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December 2010 
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A Special Thank You Message From Barb... 


Dear ,


This year's ASP® - IAHSP® World Wide Staging Service Week® was another FABULOUS, INSPIRING week.  There were so many heartwarming stories as so many, many people were helped by ASP's® and ASPM's® all-around North America.
As an ASP® or ASPM® I ask you to read this newsletter completely.  Enjoy, love, and embrace, as I know you will, all of the projects, stories and wonderful pictures from all of our great IAHSP® Chapters.  I know you will be beyond words as I was by each project.
For each of you that gave from your heart so very much.....thank you!  We received back far more than we gave.  It was so inspiring to see the smiles and tears, and to hear the words of thank "you's" being shared with us.  It really does not get better than that.  For any of you who are yet to participate you will see the reason why we all believe so much in our ASP® - IAHSP® WWSSW® to serve those in need.
I thank each of you for making such a wonderful difference in the lives of others.  You are making my dream come true, and yours as well I believe, through WWSSW®.  Nowhere else on earth is such a difference being made in the Home Staging Industry as through and by ASP's® and IAHSP® in our IAHSP Foundation`s World Wide Staging Service Week®.
You should feel very proud to be an important part of this wonderful experience, and event. The difference is seen and felt around North America and also around the world. 

I believe in the mantra I strive to live by: "Think Globally, Work Locally" for "As ASP's® Together we can Accomplish Anything and as ASP's®  we Accomplish Everything!"
I salute you and I am so very thankful for you for all you have given and all you have done as an ASP® or ASPM® through our IAHSP® - WWSSW® 2010.
Happy Staging Everyone and Blessings to you all!
Barb Schwarz, ASP®, ASPM®, AB, IAHSP®
The Creator of Home Staging®
CEO and Founder Stagedhomes.com®
Chairwoman and Founder, IAHSP® & the IAHSP Foundation®

WWSSW® Committee
IAHSP Foundation
I want to express my deep gratitude and heart felt thank you's to our wonderful 2010 IAHSP® - WWSSW® committee of Bette Vos, ASPM®, Ambassador Director; Kirk Bohrer, ASPM®, IAHSP Foundation® Treasure;  Sandra Holmes, ASPM®, Fund Raising Director; Shannon Ward, ASP®,  IAHSP® Director of Operations; and Gina Vierra, ASPM®, Stagedhomes.com® & IAHSP® Vendor Director in working alongside me in the service of others through our IAHSP Foundation®.
Their dedication, hard work, and sharing the vision is inspiring for all of us to see. Each International Committee Member is a fabulous individual who shares the mission of helping change the world through ASP® - IAHSP® Home Staging. Thank you 2010 WWSSW® International Committee!

I also want to express deep gratitude to Shannon Ward, ASP®, Director of Operations for IAHSP® for her talent, time, and dedication in putting this wonderful WWSSW®
E-Magazine together for us all. Thank you Shannon from us all.

Another Successful WWSSW!

With Gratitude and Thank You's To The Wonderful ASP® WWSSW® Ambassadors

IAHSP Foundation
It is with true appreciation and great gratitude that we all thank our wonderful World Wide Staging Service Week® Ambassadors for all of their hard work and dedication throughout the year.  Ambassadors are the volunteers that actually coordinated and organized each chapter's WWSSW® project. With their great help and leadership we were all able to bring our WWSSW® to reality.  Together we are in the service of others through ASP® Home Staging and our wonderful IAHSP Foundation®.

Each of you as an ASP® WWSSW® Ambassador is an inspiration to me personally
and I remain gratefully yours.  Thank you for your hard work to bring to life the project that your wonderful IAHSP® Chapter and great IAHSP® members took on and completed.  Each of you is a blessing to us all.

Thank you dear ASP® WWSSW® Ambassadors from us all.

Atlanta IAHSP® Regional Chapter Presents...

Mother's Making A Change

IAHSP-AtlantaWe approached Mary Robeck, the volunteer coordinator for Cobb/Douglas counties, about whether there were any programs for women and children that could use our help.  She pointed us to the Mothers Making a Change program that meets in the facility we staged in Marietta, GA.  This program provides care for children while the moms are getting help and training to allow them to reenter the working world and become independent.

We visited the facility and saw three spaces desperately in need of  our help.  We worked on the large group meeting room, the adjoining lavatory, and the smaller training room.  In the large meeting room, we scraped off the old wallpaper boarder, had the floors cleaned, painted the room, made new window treatments, cleaned the chairs, made a new cover for the mom's baby rocker, brought in some area rugs, redefined the space, brought in a new TV armoire, and added art done by the children and framed by us.

