February, 2012
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Harvest 2011

      The 2011-12 school year is almost over.  This second term has gone fast.  It has been a busy 3 months.  


      In early December, we harvested our largest rice harvest yet.   Students and faculty all joined together to bring it in.  We have enough rice to last the whole year.  PTL!   


       We said good bye to our intern, Kari. She was such a blessing to the ministry.  Then, we had a 3 week Christmas break that was busy with  Christmas celebrations and evangelistic events.    This year, David and Deloris accomplied Carmen to the Lua villages in Nan province.   It was the first time in 2 years for David and Deloris to go over.   It was a great time of visiting with old friends and encouraging the Lua Christians.  


      The LTC also hosted a week long workshop on Sports Evangelism.  Students were taught principles of leadership and coaching skills.  One church was started last year as a result of a Sports program initated by a LTC professor and students.  


      Our prayer and hope is that many more will come to know Jesus through sports!  

Saying Good--Bye !

        As the 2011-12 school year wraps up, there some changes coming to LTC.   Next month, we will say good-bye to 3 precious co-workers.   Each one has served this minister for many years.     We will miss them, but are excited for what God is doing in their lives.  


       Join us in praying for God's direction and blessing on their new ventures for His Kingdom.


Saying Good Bye to Mr. Boonlert


         Mr. Boonlert first came to LTC as a student when he was only 16 years old.  That was 25 years ago!    David A. Filbeck saw leadership potential in this young man and has mentored and supported him to earn his M.A.    In the last few years, Boonlert has been David A's right -hand man; responsible for many areas of the ministry.  

      In addition to his responsiblities at LTC,   Boonlert also planted the Light of San Sai Church in 2003.  6 years later, he turned the church over to a graduate of LTC.  And that was the beginning of a dream. 

    After several years of prayer, he has decided he wants to focus completely on church planting. His dream is to plant a church and mentor a pastor for that church.  Then, turn it over and move on to a new community that is without the Gospel.   

       He has already been instrumental in planting another church in the suburb of  Kaow Tan.  Now he is focusing on a small community 20 kilometers outside of Chiang Mai.     We will miss him, but know that God is directing this move.   We anticipate great things happening for God's Kingdom!

 Saying Good Bye to Mr. Bandit and Mai

      Bandit and Mai came to  LTC as part of the merger with Chiang Mai Bible Instiute in 2003.   Bandit has served as both professor and Dean of Students.   They have lived on campus the entire time; being available 24/7.    Bandit is a gentle and patient man who cares deeply for the spiritual growth and maturity of students.  


      Mai has partnered with Catherine Filbeck in teaching English at local elementary school.   Mai is an excellent teacher and a great example on campus. 


      Bandit and Mai are leaving to focus on the ministry among the Lahu Chale tribal people.  Bandit is Lahu Chale himself.   This language group has very few leaders.  His family, along with other Chale pastors have asked him to come and help.    After a season of prayer, Bandit decided that God was directing him to accept the invitation.    


      Please pray for Bandit and Mai as they begin this new adventure for God's Kingdom.  

Bill and Jane Sears;  Volunteer Teachers at LTC

      Bill and Jane Sears, from Springfield Il, arrived in October for 6 months.  The Sears are teaching English classes to students enrolled in the English for Ministry program at LTC. 

       Bill and Jane did not waste any time in getting involved. They decided to team teach each class.  Between the two of them, the students are kept on their toes.  From my desk in the office, I often hear bells of laughter from their upstairs classroom.   And best of all.... the students' English is getting better and better.    

  You can click here to read their testimony of how God brought them to LTC.  Maybe God might be calling YOU to come and spend some time serving along with us at LTC.     

Because you said so, Lord!"

Carmen & Sert
Carmen & LTC Sophomore, Sert

 "Teacher, what is the most difficult thing in ministry?"    


We were sitting at a governement office, waiting for some documents, when out of the blue, LTC sophomore Mr. Sert turrned and with a serious expression asked this  question.  


My first reaction was to say, "Wow, which one do I choose?"  


It was a long wait that day, and we got to talk a lot about ministry.  Sert shared many of  his concerns, his fears of failure  It is one of the better parts of my job.   Classes are important;  but so much learning happens in these rare, spontaneous discussions. 


  Click here to read rest of this story.

 A  Novel By Dr. David L. Filbeck



    A warm, humorous novel about life in the ministry in the Ozark mountains of northwest Arkansas.  Morgan Cavanaugh has announced his retirement after 40 years as a minister.  What happened to him and his wife Laura upon his retirement should not happen to any minister.



Read About and Enjoy the Likes of:


Jesse "Buck" Taylor, a wheeler-dealer auctioneer and Chairman of the Church Board

J. Frank "Lard" Carpenter, a 300+ lbs., one-eyed blowhard

Pate and Billy Glossett, running scared from the Law

Robert "Red" Avery, the town's athiest

Edna Thurston, a homegrown Ozark theologian

Miz Flora Castleberry, the church's matriarch

George Campbell, who pulled a "sting" on Buck Taylor


Plus Others As They Get Mixed Up in Morgan Cavanaugh's Retirement


This novel is, quite simply, entertaining reading with a positive moral value.

Paul Boatman

Lincoln Christian Seminary


Click here  to go to the LTC Website and download a PDF copy of this novel.


We are grateful for your continued support in helping prepare Christian leaders in Southeast Asia.  We appreciate your prayers for the ministry.   Please click here to see a list of specific prayer needs for LTC. 



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