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May 2011


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Anticipation Builds as 19th Annual Congress Launches in Madison


CNU 19: Growing Local officially kicks off next week in Madison, Wisconsin. And this year looks to be one of the strongest CNU lineups yet, with an endless list of distinguished guests such as opening plenary speaker Professor William Cronon, Congressman Earl Blumenauer, former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Henry Cisneros, current Assistant Secretary of HUD Raphael Bostic, and many, many more. Of special note is that all six founders of CNU, and Robert Davis of the Seaside Institute, will be in attendance this year.

While you're putting the final touches on your travel plans, take a moment to explore the interactive CNU 19 Program Book, and earmark any number of the breakout sessions, Open Source Congress, NextGen, Chapter Meet-ups, CNU Salons, networking, biking, and Farmers Market events that will be happening throughout the week. We can't wait to see you there! 

CNU 19 in the News
People are Talking All About CNU 19


We're not the only ones getting excited about CNU 19. Recent press has been rolling in from sources such as the Milwaukee Business Journal, Madison Magazine, The Isthmus, and The Wisconsin State Journal, just this week alone!

In addition, WISC-TV's "For the Record" program focused in on the upcoming Congress with a top-notch roundtable discussion featuring local Madison members of the CNU 19 team: Al Fish, Jane Grabowski-Miller, Steve Hiniker, and Deb Archer.

Although the show technically airs Sunday, 05/29, at 10am, you can get an early peek now, courtesy of WISC-TV in Madison, WI. 



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But if you can't make it...
Stay glued to your computer to keep score.


Unable to make the journey to Madison this year? Try the next best thing, and get prepared for the livestreaming of the Friday morning plenary with Harvard economist Ed Glaeser and CNU co-founder Stefanos Polyzoides. In addition, you won't want to miss the closing plenary where Andres Duany and Charles Waldheim engage each other directly.  


Be sure to bookmark the CNU Mediastore Site for more details on how to access the livestream.

And stay tuned for further details on webcasts for the majority of sessions post-Congress. 


City of El Paso Passes Resolution to Adopt CNU/ITE's Designing Walkable Thoroughfares: A Context Sensitive Approach   
Hall Planning & Engineering and Dover, Kohl, & Partners pave the way for City Council to Adopt ITE Manual


Building momentum on top of the recent success of DKP's Plan El Paso, now comes word that the City of El Paso has passed a resolution to adopt the CNU co-authored Designing Walkable Thoroughfares: A Context Sensitive Approach as a recommend practice for "use in the design and construction on new roadways and redesign and reconstruction of existing roadways." This amazing achievement comes as a result of Hall Planning & Engineering, and Dover, Kohl, & Partners' work with the city to develop a Form Based Code.

With the CNU/ITE manual now at their disposal, El Paso is positioning itself as an urban-minded leader in creating streets of maximum utility and lasting value. 

Greater New Orleans Foundation's Metropolitan Opportunities Fund Awards CNU $50,000 Grant
Work Continues on Revitalizing the North Claiborne Corridor


CNU is proud to announce it has been awarded a $50,000 grant from the Greater New Orleans Foundation's Metropolitan Opportunities Fund.

The Greater New Orleans Foundation award will enable CNU to continue strategizing for a revitalized North Claiborne Avenue and the replacement of the aging Claiborne Expressway/Interstate-10. Working closely with the Claiborne Corridor Improvement Coalition, a neighborhood organization formed out of the NEWCITY Neighborhood Partnership, CNU will continue to educate community members, inform stakeholders, and foster further support for its efforts among a broad array of constituents, such as residents of the Tremé/ Lafitte and Tulane/ Gravier neighborhoods, business owners, and regional and state policy makers. By illustrating the economic, environmental, health, and transportation benefits of removing I-10, CNU and its partners will prove that walkable boulevards - and not elevated highways that isolate communities- are key to improving transportation, employment and economic outcomes for residents.


Goin' Down South: CNU in New Orleans, Wilmington, and Birmingham
CNU's Heather Smith Dispatched to NoLa; John Norquist to Birmingham


The minds behind CNU are always in demand.

Just a few weeks ago, CNU Planning Director Heather Smith was called by the Louisiana chapter of the AARP to participate in a series of events being conducted in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Read the details of Smith's trip, and get the full story of the Louisiana AARP's growing desire for complete streets, by reading Smith's interview here.

CNU CEO & President John Norquist was dispatched down to Wilmington, North Carolina to tour the city and offer tips on how to implelement successful steps for its resurgence. Earlier, Norquist was in Birmingham, Alabama as a guest of RETH!NK280, a group dedicated to fighting the proposed $800 million expansion of U.S. 280 with the construction of a 10-lane Atlanta style freeway. More on this proposed CNU Road Block here.

New Publishing Partner Discounts via Oxford University Press
A new member benefit!


In exciting membership benefit news, CNU has partnered up with the prestigious Oxford University Press to provide member discounts of 20% off the list price of select urban planning titles. Members simply visit the above-linked OUP page to for their CNU discount. Start tackling your summer reading list today.


CNU Public Library
Browse the Beginnings of our Collection


Have you seen the new CNU Public Library? On this page, you can access a variety of resources that represent some of the most engrossing, pertinent and necessary studies and articles being done on behalf of urbanism. While not affiliated or associated with CNU directly, these reports illustrate outstanding and thoughtful work addressing the urban condition.


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