Lanna Theological Center Senior ClassApril, 2010
 2010 SeniorsGreetings!  
Lanna Theological Center has completed the 2009-10 school year.  We are ready to  send out 6 graduating seniors. 
Each senior is required to complete a 10 month internship before receiving their diploma. 
This year, all seniors are returning to their home where religion is restricted and there is persecution of Christians.  
They return knowing the dangers that lay before them.   Yet, they return ready and willing to serve.  
Over the next few months we will introduce each graduate, their plans and dreams for the future. Please keep these young people in your prayers.
 Bow JuaJoint Youth Camp
 Two of our seniors are working together to host a youth camp back in their home area.  Both men are from an area where religion is restricted.  
On the right is Mr. Baow Jua. He is from the H'mong tribe.   His home village is currently experiencing some presecution.  The Christians are not allowed to meet for worship.
On the left is Mr. Boonlert. He is from the Kamut tribe.  His village is currently free of persecution.  Together they are planning to host a camp for the youth from both tribes. 
     The camp will take place at Boonlert's village.  T
his is the second year these two have collaborated together.  Last year they raised $700 and had 80 teens attend with 10 baptisms.
     They are hoping to raise the same amount again this year and have the camp in April.   Please pray for these two men.  Pray for God's protection as they preach God's Word in an atmosphere of persecution.   Pray for God to supply their needs as they minister to youth.  

Sewan is from the Kamut tribe.  He grew up in a Christian family.  He felt called into ministry when he was about 16 years old.   A missionary from Canada offered to send him to Bible School and he enrolled in LTC.

He is returning to his home village to help his pastor. His main responsibility will be mentoring the youth.  

He asks for specific prayer for his village.  The current headman is strongly opposed to the Christians.  He tries to find new ways to keep them from coming together for worship.   So far, the Christians have continued to find ways to pacify him and continue to worship.  At times they will break into small cell groups and meet in homes.  Once the headman feels he has won the day, the Christians slowly begin worshiping together at the church again.   It is a continuous cycle. Sewan asks for prayer that the cycle of persecution will not intensify beyond this. 

At the end of my interview with Sewan, I asked him if there was anything he wanted to share with "the family of God"   Here is his answer:

"I promise you that even if persecuted I will never leave my God." 

"I promise you that I will take everything I have learned and use it to the best of my ability in service to God." 

Sewan's goal is evangelized into areas of his country where Christ has not been preached.  His prayer and vision is to plant a church and disciple it into maturity. 

New Student Registration Day

LTC's New Student Registration Day is May 3rd.   Please pray for those youth who are making decisions for their future. 

Thank you for your prayers and support.    Your partnership with us is precious. Together we are preparing workers for HIS Harvest. 

Because of His Love,

Carmen Filbeck

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Personal Message
 Dr. David L. Filbeck
    It is summer in Thailand.   We just completed the biggest holiday of the year: Thai New Years.   It is also called the  Water Festival.  Basically it is just one big water throw...for three days.  

    The original purpose was to "wash away the old" and prepare for the new year.

   Thailand is struggling with some old problems politically. In our 50 years of living in Thailand we have seen several events of this kind. Fortunately such events have never adversely affected us or the mission work we do in the country. 

  During such times we pray for the royal family, government leaders and the nation. It has been our experience that such events soon pass away and the Thai people resume their daily lives,. 

   We ask for prayers for our nation as well. Pray for peace and stability, for without these, people are often too preoccupied to listen to our message.

   Prayer for kings and those in authority is an essential part of our mission work, whether it is the missionary on location or the sending church back home. I Tim. 2:1-4. This is so that we may live in peace and holiness. Have you ever tried to witness during times of political struggle? We have. It is not an easy time. 

   So pray with us, for God wants all people to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth.
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