Chloe Hallock : Choco Designs : Yoga Teacher
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March, 2010
Chloe Hallock : Choco Designs : Yoga Teacher : 14th Place Winner for National Bikram Competition : Model
March, 2010
Chloe Hallock wins the 14th place in the 2010 National Bikram Competition
Dear Yoga Colleagues and Friends of the Yoga Community

This March we are featuring the model Chloe Hallock. She's been a great support to Yoganomics since even before it started.  In this Issue, we honor her and talk about Chloe Hallock's accomplishments as person, a teacher, clothing designer and model.   I personally want to thank her and am excited to see where her life will bring her.

We also have articles from Sarah Herrington and Halle Tecco.  Sarah is going to explain what goes into crafting a Kids Yoga Practice and Halle inspires us to face the world with a grateful heart. 

More is on the way.  The next issue will have more stories of personal experience, business advice and a little more in depth explanation about state regulation and what is happening.  We also will have a special article from Meghan Pappenheim, Originator of the Bali Spirit Festival 2010  have Articles written by some of the people who have influenced the yoga scene in the past 5 years.      Yoganomics is going to be releasing two newsletters a month.

This is really a great issue because it shows you exactly what the use is to have a yoga to yoga  to be viewed in studios, cities and countries worldwide.  This month alone I have spoken to people in Australia, England, Italy, India, Saudi Arabia, New York, Virginia, Texas and New Orleans.

As most of you know, I am headed down to New Orleans for the Big Soak - with Jasmine Tarkeshi, Dana Flynn (of Laughing Lotus), Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus band (at Wild Lotus Yoga) with, Jennifer Buergermeister (of Jenny Yoga,) 2 Texas Lawyers, and about 7 other people to help inform, organize and execute a plan of action for the legislation that's going on in the State of Louisiana. 

I have very interesting articles on regarding Regulation and I also have many Videos posted to YouTube and Facebook, so let me know what you think.  

As far as Yoganomics goes, we are motoring along with a large number of signups and In the first 14 days we had 2,175 hits, on our website.  I have a candid video footage of the Jai Uttal concert coming out on video soon, so please stay tuned...

It's been a great start, thank you -
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Thank you and Namaste,

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All about Chloe Hallock...
Yogini, Business Owner, Model & Friend
Chloe Hallock - Yogini

Chloe Hallock is a yogi, entrepreneur and owner of yoga based active wear line Choco Designs, artist, model, and Bikram yoga talent, all at the age of 22.  She started taking yoga classes when she was 13 and never stopped.  According to Chloe, "The way I felt after yoga was incomparable to anything else. I knew immediately this would always be a part of my life."

Chloe completed her Vinyasa training the summer of 2007 with Corepower Yoga and promptly took her skills around the world, teaching yoga on her Semester at Sea voyage that Fall. She traveled to 13 different countries in 3 months, including India where she went on a yoga retreat in Chennai. "It was magical to be in the birthplace of my passion, I plan on spending at least a few years in India at some point." This past fall she completed the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, a nine week incredibly intensive test of will, endurance and sheer commitment.  She persevered and is now teaching Bikram Yoga full time in Portland. In addition, she just placed second in the Oregon Regional Yoga Asana Championship and will be representing Oregon in the Nationals (and hopefully Internationals!) this February.

POST NOTE: Since writing this article Chloe won 15th place at the National Bikram Completion in Los Angeles, California.  Yoganomics extends a heartfelt congratulation's to her and looks forward to her future Bikram competitions....

More on Chloe Hallock


Written by: Sarah Herrington and Brian Castellani
Crafting a Kids' Yoga Practice: Freedom in Form
full-time kids yoga teacher and writer living and working in Manhattan.
Sarah Herrington Kids Yoga Teacher in Manhatten

"Start where you are," -Pema Chodrin

When working with kids, you have to start where they are, and that's often in a state of high and playful energy.  The arch of a typical kids' yoga class moves from energetic and playful to calm and centered.  First, meet the high energy and then work to bring it "down" into something more focused.  A sample 5-part kids class structure is outlined below, with more details to follow.  Within the structure there's lots of room for freedom and fun.  This structure has proven to keep kids, ages 5-12, in groups ranging from 5-25 students, engaged in a full yoga practice of about 45 minutes.

Yoga & Service: A Challenge For You

by: Halle Tecco

Yoga Bear

One word can define the rewards of working on Yoga Bear: community. We have built a family of volunteers and participants who have come together to promote healthy living and address the issues of cancer and survivorship. Our work is entirely volunteer driven, meaning the impact we have made in the cancer community stems from the individual devotion of about 30 selfless volunteers. While we are all drawn to the cause for a different reason, we work together to rise above challenges and build hope and unity in our local communities (25 states to be exact).

There's a thin line between volunteer and participant. While we have offered over $100,000
worth of yoga passes to cancer patients and survivors, many of those same men and women contribute back to the community in unique ways. Many of our volunteer Chapter Directors are survivors themselves, and others use the Yoga Bear website to share their experiences and support
others who are currently going through treatment. The principles of yoga rest on inclusion and compassion-the values we (Yoga Bear volunteers) live by.

Yoga Bear really began to flourish when we started to look outside the boundaries of our own organization. Non-profits are constantly pressured for donation dollars and volunteer service, which
can unfortunately drive competition. But as soon as we began to view others- hospitals, yoga studios, like-minded non-profits, etc.-as partners, the tide began to lift all boats.

We live in a fast-paced, individualistic world, where it is often easier to rise to the top alone than take a moment to stop. Breathe. Reflect. And help others achieve greatness....


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Issue 2:1 of Yoganomics, March
Sarah Herrington
Yoga Bear
Texas Yoga Conference
Comment by Carol Stall
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Robert Boustany & Jenny Beurgermister  &

Robert Boustany & Jennifer Buergermeister

Teachers and studios must organize themselves together into one self-sustaining community.  Yoga will accomplish much more together than it will separately. If you are a supporter of the benefits of yoga... if you are a student, a teacher, or just a friend  - please show your support and write emails, or letters to your public officials, and tell them that you do not think that Yoga Schools are Vocational Schools, and that yoga is a practice that deepens our knowledge of a 5000-year-old spiritual and physical discipline, without government interference. ... 

Down Dog Law

Patricia Diart

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Carol Stall, Yoga Teacher
by: Carol Stall, Yoga Teacher

State regulation of yoga teacher trainings:

We as yoga teachers and yoga students must organize and speak with one voice if we are to have any chance of changing the law, so that thousands of yoga teacher training programs across the USA do not fall victim to state regulation of our programs. The best way to do that at this point is to become a member of Texas Yoga Association. Doing so will keep you apprised of new developments and let you know when you can participate in demonstrations, petitions, letter writing campaigns to your senators and representative, letters to the editor of your local newspaper, etc., whatever we need to make happen, so that Yoga can stay true to its thousands of years old history-free and unencumbered by government.
Do I have the freedom of speech to pass on to students what it takes to be a responsible yoga teacher? Do I have the freedom of speech to share with them what my experience has taught me? Or do I have to pay the state to have the right to do that? Do you?

Carol Stall, Yoga Teacher
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