In the lavatory we removed the wallpaper boarder, painted, cleaned the floors, fixed the toilet, and brought in a new mirror and corner shelf. We also framed required signage.

In the smaller training room, where the moms take classes on things like keeping a check book to preparing for the GED, we wanted to liven up the area.  We removed the wallpaper boarder, painted the room, had the carpets cleaned, made new window treatments, bought a new whiteboard, added tack strips so they could put up posters they make, and painted the shelves and cupboards.

I think the pictures speak for themselves. Everyone was very pleased. We not only made the moms feel better about themselves, but the employees who work with these moms felt like they too had been given a wonderful gift.  Including the children in the project by having them create art that we framed and hung all around the room, made everyone happy - even the stagers as we saw the special "pop" that the art added to the room.

Boston IAHSP® Regional Chapter Presents...

Teens Learing Choices (TLC)

IAHSP Boston
We're happy to announce that the Boston (BIRC) IAHSP® Regional Chapter teamed up with the IAHSP Foundation® to provide Staging services for Teens Learning Choices (TLC) in Malden Massachusetts. 
For over 20 years, TLC has been serving young women between the ages of 16-18 who are in the custody of the Department of Social Services. TLC is a treatment-based facility focused on growth and development.  It is a place where young ladies' voices and concerns are heard.  Also, where staff care and monitor each girl's growth into womanhood.   Each resident is fully integrated into a diverse community where they are valued and given personalized attention according to their needs and abilities.  Life skills are taught in a positive and supportive environment.

Our Chapter collected and donated living room furniture, bedding, office furniture, printer/copier, kitchen items, dishes, silverware, bathroom items, and new drapes.  On the first day, we painted three rooms (office, kitchen and hallway) with donated paint and supplies. On the second day, our donated furniture was brought in.  On the third day, the house was full of our volunteer stagers who took over the house. 

Our main goal was to finish the three main rooms on the first floor, the living room with paint, new furniture and artwork, the kitchen with paint, new drapes and fabulous donated kitchen items for a fiesta fun look and the office to allow a comfortable place for the employees to work but also with the comforts of a home feel for the girls that lived there. 

In our early stages of previewing the home we noticed the bedrooms upstairs were very scarce so several of us volunteered (extra) and put a little extra time into revamping these teen rooms.  Several that may have only had a bed and a few mismatched comforters are now a place they want to hang out in and do their work, or just listen to the radio.

The women at TLC were so grateful and happy and on the last day they handed our chapter a plaque.  "Teens Learning Choices gratefully acknowledges The International Association of Home Stagers Boston Chapter for all your hard work and dedication to assist us in our mission to help provide young adults a safe haven and opportunity to succeed"

Our group once again had a great time pulling it all together and spending a few days as a team.  There is no "I" in team and we couldn't have done it without a group effort.  Thanks to another great year Boston Chapter!!!

Charlotte IAHSP® Regional Chapter Presents...

Realtors Care Day

What? - Realtors® Care Day is a community-wide, home-repair project in April that assists homeowners with exterior home repairs, and provides adaptive and safety modifications for the elderly and disabled. It is an initiative of the Charlotte Regional Realtor® Association Housing Opportunity Foundation.  The 2010 Realtors® Care Day was on April 23.
Why?  - Faced with economic challenges not seen in at least a generation, many over-extended homeowners are forced to choose between paying their mortgage payment or performing basic repairs. While it is impossible to help everyone, we can make a significant impact on our community's elderly and disabled, and others living in unsafe or substandard conditions. Realtors® are the helping hands that these homeowners desperately need. In 2009 and 2010, more than 650 volunteers came together both years and helped repair homes in our community.  In its first two years, 64 homeowners have received much-needed repairs, and the project has made a total financial impact that exceeds $500,000.
Where? - Home repairs take place all day in Mecklenburg and Iredell counties. At the end of the work day, all volunteers, sponsors and homeowners gather to celebrate the day's achievements at a come-as-you-are celebration party.
Who will participate? - More than 600 members of the association volunteer each year for the project. While volunteer opportunities are limited to Realtors®, the magnitude of this project requires professional assistance from builders, developers and other professionals, such as painters, roofers and home inspectors. Each participating homeowner and his or her family also participate in the day's activities as they are able.
Charlotte IAHSP® Regional Chapter Presents...

