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 Planning for some fun in the sun? Before you head out on vacation, you'll want to catch up on some summer reading - the latest scams in our digital universe. 




Vacation Safety

Crooks love vacationers -- especially their money, credit card numbers and other personal information!  Be sure to take these actions to protect your personal information, and your families', wherever you may vacation this summer. 

Social Media

Have you heard of clickjacking? On Facebook, you may find a post on your wall with an intriguing message (for example, "Click to see who has viewed your profile!" or "Osama bin Laden death photos here."). If someone posts these sorts of messages to your wall, report them as spam and delete them immediately - they're scams that put your personal information and contacts at risk.

Smart Meters

States are starting to propose new regulations about how organizations use data from the new smart meter technology. Before allowing a smart meter to be installed, ask your utilities provider about how they're protecting your personal and energy usage data, and with whom they are sharing it.

Medical Privacy

Do you know that several medical professionals have posted enough info about unique medical situations on their social media networks that followers could actually tell who the patients are? Make sure your healthcare providers and insurers have privacy policies in place, provide privacy and security training so their personnel know not to do such things, and regularly perform risk assessments.

Medical Identity Theft

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are becoming the new standard as medical practices update their systems in order to qualify for government incentives. What does that mean to you? If your providers don't have diligent processes and policies to achieve and maintain information security and privacy compliance, your personal information could be at risk. Protect yourself -- wherever you have medical care, inquire about their EMR safeguards.

Video Games

Do you or your kids have a Sony Playstation? In perhaps the largest internet security breach ever (100 million users!), criminals hacked into Sony's network recently...and what's worse, the company can't guarantee it won't happen again. Play the Playstation? Watch your credit card and Social Security statements closely.

ATM Crimes

Clever criminals are installing ATM skimmers that take your information when you insert your card. They've taken thousands of people's cards and one duo stole over $1 million! Before you use an ATM, look for signs of an added device. Wiggle your card in the slot. If something jiggles, that may be a red flag. Where you use an ATM matters, too -- bank locations are usually most secure.


Did you know...

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Also, I just wrote an article on Smart Grid Privacy for the June issue of Renew Grid Mag. Look for it soon here. 

Have a fun, safe and sunny (but remember to use a high SPF) summer! Until next month,





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