardener joining us from the Cornell Cooperative Extension.

 Thank you to all raffle ticket purchasers helping support

"Families Growing Together"

Weekly raffle winners are!

Max Heinrich - July 8th 

Andy King  - June 24th

Karyn Novakowski & Peter - June 17th


Hawk Studio  



Hawk Studio - attending this market!

Hawk Studio - handmade leather bag    













June 3rd - Market shoppers

Make a date to meet a friend at the market

A small Sunday morning market in a village downtown setting.  Local producers only.  Freshly harvested vegetables and fruits, pickles, syrups, sugar free jams, Devon free-range beef, artisanal cheeses, bread, eggs, pastries, cakes, pies, cut flowers, potted plants & herbs. Organically produced home & health products, craft demonstration vendors, handmade leatherwork, wooden bowls, market baskets, and farm/food educational events. EBT/SNAP machine on site

  Harvesting for July 

at the 

Philmont Farmers Market







Swiss Chard






  Goats meat   



Romanesco Cauliflower

Red preco Radicchio

Purplette Mini Onions

Assorted Radish: Davignon, Champion Sparkler, Black, Watermelon

Magenta Spreen 


Green & Red Bok Choy 

Salad Mix

Gailon Chinese Kale

Hon Tsai Tai 

Red Komatsuna

Carrots: Rainbow


Red & Green Okra

Radish Sprouts

Braising Mix

Shiitake & Oyster Mushrooms






Pete's B-B-QUE Sauce

Bakery Breads

Goats cheese



Red Devon Beef   


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The Philmont Beautification, Inc. Philmont Farmers' Market newsletter is funded in part from generous support gratefully received from the following local businesses and funding agencies, and from our growing family of loyal community supporters like you!  Thank you so very much for your support.     SEE YOU AT THE MARKET!

Main St. Public House-Philmont Meltz LumberEd Herrington's , IncHudson River Bank & Trust Co Foundation
  USDANYS Office of Community Renewal

Federation of Farmers Markets NYColumbia County Tourist DeptBerkshire Taconic Community Foundation      

Philmont Beautification, Inc. is a grass-roots non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to community developement in the spirit of a traditional barn raising 

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