Salvation Army Center of Hope

SALVATION ARMY CENTER OF HOPE CIRC recently completed our first service project of 2010 at the Salvation Army's Center of Hope. The Center of Hope is the first stop in the process of requesting assistance. The room we donated our services to is used for completing necessary paperwork and getting information on the various services available from the Salvation Army.

The Center's intake room was in desperate need of new furniture and freshening up. We spent the first day washing walls and floors and hanging newly purchased inspirational pictures and a new bulletin board. The following day a new children's table and chairs, as well as, a new conference room table and chairs were brought in to add color and updated style to the room. Finally, a new bookshelf, toys and books were added for the final touch. Stacey Bergeron, Director of Operations at The Center of Hope, as well as many other staff members stopped by the room in the two days we were there to express their gratitude and appreciation for our efforts. Thank you to all who donated their time and resources to this project.

Charlotte IAHSP® Regional Chapter Presents...

Thompson's Children Center

Our chapter is proud to announce its third project of the year, the teacher break room at Thompson's Child Development Center. This is a new center that was built in 2009 at West Boulevard and Clanton Road. The center serves 150 infants, toddlers and preschoolers. A majority of the children served here have high-risk factors challenging their social, emotional and academic development.

Factors include routine exposure to domestic violence, substance abuse in the home, mental illness, teen pregnancy, single parenting, unemployment and extreme poverty. One critical aspect of Thompson's mission is to help break such cycles by revitalizing communities - that is the ultimate goal of our Child Development Center. Their teachers work hard to serve such a high needs group.

Thompson's has asked for our help in upgrading the break room for the teachers. They are looking for a space that will be peaceful and comfortable. Some of the activities in this space are reading, watching television, resting, napping and preparing and eating lunch. Our group will be providing a sofa, two end tables and lamps as well as valances and coordinating pillows to create a space for the teachers that can be both relaxing and functional. These teachers work very hard everyday improving and creating a loving, nurturing environment for these children.

We are very excited that our group of Accredited Staging Professionals® can pull our talent and skills together and help them again this year in their new facility.
Columbus IAHSP® Regional Chapter Presents...

United Methodist Children's Home

One of our members, Terri Durner, brought to the table a project the
Worthington (suburb of Columbus) Area Realty Association had done for Realtor Care Day at the Worthington United Methodist Children's Home.  The group had worked on and helped outfit one of the cottages on the United Methodist Children's Home campus that would serve as the Arts Enrichment facility.

The UMCH was established as an orphange on 1911. Over the course of the century, UMCH had aligned it's services to accomodate the changing unmet needs of children and families. As society shifted away from orphanges, UMCH placed greater emphasis on providing foster families for children in need, while shifting it's residential campus to provide mental health treatment for children requiring higher levels of therapeutic support. The home serves boys; ages 10-18. 

Mark Reed and I approached the home and met with it's staff to find out what Columbus IAHSP® Regional Chapter could do to assist. They expressed a need to outfit one of their remodeled cottages with twin bedding, and new curtains. Steela Speekos and myself shopped individually for the comforter's. Terri Durner bought the fabric and she and Stella Pseekos, Starr Winston and Sharen Fisher, all members of the Columbus IAHSP® Chapter got together and cut and sewed the curtains. These were special curtains that had to be hung on wooden cornices and velcroed, to meet the needs of the mentally disabled, so as to prevent injury (that could take place with rods, dowels and hooks).

As is the case with the magic of Staging, all the comforter's and curtains matched beautifully and the valances donated by Nancy Dreyer, Past President of Columbus IAHSP® Regional Chapter, and current member, matched the walls of the Great Room where they were installed!  It was our pleasure to help this home and the children it serves!

Dallas Ft. Worth IAHSP® Regional Chapter Presents...

Promise House / Wesley Inn

Our project began in January of 2010 with the donation of upscale appliances (used) to our chosen charity of the past three years, Wesley Inn.

Over the span of eight months we coordinated the renovation of their kitchen facility.  The funds for this endeavor were raised December 3, 2009 by our membership.  We came in within $20 of budget. 

Additionally, Promise House (they are the 501 and manage Wesley Inn), used additional funds for appliance repair and installation assistance.  New flooring and dishwasher were contributed by the Women's/Men's Group of a Methodist Church in Irving, TX. 

