CNU Monthly Review
June 2011


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Highlights from CNU 19: Growing Local 

Over 1100 Attend CNU 19 in Madison


CNU welcomed over 1100 attendees in Madison, and many were overheard saying that this year's Congress was the best one ever. With a diversity of voices and wealth of viewpoints that cut across all forms of urbanist thought, CNU 19 offered up something for everyone.


There were the challenges brought against New Urbanist orthodoxy by conservative economist Ed Glaeser and Landscape Urbanism leader Charles Waldheim; ideas were hatched, debated and given shape in the Open Source Congress (read the full report here), the Project Lodge provided a gathering place for the germination of the next Tactical Urbanism, and the tours, breakout sessions and numerous award and networking events all solidified the Congress' place as the premier venue for spearheading the conversations that inform the design and shape of our communities.


You can relive the entire Congress by checking out the archive of the (still-active!) CNU 19 live blog


CNU 19 Press Round-Up
Local and National Media Shine Spotlight on CNU


And don't just take our word for it that CNU 19 was a rousing success. Although CNU 19: Growing Local has officially concluded, the buzz of the event continues as favorable press keeps on rolling our way.


Local Madison media outlets such as The Cap Times, The Ishtmus, WISC-TV, and the Wisconsin Radio Network covered the Congress alongside national media partners such as Planetizen, Grist, The Nation, and prominent writers and bloggers such as Anthony Flint, Matt Dellinger, and many, many more.


Read up on all the press by visiting our CNU 19 Press page, or download the June 2011 Press Clippings to read all the news about CNU and CNU 19. 


Tune In to CNU 19
Video and Webcast Channels Allow You to Re-watch All the Action


In addition to the media coverage, CNU 19 has been kept center-stage with a series of videos and podcasts dedicated to the event. First & Main Media's CNU 19 Daily Show provided daily dispatches from Madison, the interview series from continues to release videos of amazing conversations had with thought-leaders at the Congress, and Duncan Crary of KunstlerCast has been broadcasting a number of podcasts across the digital airwaves. For more on all the CNU 19 videos, click on over and set your dial to the CNU 19 Video Channel.


And now, CNU is proud to announce the premier of the CNU Webcast Library.  All CNU members can login to their account and access the CNU 19 Webcast Library for all sessions that were recorded. While you're there, you can visit the CNU 18 Webcast Library, as well.


Simply login at, visit the Webcast Library, and settle in to enjoy all the presentations you wish from the past two Congresses.


(Note: Not all CNU Sessions were recorded. All those available are listed on the library pages)


CNU 20: The New World  
Rediscover. Rethink. Redefine.


Although we continue to bask in the glow of CNU 19, work has already begun on CNU 20: The New World. CNU 20 will take place in West Palm Beach from May 9-12, 2012 and will confront worldwide adjustments in the financial, housing, retail, transportation, and energy markets. CNU 20 offers an opportunity to explore a "new world" of opportunities for the New Urbanism, and rediscover, rethink, and redefine the Congress.


See some of the emerging trends of ideas being explored for CNU 20, visit the CNU Public Square, and be welcomed to West Palm Beach by Mayor Jeri Muoio.

The Mayor of West Palm Beach, Jeri Muoio, welcomes CNU.

The Mayor of West Palm Beach, Jeri Muoio, welcomes CNU.


Get Accredited. CNU-A.
Enhance Your Credentials this Summer with CNU-A.


In partnership with the University of Miami School of Architecture, CNU has developed a certification program for members that distinguish them as CNU-Accredited. CNU-A is an impressive way for members to highlight their expertise and knowledge of New Urbanist principles and stand out among the many planners, architects and designers in the market.


The CNU-A distinction is achieved by passing the CNU/University of Miami Accreditation Exam, for which summer registration is now open. Access to the exam will open September 29th, 2011 and those who register now will be in plenty of time to take the optional University of Miami online course, The Principles and Practice of New Urbanism, which provides preparation for the exam. Further information regarding CNU-A can be gleaned from our CNU Accreditation Handbook.


Design your place by becoming CNU-A. Login to your account, and register


The Ford Foundation Lends Support to CNU
CNU Receives Two-Year, $150,000 Grant


In cities across the United States, momentum is building for a shift in transportation planning.  People, planners and policies are moving away from over-built, costly urban highways and back towards surface-level boulevards that connect people to jobs, transit, and each other. CNU is leading efforts to tear down aging, elevated highways and replace them with connected street networks that encourage investment and bring people and businesses back to urban neighborhoods.


In support of such efforts, CNU recently received a two-year, $150,000 grant from The Ford Foundation in support of our Sustainable Streets Campaign.  This grant enables CNU to launch a national Highways-to-Boulevards education and outreach campaign and bring our successful model of converting urban, elevated highways into restored, surface-level boulevards to cities across the country, including to the campaign to decommission the Sheridan Expressway in the Bronx. During the two-year grant period, CNU will work closely with local activists and our members on Highways-to-Boulevards campaigns, while we educate and inform policy makers on the value and benefits of connected street networks. 


Upcoming Events
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