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November 2011

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From the Director

Carmen's profile     Lanna Theological Center continues to declare the Glory of God throughout SE Asia.   During the October break, faculty and students spread out across the region serving in a number of ministries.  


    School is now back in session and everyone is already talking about what they will do during the summer break.  (March and April) 


     There will be another Medical Clinic Team in March and David A. Filbeck will lead a college team in April.  


     But, in the meantime, there are some good things happening........

Spotlight on Lanna Theological Center 

An Urgent Opportunity

     Last spring we began developing an agriculture program at LTC.  The program is designed to be a vocational training program that would provide a means of support for our graduates as they begin their localized ministries. 

  We needed to purchase a few more acres of land to implement the project.   However, we did not have the funds, so decided to postpone the project.   Mr. Boonlert decided to go ahead and do what he could on the current property.  He started raising chickens, ducks, turkeys and frogs!    

      In the meantime, a family donated $27,000 towards the purchase of additional property specifically for this project.   We began negotiations on a property adjacent to the campus.   The final negotiated price was $39,000. 
Deed to new land
Carmen & Boonlert  standing in front of property with the deed
   We were able to borrow money to go ahead and buy the land.   Because it is in the name of the non-profit foundation, it took several months to complete the process.   But, on October 17,   LTC took ownership of the property.  

   This is an exciting opportunity.  The need to help ministers be self-supporting is urgent!  Inflation is affecting even the remote villages and traditional farming methods no longer provide sufficient funds for a family.  Churches are still unable to support their own pastors.   It is indeed an urgent situation for the Church. 

   LTC is committed to training leaders for the church and for the community.  We are in discussions with an organization that specializes in doing innovative projects in villages.  With this additional land, we hope to develop an efficient agriculture project that will give graduates skills needed in the village setting.   An anticipated result will be the alumni's increased influence in the village and thus more opportunity to make an impact for Christ.

Spotlight on David and Sharon Filbeck

     Home Assignment!
       Our family is settled in Moberly Missouri.   Aaron is a David Family
freshman at Central Christian College of the Bible.  
 Kara is fitting in nicely as a Junior at Moberly High School..    Thank you for all your prayers for transition. 
     Now that the family is settled, we can start scheduling speaking dates.  We plan to be in the US through June 2013.   Dates are filling up, so please contact us to schedule a visit to your church or missions committee. 
            You can contact us at   or phone (903) 806-6639.

 Spotlight on Community of Blessing

      Medical Clinic TEAMS!


       COB will host another Medical Clinic March 8-17, 2012.   This clinic will include the medical exams, eye exams and a new addition of a Dental clinic.      


      You can contact Dr. Ken Filbeck at for more information.


       If you or your church would like to schedule a short term trip, please contact Dr. Ken.

Spotlight on Life Encounters   (Intern's Report)


     Kari Werencke is here for 4 months to epxerience life on the mission field.   Kari came with some pretty clear expectations about what she would do, feel, and experience.   


     From the very beginning, God began to show her that He had very different plans.....


                Click  here to read Kari's report.

"He Renews their Strength"

      Here in Thailand, there are very few resources (books) for Christians, espsecially for those in Bible College. 


    So LTC professors spend a lot of time preparing course material, workbooks, outlines to supplement their lectures.  


    This term, each professor was assigned  2 new courses to teach a long with all their other responsibilities.   They have certainly been stretched! 


      Well, recently, Professor Hawm was stretched even a bit further.  


                           Click here to read what happened and how God "renewed her strength".

Prayer Needs
Click here for a List of Prayer Needs for LTC  
We are grateful for your continued support in helping prepare Christian leaders in Southeast Asia.


In Christ,