Send the Light

 Do you sometimes feel the world is getting darker.  Sometimes when I read the news, I am filled with a sense of confused wonder at the loss of  innocence, common sense and basic kindness in the world and in my native country.   


Even though I know Jesus warned us that it was going to get ugly, I am still surprised. I guess it is because I know that there is still a lot of "light" left in the churches over there, I know that even though the darkness is dangling overhead, it has not yet dropped and engulfed it.   So, these patches of darkness that seem so big... they are just unexpected 


 But it is not expected in my world here.   The darkness seems just inches away.   The world-views, principles, social values, and standards of behavior are so steeped in darkness that it seems impossible to not feel it pressing in.  


But, I look at these students and I see LIGHT.   I see  young people who have committed their lives to full-time Christian service in a part of the world where income, respect, security and acceptance are far from guaranteed....... and I have hope!  


Jesus said  "You are the as children of light."   In our own time, I think Jesus would say, Hey Christian, push back the darkness!


Our mission at LTC is to help young Christians learn how to do just that.   Our students are busy serving. Sometimes they have an open door, and at other times there are obstacles.  When they are not in classes, they are out in the world shining their lights and pushing back the darkness. 


One of my favorite children's songs is "This Little Light of Mine."   As a child it was just a fun song with actions.  But as an adult, it sends chills down my spine because now I get it.    I invite you to watch this short  video showing LTC students in action, shining their lights in Thailand.  


It is your partnership that makes this  possible.   Thank you!   Your support and prayers for the ministry of LTC are important. It is a dark place over here, but we are not overcome because God's Light is shining.  

In Christ,

Lanna Theological Center