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October 2011 

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Rainwater-in-Context Initiative   


CNU's new website for the Rainwater-in-Context Initiative works to institute rainwater management practices that strengthen and fully complement New Urbanism at all scales. Read about how the benefits behind dense, walkable urbanism as promoted in the Charter -  are enhanced by high-performance rainwater solutions that are skillfully coordinated.   



Sign the CNU's "We the People" Petition 


Help CNU and our allies push forward federal housing financing reform to allow investment to meet market demand.  Sign our "We the People" petition and add your voice to those calling the elimination of restrictive covenants on commercial space in traditional neighborhood districts.



Living Streets Manual steps out in Los Angeles


The Model Design Manual for Living Streets for Los Angeles has officialy been released. CNU members played an integral part in helping craft the Ryan Snyder & Associates-led effort. The book takes the best advances in critical details like lane width, speed, street networks, transit, streetscape ecosystems and universal pedestrian access and applies to the street network across Los Angeles county.  



New Ideas Spring Forth From NU Council VIII- 21st Century Urbanism   

Montgomery, Alabama played host to Victor Dover, Andres Duany, John Norquist and many others, as they presented a detailed critique of New Urbanism in the 21st Century at the NU Council VIII.  The Council took a candid look at how New Urbanism must adapt to the realities of the Great Economic Reset that's occurring and critically examined the state and shape of urbanism to come.



CNU 20: Athena Medals, Call for Research, and Charter Awards!  


CNU 20 continues to take shape, with October seeing Dhiru Thadani deliver a CNU 20 preview at a West Palm Beach lecture, the confirmation of 2012 Athena Medal honorees Barbara Littenberg and Steven Peterson, the launch of the 2012 Call for New Urban Research, and starting today, the opening of the 2012 Charter Awards Call for Entries. Be sure to submit your work for each program today! 



CNU's First Fireside Chat with James Howard Kunstler 


On October 4th, CNU hosted its first-ever fireside chat, as John Norquist interviewed Duncan Crary and James Howard Kunstler. Did you miss the chat? Take a sneak peek listen over at the KunstlerCast right now. Or gain full access to the fireside chat by becoming a CNU City-Builder. Help expand CNU's reach during our Fall Membership Drive and let your network know about all the benefits CNU membership offers



Black Dog Publishing Discount


Speaking of member benefits...Black Dog Publishing is a UK publisher that specializes in beautifully produced illustrated books that represent a fresh, eclectic take on contemporary culture.  CNU is excited to announce that all members at the Urbanist level and above now receive 40% off all Black Dog titles from their catalog!



CNU-A Fall Registration Now Open


In partnership with the University of Miami School of Architecture, CNU has developed a certification program for members that distinguishes them as CNU-Accredited. CNU-A is an impressive way for members to highlight their expertise and knowledge of New Urbanist principles and stand out among the many planners, architects and designers in the marketplace.



Special Offer for Form-Based Codes Online Course


The ABCs of Form-Based Codes, normally an all-day class for $250, is available at a reduced price in a new online format. Participants can complete the online version in a single day but will enjoy six weeks to finish it. The same continuing professional education credits apply. The discounted price is available through the first week of November.  






KunstlerCast Book Publication Party

11/01/11 | Troy, NY


Industrial Past, Green Tomorrow: Lecture by Walter Hood

11/06/11 | Chicago, IL 


Opportunity Green Business Conference

11/10/11-11/11/11 | Los Angeles, CA


10th Annual Smart Growth Summit

11/18/11 | Melville, NY 


Inaugural Transurban International Conference

11/12/11-11/16/11 | Dubai, UAE  



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