This was truly a collaborative effort which is easily seen by viewing the Before and After Photos.

Denver IAHSP® Regional Chapter Presents...

The Salvation Army Lambuth Family Center

Denver Logo
The Denver IAHSP® Regional Chapter selected The Lambuth Center - a homeless shelter in Denver that operates under the auspices of the Salvation Army as the beneficiary of our WWSSW® efforts.  The condition of the facility was dated and worn.  So our goal was to add some updating and a splash of life to the place to help the families and staff. 

A special thanks to Peggy Brandon who was our WWSSW® Ambassador for this year - she did a stellar job in orchestrating everything and much appreciation to all our members who came and helped make a difference in the lives of others.
What we did: 
  • Painted 16,000 square feet of wall space - including 15 bedrooms, 2 offices, main eating area, main family room area, and hallways.
  • Re-did the Children's area in front including creating privacy walls and adding fun color
  • We painted 55 metal bed frames from powder blue to dark brown.
  • We furnished the main common areas with new furniture donated by CORT Furntiure Rental and Amercian Furniture Showroom. 
  • The local Hotel Liquidators donated as many lamps and as much artwork as we wanted that were used in each bedroom and the common areas.  They also gave us office chairs that were used in the classroom at the center.
  • Chapter members obtained items donated by stores and individuals to help add decor and appeal, as well as bedding.
  • We also hung the art and added some new bathroom mats, new bathtub/shower curtain liners, and a rack for hanging towels or robes in each bathroom.
Overall we secured approximately $8,000 in donations and gave more than that in time and effort between the chapter members and their families.  The response to what we did as a Chapter has been fabulous.  The staff at the Lambuth Center cannot believe the transformation - some even remarking that the place looks better than their own homes!
Here is a letter from the head othe Denver Metro Salvation Army:

Ms. Jennie Norris:
Please extend a huge thanks to all who gave time, talent, and treasure to upgrade our Lambuth Family Transitional Residence.  What a face lift you gave us.   I have had the opportunity to take several people through this past week and they all remark "what a difference, we like it."    One lady said, "this is better than my house."

You know, most of all, we want to thank you for caring.   Imagine finding your family there and how much it means that you matter and that others would take an interest in your well being.  
Please extend our thanks to all who made this possible.
Raymond L. Peacock, (Dr.) MSW, ACSW
Lt. Colonel
Metro Denver Director of Social Services

We are proud of the efforts of our Denver IAHSP® Chapter as a resurrected chapter in 2010 - being able to accomplish this as we are growing was truly a great achievement and testament to the spirit of our ASP® Family.

Greater Chicago IAHSP® Regional Chapter Presents...


Chicago chapter
My name is Kim Emmett, I am with the Chicago IAHSP® Regional Chapter.  I was the Ambassador for WWSSW®. I also did the project with two co-ambassadors, Michelle Nakos and Linda Minogue.  We decided to work with a charity called WINGS. (Women in need growing stronger.)  It was an incredible and rewarding experience!  One that I will never forget.

We took on a big project!  It is a 15,000 square foot shelter in the Chicagoland area. It has 10 bedroom suites, with 3-5 beds in each suite, 10 bathrooms and 5 different common areas. The stagers in our Chicago Chapter divided into 8 different groups. Each took on a suite and a bathroom. Two larger groups had two suites and one bathroom. They were to name the suite, give it a theme and decorate it along with their bathroom. Needless to say, they all turned out amazing!  A huge benefit for us to be able to take on this task was being able to shop in there three resale shops that they own which help support their charity and shelters. It saved us all a ton of money and time. Each group also got their own donations and I received a number of gift card donations and shared among the groups to be able to get new bedding and linens for the Shelter. They also had there own linen room with different linens that had been donated by other groups in the past that we were able to use.

The before, during and after pictures will tell all. They really turned out beautiful!  The Director of the Charity, Rebecca Darr was so pleased with all of our hard work. She said, "The rooms were beautiful and cozy and the women were taking very good care of them."

Here are the names of the women who participated with working on the charity.(Kim Emmett, Michelle Nakos, Linda Minogue, Barb Gros, Nancy Doherty, Nora Flaterly, Therese Burgess, Chris Deboo, Sheri Wilke, Lynne Debriwny, Mary Billish, Gina Metiger, Caryn Dunker, Eva Pozniak, Cathy Aubin, Ann Tethorn, Lisa Vaisvila, Linda Lanci, Gayle Cortez, Paula Regan, Catherine Kanvik, Linda Kemp, and Michelle Waters.
Enjoy the pictures!

