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This is the first monthly tip I'll be sending to keep you informed of security and privacy issues that can affect you both personally and professionally.
I won't flood your inbox with scads of messages you don't care about or need. Instead, you'll find a quick tip or tidbit that you can apply to daily life to help keep your personal information just that -- personal. We all have enough to be concerned about in the information age... so don't WORRY, but DO be aware. I'm here to make that easier for you. 
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Rebecca Herold,
The Privacy Professor
Set Google alerts for your children's names so you will know immediately if something is being posted about them by others; a good cyber safety practice. 
Additional Thoughts:
Your personal privacy and information security are at risk when you and your friends and family use blogs, video sharing sites and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Just because these sites have "private" options does not mean that what you post to them will not be copied to your "friends" and then posted in some other public location.  There may also be security vulnerabilities on these sites that allow more people to view "private" information than you realize. FURTHER, sites may be sharing information with other companies about which you are not even aware.
Remember that it is very easy to post information, photos, videos, audio and information about other people to these sites without their knowledge, much less without their permission. This means that it is possible that others can post information or images of YOU or your friends and family to their pages. Bottom line, there are risks associated with any online entries. Certainly have fun using these sites; I know I do!  But, be aware of the associated privacy issues. And be on the lookout.