Gratitude, Program Improvements and News from Square Peg Ranch
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Summer is here with it's longer and warmer days. I have so much to share with you that I hardly know where to start.

Let me begin by thanking the Square Peg community for coming together and helping us through a tough financial time. I'm proud to announce that we not only met our fund raising goal of $25,000, we exceeded it by raising over $32,000!

Help came in from both coasts, from students' allowances, from local and national vendors. We received donations from families that we helped over six years ago. We are so humbled by your generosity. Our plan is to make improvements to our facilities and systems to maximize your donations. See below about our new scheduling system!

Finally! A Scheduling System!

Did I mention that our board of directors rocks?

Board member Naomi Petrushka set out to streamline the task of scheduling lessons and volunteers at Square Peg. Naomi saw that we were spending up to three hours each day trying to return phone calls and emails about lesson availability and volunteer needs. Students and their families had to wait for responses and staff time was hard to manage amidst juggling so many schedules.

Our new system is powered by Company founder Tom Mox is working with us to produce a system where families can schedule, confirm, pay for and cancel lessons, clinics and camps from their computer or mobile device!

Volunteers will also be able to see when we need barn, program or office help and sign up on-line. The system will keep track of your volunteer hours as well.

Please sign in below and create a student account (for volunteers as well). Sign up for a spot in camps, group lessons, private lessons or for a volunteer slot. We don't have the payment system up yet, but we can email you a paypal invoice for lessons if you would like. We will continue to improve this system, so let us know what you think.

Square Peg Benefits from the first ever ExpertQuote Ladies Polo Tourney at Menlo Circus Club

The first year event was very well attended and a great time was had by all. Square Peg volunteers sold raffle tickets at the event to raise funds for the Polo Training Foundation and for Square Peg programs. A shout out to Margot Rosenthal who sold the most raffle tickets!

Thanks to a fantastic planning job headed by the Ladies' Cup organizers Bonnie Crater , Lyn Jason Cobb and Christine Vermes , the event was a success on many levels. We are proud and excited to be associated with this event.

HELP Rescue Me - Trainer's Showcase

I was asked to participate as a judge for the HELP Rescue Me Trainer's Showcase at the Horse Expo last month. The experience was an honor and a pleasure. I look forward to working with the Grace Foundation to support horse rescue!

It's so amazing to be a part of a movement to find real solutions to the homeless horse problem. Square Pegs is looking forward to collaborating with Grace Foundation, the HSUS and more. Getting rescue operations better tools and more information will help the horses and that's a very good thing.

A new facility, a solid program, a new accounting and lesson tracking system, new partners for helping more horses and kids - our accounting year begins July 1 and this one looks to be our best one yet!

And we couldn't do any of it without you. Thank you all for the roles you pay in helping us to turn "I wish" into "I can."

Because when EveryONE Fits, we change the world; one horse, one child at a time.


Everyone fits
Joell Dunlap
Square Peg Foundation

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