Greater Cincinnati IAHSP® Regional Chapter Presents...

Teen Challenge Cincinnati Women's Maternity Home

Greater Cincinnati
Hi Everyone!  WOW...what a privilege to work with the ladies and young women at the Teen Challenge Cincinnati Maternity Home for Women in Cincinnati, Ohio! We Staged to Live their 100 year old cellar and we blew them away!
As you will see from the "Before and After photos", there was much to be done. We were limited as to how much, though, because the building and cellar might have been part of the Underground Railroad. There is a photo of one of the walls that shows markings where they counted some of the slaves that went through.
Most days it was just the three of us ASPs® working, but one day, we worked with a couple of the House Moms and a couple of the young women who lived there. I taught one young woman how to fold sheets and organize a closet. Wendy worked with one of the House Moms and one young woman with organizing all the Arts and Crafts.

One of the House Moms was an Art Student and I asked her to print out three of her water colors and sign the mat so I could frame them. She was so surprised when we hung them up in the Study Room!
A couple of times we gave them homework...like sorting through clothes, donations and decorations. We told them to SORT, LABEL and PITCH and they would have it all done for us by the next day!
The reveal was very emotional!  The Director, a couple of House Moms and the young women who lived there were all so excited to see the cellar all finished! As we walked through each room, there were moments of tears and hugs. They just couldn't get over the fact that anybody would do this. They kept saying that when they have tours, they would START with the cellar!! The young women especially loved the clothing area. It looked just like a clothing store with all the clothes hung up on store racks and folded on shelves. One of the House Moms started to cry because now the girls who come there with nothing but the clothes on their backs could pick out outfits.
Yes, we gave our time, money and talents, but we never expected to get so much back in return...one of the House Moms said a prayer for all of us and even prayed over my cast!!!
This is what it's all about.....

Nashville IAHSP® Regional Chapter Presents...

Meg Risser

This year, the Nashville Chapter of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals® decided to scale back our World Wide Staging Service Week® Community Project.  Due to the flooding that devastated the Nashville area in May, members felt potential donors for the project had already been called upon for many unbudgeted donations. The chapter did not want to place an additional burden on members of the community who had just shown a tremendous amount of generosity in a time of great need.  As a result, we decided to go "back to basics" of staging, by choosing a recipient whose primary need was organization and who had items we could use or re-purpose, which minimized the need for donations.

For 2010, we selected Meg Risser, a recent recipient of a Habitat for Humanity home, for our World Wide Staging Service Week® Community Project.  Meg moved into her new house in the spring, but due to limited mobility and a general reluctance to eliminate unneeded items, her home felt very cluttered and uninviting.  Our goal was to simply organize her many years of accumulated items for easier access and add a few décor pieces to make her house an attractive home.

After a few weeks of planning, chapter members Sandy Ayers, Bev Burger, Kathy Fix, Mary Forsythe, Lisa Hart, Will Peyton, and Karen Walters spent September 22nd redesigning Meg's living room, kitchen, bathroom, and music room. 

Our focus of the adjoining living room and kitchen was to define the area into three individual spaces: living area, office area, and dining area.  Boxes were removed from the living area, and the furniture was moved to create an area for Meg to enjoy the time she spends with visiting neighborhood children.  Window treatments and wall art added the finishing touches. Between the living and dining areas, we created a space for Meg to keep her paperwork organized by adding a computer desk.  Shelving and window treatments were added in the eat-in kitchen to help keep Meg's important medical items easily accessible and add visual appeal.  Her freezer was moved from the kitchen into the laundry room for both improved looks and traffic flow.

In the bathroom, we added shelving, a shower curtain, and accessory items to create a complete and organized look while maintaining her preferred color scheme.  Meg had some sentimental pieces of art which we were able to highlight on the bathroom wall.

We decided to turn one of Meg's extra rooms into a music room for her many years of collected music teaching tools and instruments.  A chapter member rescued great shelving units from a trip to the dump allowing us to unpack numerous boxes which cluttered the room and organize items for easy access.  We hung a few of Meg's unique musical instruments on the wall to enhance the music theme of the room,

Despite Meg's aversion to change, chapter members felt we successfully reached our goal of keeping donations to a minimum while transforming a cluttered house into a warm and welcoming home.

Oklahoma City IAHSP® Regional Chapter Presents...

