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Issue: # 101 September/2009

Welcome to our premier issue of "Success," SOS's online Newsletter geared towards doctors, staff and managers. I am excited to introduce this publication to you and share enlightening tips-n-topics that are meant to enhance your practice dynamic. In each issue we will highlight an E-Z Read bullet-type article, an ACS (Actual Case Study) - names protected, of course, a Feature Article that will offer a complimentary form, a Quick Management Tip and finally,an opportunity to share your thoughts in our weblog forum...the PULSE. 
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Eliminating Time Wasters 
(Efficiency is not always what you DO....
but sometimes what you DON'T do!) 
Making things run smoother in our office is most frequently described in terms of what we can DO.  But if you think about it, being efficient can also relate to the things we DON'T do that in some cases carries equal or perhaps even more weight.  I'm speaking specifically about time-wasters that so easily distract us from achieving optimum performance.  In reality, these disrupters only serve to mismanage our time and tend to be more harmful to the efficiency processes than some of the direct efficiency concepts themselves.  Consider how these time wasters can affect (and upset) our day:  Read More
Compliment? Not Quite!
An Actual Case Study
(Practice Name and Subject's identity protected)
Subjects: Harley Podiatry Group
Nancy Hardnose, the office manager/administrator for Harley complimentPodiatry Group seemed to be having more difficulties with her staff than usual.  She never really did have a healthy relationship with them to begin with, but always found them to be good workers.  Not lately. It seemed recently, not only was their productivity failing, she found herself dealing with negative attitudes, group dissension and insubordination and with each new day, things seemed to worsen a bit more. Finally, she had enough.  She picked up the phone and made a distress call to SOS.   
Quick Tip!
On Delegation
Finding the right person to delegate each task to is critical. Review your employee skill sets.  Who would most likely accomplish this task with proper training?  Even after you've chosen a particular individual to delegate to, expect some mistakes at first remembering that mistakes (and knowing how to correct them) are part of their learning and development.  If they can expect your patience and guidance as a training tool, they will handle the job with more gusto and confidence. Investing a little time now can save enormous amounts of time later!


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FRI, October 2, 2009 
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BULLET TOOLS: Eliminating Time Wasters
ACS #24: "Compliment? Not quite!
QUICK TIP: On delegation
the PULSE (weblog): Topic: Change Management
FEATURE: Patient Satisfaction Survey
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Picture this: 
Staff: You've just returned back from a seminar where you received lots of new ideas for efficiency that you are anxious to implement with the anticipated help of your doctor and yet they refuse to change things from the way they are. 
 You don't understand why you are met with resistance; after all..they PAID for you to attend!  How do you convince them that your suggestions can  be worthwhile? 
Doctors: Same scenario...you return with new ideas with a list of new and exciting changes for the practice... but everything turns sour (and nothing gets implemented) when your staff does not share your enthusiasm. What
do you do to remove them from their comfort zone and convince them to at least try new ideas?


Feature Article
The Patient Satisfaction Survey...
A necessary practice management tool
Could you give an injection without using a proper "tool" designed to puncture the skin?  Could you take an x-ray without the use of an x-ray machine?  Then what makes you think you could effectively monitor the success of your practice without using a Patient Satisfaction Survey?  Like all the other "tools" in your practice that have a specific function, so too does this.  It is designed to help you keep your finger on the pulse of your practice and determine what it is that makes yours stand out above the others.  It will help you define why your patients keep coming back...or why they suddenly leave.  It is a gauge that monitors what you are doing right and conversely what things need to be improved.  And if you're not aware of any of the above...the time to start is now.

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"I would highly recommend the Workshop and feel it is very worthwhile for doctors and staff alike... exceeded expectations!"

 Peter Brieloff, DPM