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On Saturday, August 4th, Cavalia has granted us a block of fabulous tickets!
"the show is an experience featuring 

visual and special effects combined with equestrian and performing arts, on a splendid stage with magnificent horses. 

It is a soft spoken poem 

that promotes respect between man 

and all other living creatures."


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Join us for a very special "Charity Happy Hour" at Sports Basement Presidio location on Thursday, July 26
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You Should Write A Book!
(or so I've been told)
Support Joell in her goal to have a first draft of her novel Gallop Girl finished this year! Click here to read a sample chapter.
Pasture Project 
A private grant has given us the funds to build the "mare pasture" on the hill adjacent to our stalls.  We need strong hands to dig and set post holes, set water lines and set gates.  If you would like to help - contact [email protected] - our mares can't wait to live in community!

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Collaboration and Community:  
"Surf and Turf Camp for Autism Families"
 July 23 to 25th, Half Moon Bay
       It all started at a coffee shop.  Rupert Isaacson, founder of the HorseBoy Foundation was sipping tea and chatting with Joell.

"I've always had this dream" said Isaacson while stirring his tea "The work we do with autism kids and horses - we know the reason it works is because we are getting these kids moving in rhythm and in a way that connects them to the natural environment - right? If it works with horses, it will work getting these kids in the ocean and taking them surfing. We just need to find people that know how to get these kids in the water safely" 

     Joell smiled, pulled out her phone and made a call to Half Moon Bay Surf Club's middle school coach Rocky Raynor.  Within minutes began to become a reality, a meeting was in place and plan was in motion.

     Meanwhile, in Wilmington North Carolina, Jack Viroel was planning the 3rd annual trip to India. Why?  To take 60 orphaned street children and teach them to surf of course.  IndoJax Surf Charities has been offering surfing to disadvantaged populations for years. When the phone lit up with his old friend Rocky Raynor's name, Jack answered eagerly to hear what his west coast friend was up to. "I'm talking with these folks that do work with autistic kids and horses and they want to incorporate surfing." said Raynor.  


"When do we start?" was Viroel's reply. 

Read more here

and to It's Italia  of Half Moon Bay 
for hosting fundraisers for Square Peg!  
Your hard work and enthusiasm are so appreciated!
Learn HorseBoy Method at Square Peg

Another fabulous training with HorseBoy Foundation, Rupert Isaacson & Iliana Lorenz July 21 and 22nd.  Click Here for details! 


Meet the Square Peg Interns!
Deborah Rod is an incoming sophomore at SF State and Gaby Flores comes to us from our friends at Puente de la Costa Sur in Pescadero.  Both young ladies are dedicated and hardworking and have taken organization projects at Square Peg very seriously.  We owe them both a giant debt of gratitude.  Thank you Deborah and Gaby! 
The amazing folks at Cheval polo have designed custom polo shirts for Square Peg!  Each shirt is custom designed.  Cheval polo has generously given us their club pricing. $75 each. You'll be proud to wear this beautiful jersey anywhere! Orders are custom and take 45 days to fulfill. Order yours here:  
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