Tulakes Elementary School

Oklahoma City
During the week of September 11, the Oklahoma CIty IAHSP® Regional Chapter volunteered to "Stage" Tulakes Elementary teachers lounge for IAHSP's® World Wide Staging Week® (WWSSW®).  Pre-staging preparations began after classes dismissed with fresh paint.  Chapter members and Metro Appliances & More donated necessary items to transform the area from drab to fab!

Donations included a new refrigerator, credenza, shelving, storage baskets, art work, assorted accessories, and table decorations to convert the lounge into a relaxing retreat.

Teachers and support staff were also surprised with colorful "Welcome Back" bags.  Whimsical treats included Band-Aids for when "things get a little rough;" Puzzle Pieces "without you things wouldn't be complete;" a Rubber Band  "to hold you all together;" Lifesavers "you may be the one to save the bright light in a child;" and Hugs  "because someday you will need one."
Pinellas IAHSP® Regional Chapter Presents...

Operation Homefront

This year with the cooperation of Operation Homefront - Florida Pinellas IAHSP® ran a contest to find a deserving military family with a home in need of Staging. We were seeking either a Staging to Sell or Staging to Live project. With the help of Sharon Sanchez, ASPM®, IAHSP® we got in touch with Jeff Gareau Director of Operations for Operation Homefront - Tampa and Megan Lysaker, Director of Development, Operation Homefront - Florida.

After a few stops, starts & search we ultimately chose the Rose Family in Safety Harbor, Florida. Gary Rose is on active duty with the Air Force, leaving the running of household to his wife Kali. It was Kali that submitted the winning letter that ultimately led us to this great project. The family included three children, one teenage boy and two young, special needs girls.

The Rose's had recently purchased a bank owed property that was in extremely rough shape at the time of purchase. With the help of friends & family the family had made great strides already in making the house a home but there was a lot to tackle. In addition to the need for function within the home the family needed to prepare a home therapy room for the girls where the could be tutored. The families biggest need was that of a functional space for the girls, conducive to learning. The Pinellas IAHSP® got to work on that area first. In addition to the therapy room for the young girls we wanted to bring all living areas together with color & decor. We brought in contractors & vendors to make minor repairs such as patching walls, adding light fixtures, adjusting cabinets, painting, repairing wiring, putting hardware on the kitchen cabinets, etc. In the therapy room we picked out (and purchased some) furniture for the girls. We choose appropriate furniture, paint colors that the girls would feel comfortable with as well as complimentary paint color blending with the adjacent rooms.

In late September we started the painting & repairs all leading up to Staging Day during the week of September 13-17, 2010. Please see PICS. In addition to the interior work we cleared the clutter inside, revamped the furniture arrangement and landscaped the front of the house adding curb appeal.

It was a rewarding experience for all of us that were "hands on" - Jan Whitlow, Lifetime ASPM® & 2010
Pinellas Ambassador, Susan Grichtmeier ASP®, Lynda Coyle ASP®, Jacki Gehring AS®P, Anne Fassett
ASP® and Hal Wilson ASP®. Special thanks to Susan for stepping up when I, for personal reasons, could
not be there and seeing the project to completion on Staging Day.

Raleigh IAHSP® Regional Chapter Presents...

The Wrenn House

Raleigh, NC area ASP® stagers had a wonderful opportunity to provide a makeover for the three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms of a local shelter for teens: The Wrenn House. Wrenn House is the only homeless / runaway / crisis intervention program and shelter for youth in the Raleigh area. For 28 years, Wrenn House has served teens experiencing crisis by providing a diverse range of services including: temporary shelter, counseling, case management, referrals, mentoring, and a variety of life skills, all within a therapeutic and safe environment that promotes individuality and empowers youth and families.

Our IAHSP® Chapter was able to provide new bedding, organizational boards, art, lamps, and furniture hardware; as well as new décor for the bathrooms. Thanks to the help of Shawn McAdoo of Meticulous Home Painting who volunteered his time and equipment, along with paint donated by Sherwin Williams of Wake Forest, we were able to paint all of the bedroom furniture: 7 beds, 4 dressers, 4 night tables, and an armoire. This was not an easy task! Lots of sanding and prep work! But in the end, it was a beautiful transformation.

This is what the Wrenn House manager had to say:
"It truly feels and looks like a different place. We have received wonderful feedback from the residents and their families, and it has truly made our youth feel more at home here."

