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To outsmart identity thieves and other crooks, we must all band together. I'm sharing some of the latest scams, threats and warnings below - to make sure you don't miss a beat.
  Facebook Rumors
 New Life for Same Old Tune

A long-running rumor has resurfaced. For years, the social media scammers have been chattering about Facebook's plans to begin charging its users. They want to trick you into taking actions that will actually give them access to your personal Facebook data! Rest assured, this is one rumor that simply will not come true. Mr. Zuckerberg has said so himself many times.

Facebook has built its entire model on advertising revenue, and for that model to remain successful, it needs to maintain its enormous user base.

For more on Facebook scams and other flim-flams, read this CNN Tech article.    

 Fake Netflix Android App 

Getting Your Information for a Song


Those malicious mobile app engineer crooks are at it again. This time, they've impersonated the highly sought-after Netflix Android app. Symantec says the fake, which is a dead-ringer for the genuine Netflix app, is actually "a text-book case of an information-stealing Trojan."


Many believe the crooks were so successful because the real Netflix was only allowing a limited number of users to access its legitimate app. So when unsuspecting Netflix fans came across a look-alike, they were thrilled to download the malware.


If you're a smartphone user who loves apps, remember to follow that classic rule of thumb - if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

Borders Sells Personal Info

'About Face' Could Violate Your Privacy

Once spirited rivals, Borders and long-time competitor Barnes & Noble are now doing business together. That business? Your personal information.


If you were a Borders customer who allowed the national bookstore to store your personal information, there is a good chance that information may soon belong to Barnes & Noble. And we're not just talking your name and address. We're talking things like your credit card number - and even more personal yet - your purchase history.

If sharing this information with yet another store in general, or with Barnes & Noble in particular, doesn't sit well with you -- or you do not want your purchase history to become part of perpetual history by being passed along to another bookseller -- be sure to opt out by visiting the Barnes & Noble website.


But hurry. You only have until Nov. 2, 2011 to tell them no.  

Site is Music to the Ears of Scared Kids, Parents


FlyaKiteAnti-bullying resources are typically geared toward parents. After talking this over with my good friend Clarinette Tara, she did something about it. That something is a new site for kids and parents called FlyAKite.org. (The name comes from way back, when kids were encouraged to tell their bullies, "Go fly a kite!")

The site is mostly dedicated to cyberbullying and how to deal with online threats, including those from pedophiles using the Internet as their playground. Its mission goes beyond simply developing digital content to organizing meetups where kids get together and - you guessed it - fly kites.

It's a refreshing twist on bullying prevention - and one that gets kids away from the computer and out into the fresh air...everyone needs to take an occasional break away from the digital world! 

Personal WiFi Security

Simple Steps to Protect Your Blindside


An unsecured wireless connection - the kind used every day in home and offices - can be as dangerous as an unlocked door. There's a particular criminal element that searches for these vulnerabilities and uses them to steal identities, bank accounts, passwords - or worse yet, to cover up more devious crimes like child pornography trafficking.


My good friend Christopher Burgess recently shared three simple ways to ensure your WiFi security. Take a moment to read through his suggestions. Then log off and put them into action! 


Recent Accolades from the Privacy Industry

 High stepping

I'm honored to be one of three finalists in the 2011 Women of Influence Awards. The awards, sponsored by the Executive Women's Forum, honor current and future thought leaders in the privacy sector.


Another recent honor - my appointment to the Certification Advisory Board of the International Association of Privacy Professionals - is allowing me to contribute to the career advancement of privacy experts worldwide.


Have a fabulous November, and remember: when a cybercrook comes a callin', tell him to Go Fly A Kite! 


Keep those spirits high,


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