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October 2011

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We WANT to help your school buy the equipment you need to incorporate archery into your physical education curriculum! Please consider sending a grant application our way in the next few weeks. Application information is below.


Colorado Parks and Wildlife Regional Education Coordinators are always happy to help you with your Colorado Archery in the Schools Program questions.


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Tabbi Kinion

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife

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Equipment Grants Due By December 1, 2011!
For Schools with BAI-Certified Instructors ONLY


Target ClipAre you BAI trained but don't have the equipment you need to teach National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP®) -style archery in your school? Are you willing to work with your community, local archery clubs and/or school to raise part of the funds?

Each year, the Easton Foundation makes it possible for every state and Canadian province to award up to $1000 to 6 local schools towards the purchase of a FULL NASP® school set (about $3000 total.)


As an added bonus, the Colorado Archery in the Schools Program has funding to augment the national program. If you are excited to teach archery and are willing to raise part of the funding for the equipment, we want to work with you.

Submit your completed application by December 1, 2011.
NASP® Student Survey
What do the participating students think?

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NASP®, the Easton Sports Development Foundation, and the University of Florida have teamed to learn more about student attitudes regarding their archery experience. The link below is designed for students to access at home with parent or guardian approval. Almost all of what we know about the effectiveness of NASP® has been obtained from surveys conducted among teachers and their students.



Roy Grimes, President, NASP®


NASP® Survey:


Colorado Archery in the Schools Tournament
January - March 2012

 target girls

The first Virtual Colorado Tournament is starting to take shape. Check this newsletter in December for the details about dates, times, registration and how-tos.

If you are interested in participating in the Colorado State Tournament and potentially taking your team to the National Archery in the Schools® tournament in Louisville, Kentucky May 11-12, 2012 please review the National Tournament Rules.

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Basic Archery Instructor Classes


Do you have a co-worker, parent or friend you wish could help you more with your archery program? Have them go to training! Just click on the dates for specifics.


Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Contact Linda Groat
to Register
Central District AAHPERD Convention
 Colorado Springs


P.E. Standards Correlations


 Ever want to prove to your administrators that this program meets the requirements you have for your class?

We have created a  standards correlation
to the Colorado Academic Standards for grades 5 - high school to the NASP® curriculum.