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                                                                               July,  2011 - Vol 1, Issue 1

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David & Sharon Filbeck
Becky Anderson
Carmen Filbeck
COB Clinic Teams
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From Dr. David A. Filbeck

      Greetings in the Lord.   
    The end of May, LTC began a new academic year.   There is always a great deal of excitement as students reunite, share their summer stories and settle into a new year. 
     Yet, for all the excitement, there is also a bit of nostalgia as we realized that for some students, this will be their last year.  We want to introdcuce you to one senior named Tuan.  When Tuan arrived at LTC, he changed his nickname.  Below is a  link to his testimony and the reason he chose a new nickname.    
David and Sharon Filbeck Begin Home Assignment


David Family 
     David and Sharon Filbeck returned to the USA  in June to begin a 2 year home assignment.   David will be available to speak on behalf of the ministry of Christian Mission to the Orient, including Lanna Theological Center.   He will also be working on writing grants for building the campus and developing some needed programs.    
  You can contact David and Sharon at:
   US Phone:   903-806-6639 

Becky Anderson ... Librarian

      Becky Library

     Becky Anderson has assumed the position of LTC Librarian.  Becky has a MA in Library Science and 10 years experience in a college library. Becky is working hard to organize, standardize and modernize the library.   It is a huge project and we are so grateful for her time and expertise.   

 Dwain and Becky



      Becky's husband Dwain is also lending a hand.  Dwain is already a full-time professor in the English for Ministry program.  But he is now lending his expertise in computers and technology to help bring the library as well as the computer lab up to date.  


Thank you Dwain and Becky!

Carmen Filbeck Completes 3 months Speaking Tour

Carmen's profile 

      I am back in Thailand after three months in the USA.   I am always amazed by how a plane can transport me from one world into another.    It just a matter of hours I am back home where you can't drink the tap water, the houses don't have central air, you remove your shoes at the front door, and the bathrooms ..well... let's just say  "same...but definitely different."  


      I had such a good time in the US.    Most of my speaking dates this time were in churches I had never personally visited. I am grateful for all who came to hear about the work, asked questions, joined the prayer list, and encouraged me personally.  


          Nearly 100 people signed up to receive our updates and prayer letters.  What an encouragment to have such a team of prayer warriors.   We can not do this ministry without you.  We covet as many "partners" as we can find.   You can help to recruit others to join our list of partners by sending this letter to folks you think might be interested in praying for this ministry.   


          And finally,  to all those who helped me along the way:  who housed me, fed me, picked me up and took me to airports/train stations, lent me their car, and met my financial needs.....


Thank you, thank you! 


 Community of Blessing Medical Teams


   2012 Clinic Teams to Thailand are filling up FAST!


     That's right....we are already planning Mission trips for 2012.   The clinic weeks for January and March 2012 are already full.   There are still openings for the September/Octorber '12 Clinic Week.   Each team requires a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10.       


      If you and/or your church would like to plan a Short term mission trip with Community of Blessing, contact Dr. Ken at 


Read Professor Bandit's report on the March Clinic trip to the Lahue Chale people!  


Please Pray for......

 1.  ....David and Sharon and Family as they settle into life in  Moberbly, Missouri.  

           ....their son, Aaron, as he begins college at Central Christian College  and

            ....daughter, Kara, as she begins her junior year at a new high school


2.  ....Becky as she works to bring the library up to standard.


3.  ....the families of the LTC staff and faculty; especially those with young children.  That God

         will grant them wisdom and patience as they raise their children.


4.  ....creativity and good ideas as we work to accomplish our task in preparing workers for

         God's Harvest.


5. year's COB Clinic that God will lead us to those villages where we can be a blessing

         to others.


We are grateful for your continued support in helping prepare Christian leaders in Southeast Asia.


All of us at Lanna Theological Center