Our chapter felt privileged to work on this project and it was such a joy to know we were helping our community in the process. 

Seattle IAHSP® Regional Chapter Presents...

Broadview Emergency Shelter & Transitional Housing

Seattle Chapter
Broadview Emergency Services Center is located in metropolitan Seattle and serves women and children fleeing domestic abuse - often with nothing more than the clothes on their backs.
They provide a broad range of services, from counseling and medical care to children's programs and job training classes. 
Each family is given a furnished apartment, and women can keep their children together, staying for up to a year while they regain stability and self-sustainability.   BESC does a tremendous job with resources stretched to capacity, and furnishings are utilitarian at best.

Our Chapter staged two different apartments - one containing 7 beds.  We provided bright bed linens, new furniture, lighting and even some toys.  Anita, one of the staffers, actually got tears in her eyes when she saw the finished apartment.  "I've been in this room so many times and I just couldn't imagine it could look this way. What a wonderful sight to greet our next family," she said.

The smaller unit held 2 beds, and when we staged it, a changing table as well.  We added a loveseat, linens, lighting and other extras. The occupant there was a brand new mom who spent the day visiting her premature newborn in the hospital.  Her sole decoration when we arrived was a baby blanket tacked to the wall.  It was our sincere hope that the brighter, more uplifting space we left behind would lift her spirits and help her get through this obviously difficult time.

We find this the most rewarding project of the year - every year.

South East Wisconsin IAHSP® Regional Chapter Presents...

Ronald McDonald House

SE Wisconsin logo
The Southeast Wisconsin Regional IAHSP® Regional Chapter (SEWIRC) selected the Ronald McDonald House of Wauwatosa as their Worldwide Staging Service Week® benefactor. Members of the Wisconsin Chapter designed and assembled decorative photo/memo boards which were installed in each of the 40 guest rooms in the Ronald McDonald House. The boards were created especially for the network of families being treated at the Children's Hospital.

When speaking to the House Director, she stated that the guests could really use a photo/memo board for the pictures of the children that are struggling with illnesses and being treated at the hospital across the street. She said when she goes up into a guest room, she finds photos taped to the windows, the walls, mirrors, lying on the dresser, nightstand, and propped up by the TV. They are all over.

Our chapter realized that we could put our staging/organizational/de-cluttering skills to use by creating an efficient and aesthetically pleasing solution to the problem. "By using our expertise in planning, creating and implementing the boards as our project for the Ronald McDonald House, our chapter made a beautiful difference for so many families.  It is so important to take care of the ones who care for others!" said Cat Dols, SE Wisconsin Regional IAHSP® chapter Ambassador.

The Southeast Wisconsin IAHSP® Regional Chapter also is helping refresh all of the guest rooms by bringing in Sherwin Williams of West Milwaukee on this very special project. The company has begun working with RMH providing a generous donation of brand new carpet and installation services for the guest rooms. To top off Worldwide Staging Service Week®, SEWIRC provided new and improved lighting which was installed in the manager's office.

"The Ronald McDonald House is considered a home away from home and we wanted to create a warm, inviting atmosphere for all of the families staying there" said Linda Andrews, Southeast Wisconsin Regional IAHSP® Chapter President.

In conjunction with the WWSSW® project, The Ronald McDonald House had all the guest rooms repainted. The rooms now are enveloped in a soft sage green wall color, and the photo boards add the much-needed organizational/display area for each family.

South Florida IAHSP® Regional Chapter Presents...

Pompano Beach Fire Department

Members of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals®, IAHSP®, South Florida Chapter, in conjunction with The International Association of Home Staging Professionals Foundation®, just completed their 5th Annual Worldwide Staging Service Week®, WWSSW® project. They have volunteered their time and creativity to Stage® and make-over two (2) Pompano Beach Fire Stations starting September 11th in memory and honor of 9/11. The projects have just been completed on October 31st. 

Join us as we are holding our Appreciation Day Luncheon and preview of the Pompano Beach Fire Station Makeover. We are honoring all of our sponsors and vendors that donated items or monies to support us in our efforts.   We will have in attendance many of the sponsors below along with the Chief and Assistant Chief of Pompano Beach Fire Rescue and a few surprise guests from the city.
Come honor and meet the local hero's of the Pompano Beach Fire Rescue and see the amazing makeover for their home away from home!

