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News!  June was celebrated as Farmers' Market month by the NYS Assembly this week!   Several farmer market managers traveled to Albany to talk about their markets and local farming.  PB Inc is scheduled for a sit down with Assemblymember Didi Barrett on Friday to talk about all the wonderful growth taking place in Philmont and just how community involvement is the magic for making it all take shape.  We'll be talking Philmont Farmers' Market and our local farmers; the start-up plans for the Philmont Market and Cafe Co-op and the Collaboration Team efforts; the Summit Lake Area Revitalization Project as a NYS BOA Office of Communities and Waterfronts project with the Village of Philmont; and of course plenty of ideas how the Assembly can help with growing our community! 


How did the market do last Sunday?   
Philmont Market & Cafe Co-op - cheese sampling

Lots of activity sampling local cheeses at the Philmont Market & Cafe Co-op stand!  Great pesto locally made in Philmont by OLIVIA, and we hear the Co-op now has two new members who signed up by coming to the market!  Did you try that iced Moca Coffee with that wicked cream on top?  Well done for the Co-op, Elizabeth Angello, and all those dedicated volunteers!


A round of applause goes to Common Hands Farm Project - no small feat for a local farmer to produce such great tasting vegetables with the weather as we've seen these last few months. 


Common Hands Farm Project

Common Hands - pea shoots 

Thank you Dan McManus and Tess Parker and your project farm helpers - try the kohlrabi and those amazing pea shoots - great for an early summer salad.  

Try their CSA to pick up every Sunday in Philmont at the market cutting down your travel miles. Now that's so simple. 

Shopping tip:  If your vegetables are looking the worse for hot weather when you return from the market - take them out of their bags and stick'em in the vegetable cooler drawer - they'll perk right up again and appreciate your care.  Freshly harvested vegetables will last several days longer than store purchased if you treat them kindly.


 Marsh Meadow Farm - Germantown 

Marsh Meadow Farm, Germantown.

farm fresh eggs

Organically grown vegetables, herbs, 

 fresh farm eggs, potted plants and herbs for your garden, healthy dog treats, more at affordable prices for healthy living. Try those eggs for $3.50 a dozen (can't beat that price anywhere for sustainably-raised chicken eggs) and amazing tasting English cucumbers for $1.50 each, and garlic scapes 5 for $1.00.


Philmont Market & Cafe Co-op

 Co-op blackboardPhilmont Market & Cafe Co-op













Market breakfast sandwiches, coffee, local cheeses, locally made pesto, more.  Volunteer for the Co-op market stand and earn a $100 membership for 10 hours or more.  We hear everyone's having a great time prepping at the Main St. Public House kitchen for the market experiencing how food is costed, and why volunteering with the Co-op is such a lot of fun when you're with like friends all working together.   


EBT at the market 

EBT on site 

Stop by to see Heather for EBT on site.


Pick up a "Families Growing Together" flier for a family cooking course starting in July at the PB Inc Resource Center using fresh herbs from the Firehouse Community Tea & Herb Garden, and more.  

Please consider supporting the scholarship program by entering the weekly raffle at the market.  All proceeds help towards the market providing four scholarships for local Philmont families to take this great course provided by Cornell Cooperative Extension's master gardener - Beth Horton.  A PB Inc project in partnership with the Philmont Public Library and Cornell Cooperative Extension.  





Chip Rosien - Hawk Studio and his demonstration making table attending June 17th.  Don't miss him - he won't be back until Father's Day. 

Hawk Studio - handmade leather bag

Hand made leather belts, bags, clothes, and more. His leather dog leashes make tails wag wildly.  

Hawk Studio - handmade leather dog leash 
















June 3rd - Market shoppers

Please forward this email to help us build this market!  Post it on your FB! 

Or simply make a date to meet a friend at the market

A small Sunday morning market in a village downtown setting.  Local producers only.  Freshly harvested vegetables and fruits, pickles, syrups, sugar free jams, Devon free-range beef, artisanal cheeses, bread, eggs, pastries, cakes, pies, cut flowers, potted plants & herbs. Organically produced home & health products, craft demonstration vendors, handmade leatherwork, wooden bowls, market baskets, and farm/food educational events. EBT/SNAP machine on site

  Harvesting for June 

at the 

Philmont Farmers Market







Swiss Chard

Garlic Scapes






Goat meat



Romanesco Cauliflower

Red preco Radicchio

Purplette Mini Onions

Assorted Radish: Davignon, Champion Sparkler, Black, Watermelon

Magenta Spreen 


Green & Red Bok Choy 

Salad Mix

Gailon Chinese Kale

Hon Tsai Tai 

Red Komatsuna

Carrots: Rainbow


Red & Green Okra

Radish Sprouts

Braising Mix

Shiitake & Oyster Mushrooms






Pete's B-B-QUE Sauce

Berkshire Bakery Breads



Red Devon Beef   


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Philmont Beautification, Inc. is a grass-roots non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to community developement in the spirit of a traditional barn raising 

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