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closes December 05, 2009
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Everyone fits
Welcome to the new Square Peg Foundation Newsletter.  For years, we have put out a lovely print or .pdf file newsletter three to four times per year.  Our new goal is to keep you informed on a more regular basis of what's going on at the ranch.

Square Peg is a community and we want your input.  If you would like to contribute a story, a bit of art or an experience, please let us know. 

Joell Dunlap
Square Peg Foundation
[email protected]
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Challenge Grant!
Everyone fitsAs our income sources from foundations to individuals tighten their belts, we're feeling the squeeze. But we can't cut back on the care we give our horses, who still need to be fed and given vet services when unforeseen injuries or illnesses happens.  And we can't forget the children who rely on their horse friends at Square Peg to give them the freedom to move and experience life that they don't get anywhere else.

The Petrushka Family of Hillsborough, CA has offered up a challenge to help us weather tough economic times.  From now until the new date of December 5, 2009 Every dollar you donate will be matched, up to $10,000. Click here to donate to Square Peg.

Thank you for continuing to help turn "I wish" into "I can."
Featured Horse: Stella
Everyone fitsYou may have read all about Stella in the Square Peg Blog.  If not, click here to read the amazing story of her arrival.  

We have decided not to train Stella for the school.  She's been through a pretty traumatic time and we will honor her by retiring her to pets and hugs and care from the Square Peg Community.  You can contribute to her long term care by donating here.  Or better yet, come out and visit and meet this lovely mare and learn why we have falling so deeply in love with Stella.
Room for New Students
Everyone fits
Have you ever wanted to learn to ride?  Square Peg has openings for new and returning students - adults and children alike.  Lessons generally last 90 minutes and include horse care as well as riding instruction. 

Private lessons are $70 and group lessons are $50 each. Sessions run Tuesday through Sunday. Gift Certificates are available just in time for the Holidays!
Take a lesson, or just come out and visit.  Contact [email protected] to schedule a lesson or to let us know you're coming by for a visit. 
 Challenge Grant: A Parent's Perspective
by Kelly Munoz

Everyone fits
Simple acceptance can lead to dramatic growth in self-esteem, social relationships, and self-discovery.  At Square Peg, this prescription has inspired hundreds of children (and adults) to engage with their horses, other students and their teachers at ever higher levels.  As a parent of a student at Square Peg, I can tell you that my child's success at the ranch is often mirrored at home, in her interpersonal relationships and in the classroom.  As a horse owner and animal lover, I am constantly impressed with the degree of care that these donated and rescued lesson horses receive.
At Square Peg Ranch, these supportive bonds between student and teacher, horse and rider, are nurtured everyday.
Square Peg is entering it's seventh year of exemplary service to the community.  The ranch is in this position today thanks to the long-term support of donors and friends such as the Petruska family of Hillsborough.  The Petrushkas have created a challenge grant to assist Square Peg through the lean winter months when weather cancels lessons and the horses often need extra care, as well as to assist Square Peg with the goal of finding a new home. The grant matches any donation received by Dec. 5th up to $10,000.
Please join Square Peg in their ongoing efforts to maintain and enrich their very special community of horses and young people by donating today!

Square Peg In the News!

Reporter Andrew Herndon wrote a story about Square Peg Ranch in the San Mateo Daily Journal. He quoted students, parents and volunteers that you may know. Click here to read the whole story!

Wish List
Everyone fits
The support of the local community is essential for Square Pegs to do the work we do. Please browse this list and see if there is anything you are able to contribute.

Hay and Grain **  Bedding (Straw and wood shavings) 
Rubber Stall mats
   Bandaging materials
First Aid supplies (horse and human)
Tack (in good condition)
Building supplies; lumber, sand, gravel, drain rock
Tack trunks & storage bins     Equine wall charts   
Eco-friendly laundry and cleaning products   Horse books and videos   Computers (Mac OS)
Horse clippers     Solar powered lights    Planter boxes and flowers    Adjustable fit helmets
Hay and Feed Cart     Shovels, pitchforks,  wheelbarrows   Jumps   Polo equipment
Carrots!   Cat food   All natural fly sprays   Wood chips
Apples and Pears from your trees - the horses love the  bruised fruit!

The Square Peg Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) corporation.
All donations are tax-deductible as allowable by law Federal Tax ID #20-1253820
Legislative Call to Action
Everyone fits
Tuesday, November 17, 2009 at 7pm, the Half Moon Bay City Council will meet at the Ted Adcock Center to discuss the restrictions to horses on City Beaches.  Please attend if at all possible and let your voice be heard!  Restrictions are the first step in banning horses from the beach.  Act now to preserve this important privilege.
About Square Peg Foundation
Using a variety of rescued and donated horses, Square Pegs offers an adaptive horsemanship program based on the needs and abilities of each individual student. Please join us in our mission:
 To turn "I wish" into "I can!"
Square Peg Foundation
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