AMC Liquidators, Allied Kitchen & Bath, Allstate Window Treatments, Anago Cleaning Systems, Attorneys Frank, Weinberg, & Black, BANKATLANTIC, Behr Paint, City Furniture, Cort Furniture, Dream Focus Photography, D&S Cleaning & Maid Service, DTRT Insurance Group, East Coast Flooring Service, Latin Builders Association, Preferred Title & Escrow, Preferred Trust, Sherwin Williams, South Florida Business Journal, South Florida Inspection Services, Inc. , Stefani's Painting, Suddath Moving Company, Tiles by Filip, Women's Council of Realtors and Zippy Shell

Washington DC IAHSP® Regional Chapter Presents...

Army Fisher House

DC IAHSP chapter logo
For 2010, the Washington D. C. Chapter of IAHSP® Board of Directors recommended we professionally Stage® a Fisher House.  As the Ambassador for the project, I suggested the Fisher House in Silver Spring, MD as this year's recipient of our WWSSW® volunteer project.  As you may already know, Fisher House's provide free housing for our military service personnel and their families being treated at military medical facilities.  The Silver Spring Fisher House works with Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington D.C.

Our particular Fisher House was established in 1990.  It has eight guest rooms with a large common area, which includes a TV room, and a dining room that seats 16 guests.  It also has a large kitchen, plus a convenient eat-in counter and a large powder room.  The minimum stay at the Fisher House is one week but some guests call our Fisher House "home" for up to three years, and some have come back several times since it opened in 1990.   Our project theme was, "Just imagine the number of people what we will touch just through our staging transformation." 

With our staging theme in mind, and armed with the support of our corporate sponsors, the donations of our professional associates, and the determination of our volunteer staff, the Fisher House was transformed into a warm and welcoming home.  We renovated and updated the common areas to include the foyer and the hallway.  We replaced 14 light fixtures, changed the wall colors in the dining room, in the powder room and in the kitchen.  We also added new dining tables and chairs, a new sofa and chair, end tables with lamps in the living area.  Our new art work and accessories complemented and extended the wall colors and the furniture.  The staging transformation was truly amazing.

Michele Morris, our president, estimated the home products and volunteer labor provided for this worthy project was valued at approximately $20,000.  There were scores of donors but the major contributor was Home Depot.  Specifically, Home Depot donated a $4,000 credit card for house hold products, fixtures and accessories along with several volunteers.  I owe a big thank you to Deb Harshman who worked with Home Depot executives and managers and ultimately secured their interest and trust in our effort.   
From my perspective, our Fisher House project was a huge success due to the culmination of the efforts of all of our ASP's® and our donors.  I was humbled by their time and their interest.  A heart felt thanks goes out to all of them.  Please review the before and after pictures.  They tell the whole story.  I am confident the more inviting, relaxed and contemporary surroundings will please those military personnel residing at our Fisher House.  Their added comfort during a stay will make all of our efforts gratifying and worthwhile.

West Los Angeles IAHSP® Regional Chapter Presents...

Richstone Family Center

The West LA IAHSP® Chapter chose the Richstone Family Center for our annual WWSSW® event.  This center is two homes that support emancipated teen girls / young women that transition out of foster care.  They provide a home, food, clothing, coaching, and schooling in order for them to properly transition into society.  We Staged the first home at last years event.  This year, we returned to Stage® the second home.  We had vendors provide paint, carpet, and a huge amount of furniture (sofa, chairs, lamps, rugs, artwork, trees, tables/chairs, and accessories.  We transformed the home from a very worn down drab look into a showcase home.  The girls were in tears when they saw all the work we did for them.  The homes get a lot of traffic / use and our transformations really help improve the quality and support these girls need.  A sincere thank you to all our vendors, maintenance support, IAHSP® board members and chapter members for completing another spectacular event.  Richstone management has been very thankful for our efforts.

Kimberly Cash, ASPM® Presents...


ASPM Logo 
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know what we came up with for WWSSW®.  We no longer have an IAHSP® chapter.  I have my own Staging company.  I was injured last year and can't do the hands-on actual Staging right now. 

So, I wanted to come up with a way I could still give back.  So, I remember being with you one time and you said that we "Stage®" ourselves just like we Stage® houses.  We wear nice clothing to make a good impression.  We accessorize with earrings, makeup, necklaces, and bracelets, etc.  Well, I decided to take that thought and came up with the idea of gathering business attire to donate to our local JCOC.  They teach homeless the skills of living independently, how to gain employment and provide clothing for interviews.  I'm excited to have done something, even in a small way!
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