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Benz in class Greetings!  

Allow me to introduce Benz.  She is a third-year student at Lanna Theological Center.  

Benz comes from the Lua Tribe.  Benz's home village of  Nam Ri is located high in the mountains of northern Thailand. 
Until recently, the village was inaccessible except during the dry season.   Today, there is a new paved road which has opened the village up to new experiences, new ideas, and new attitudes.

However, that was not always the case........

A remote mountain village
Typical Village


The Gospel message arrived in Nam Ri in the early 90's.  There was an immediate response.  Nearly 100 people believed.  It was an exciting time.

Unfortuantely, there was one man who stood against this new movement.  He used his powers and influence to bring about a seige of persecution against the new Christians. 

It was difficult to get preachers up to the village during that period.  Many of the new believers were not able to stand against the persecution and eventually returned to the worship of spirits. 

All except for a handful of people.   Benz's family was among those who choose to remain faithful.   Over the years, the villagers tried their best to pull this family back, but they did not succeed.

Weekend Ministry

Every Saturday, Benz travels 20 kilos outside of  Chiang Mai to the small Thai village of Mae Fat.  
Life Encounters first went into this village 3 yeas ago with an English program for children.  

Today, LTC professors Mr  Boonlert and Dwain Anderson are leading a team to plant a church in this village.  So far there is one Christian man.  Lung Khom offers his home as a base for outreach. 

Benz and fellow LTC student, Pimpa, teach the kids English and Bible every Saturday and Sunday.
Then, during school breaks, Benz heads home........
Pray for the village of Nam Ri.  Pray for those who want to believe, but are afraid.  Pray for them find strength to stand firm. Pray that they will know God's comfort in a real and tangible way.  .
Pray for a Revival in Nam Ri Village.
Pray for the Mobile Clinic team that will be there June 25-27th. 
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Difficult Choices




Benz, her friends Pim and Phung, grew up following her dad's footsteps and trusting in the power of Jesus.  She didn't know much about the Bible.  She didn't really know what it was like to go to Church.  

Her dad encouraged her to go to LTC and study the Bible, so she could come back and teach the family.    

Benz's friends ridiculed her; told her she was choosing proverty.  Each  school break,  Benz went home and faced more ridicule.  Her friends returned from their city jobs with money to spend.  They would mock her for not having a job.    Benz confesses to
wondering,  "did I make the right choice?" and seriously thinking about going to the city too.

But, this year, something changed for her.    Benz saw her peers in a new light.   She saw how many of her peers lived broken and shattered lives.   She saw them spend all their money on alcohol and parties.  She saw the fights and the tears. 


Benz realized that God had given her a life filled with purpose and joy.  

When she returned to LTC, she shared her decision to trust God to provide her needs and to serve him faithfully all her life.

                 And serve she does......... 

Back Home...
Nok and Benz in Nam Mao

Benz returns home each break and teaches the children.   She will regularly have 50 children at her home studying God's Word.    


In the last couple of years, the persecution and discrimination has subsided.  Benz is certain that as the children become more interested, the parents will soon follow.  


 When Benz goes home there is no phone / internet service,  consequently,  she is unable to get advice or encouragement as she ministers in her home village. 


This past March and April, Benz was joined with a team of LTC students.  Benz reported that many people are beginning to show an interest in the Gospel message.  


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