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STW Technic is the premier manufacturer of mobile electronics for off-highway and on-highway vehicles. The STW ESX line of freely programmable controllers combines German Engineering and American software ingenuity to bring you the most cost effective and capable controller solutions on the market today.
STW provides
  • Freely programmable controllers for on-highway and off-highway vehicles
  • Freely programmable, mobile rated displays
  • Freely programmable telematics controllers
  • Robust sensors for pressure and force measurement
STW's New Remote Diagnostics Package  
Time is money.  This statement may be most evident in the world of mobile equipment and machinery, where very expensive vehicles need to be available 24x7.  Farmers have a short period of time to harvest their crops, construction workers must finish jobs on time or face reduced compensation and mobile equipment manufacturers have to pay expensive field service costs. 

To help OEMs, distributors and their customers cope with this challenge, STW would like to introduce the ESX-TC3 and ESX-C2C teleservice modules with software for Remote Diagnostics and Remote Maintenance.  The TC3 and C2C can be used to help predict, diagnose and reduce failures. STW's evolving teleservice software package for Remote Diagnostics can allow for a machine manufacturer or equipment leasing agent to monitor machine activity and set parameters to view remotely.  With this data, a decision can be made on the necessity of a service call or the feasibility of a service technician instructing the customer to fix the problem.
Remote Diagnostics Screenshot
Through CAN messages from the mobile equipment's controller, the TC3 and C2C can monitor key I/O points, log parameters that exceed machine specification and even send a text or email when critical parameters have been exceeded.  This software package is drop-dead easy to configure and operate.  The remote package executes on a PC and connects to the controller through the Internet over either an ethernet or cellular network.  This package can be used with other STW controllers or with any devices that use the CAN bus.
On the surface the TC3 adds cost to the machine. But what is the cost of a field service call? What is the benefit of reduced downtime? What is the benefit of a satisfied customer? 
Contact us at to find out more.
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One of the emerging trends in mobile work machine technology is the need to manage data and information both locally and remotely.  The capability to acquire, filter and log data and then make it accessible provides a great deal of value to OEMs as well as machine operators or system integrators.  STW is aggressively developing both hardware and software tools to facilitate data logging and remote access.  We will be presenting a webinar on this general topic with a demonstration of our remote diagnostics subset of this technology (see our write-up on this product above) on Thursday afternoon,  Sept 28th, at 2 pm EST and Friday morning, Oct. 1st at 10:30 am.   We hope you will join us!   An official invitation with login information will be sent to you later this month. 
Register for our MobilTron Seminar in October! 

After a one year hiatus, STW is continuing its annual seminar series MobilTron.  This year's seminar will focus on hybrid drive technology and has the title "Deployment of Hybrid Systems in Mobile Work Machines - Decision Criteria and Methods".  The seminar will be held in Mannheim, Germany on October 13-14 at the Maritim-Parkhotel.  The seminar will have translators present to provide simultaneous translation of all presentations into English.  This is not a sales seminar, but rather a focused investigation of the technology and business challenges (and opportunities) in applying hybrid systems to mobile work machine environments, led by academic, business and technology leaders from a wide range of companies and universities.

STW Technic encourages any interested parties to attend this seminar.  It should prove to be a stimulating and edifying experience.  Hybrid technologies are making rapid advances, and it is important for everyone to stay abreast of this rapidly evolving arena. 

More information is available at, or you may request a seminar brochure at  



New Product Announcement: Two Powerful New Offerings, the OPUS A3 & A6 Operator Display & Control Consoles. The Ideal Platform for System Interface on Off-highway Vehicles.  


The OPUS A3 series display features a low cost ruggedized solution on a 32 bit, 533 MHz, 4.3" high resolution IP67 rated platform, complete with 2 CAN bus ports, a USB and RS232 port and is available with optional touch screen, Ethernet port, video input, 4 analog/digital inputs, 3 digital outputs and up to 1 Gbyte of data storage.  


Its big brother, OPUS A6 is a new IP67 true outdoor 7" display console having a spectacular high resolution transflective screen, an ideal solution for full sunlight applications. It is available with up to 3 video inputs plus Class 2 Bluetooth  


Both displays are either landscape or portrait format, panel or standalone mountable, available with hard & soft keys and push to enter encoder, rated for tough EMC applications, 5g continuous vibration, 30g shock and operation from -30C to +70C.  They have Linux operating systems and are custom programmable using C/C++, Codesys or the new intuitive OPUS Projektor-Tool 3.0 GUI development software suite.


STW Continues to be a Successful Distributor for the Complete Line of Wachendorff's Industrial Encoders

STW has been the authorized US distributor for Wachendorff encoders for the last 9 years. These include single and multi-turn absolute encoders with a guaranteed 5 year warranty! 
Immediately available as part of their product range is the new WDGA 58A with a 58 mm synchro flange (6 mm shaft). The 58 mm is considered an industry standard. Additionally, Wachendorff offers smaller designs to adapt to the continuing miniaturization in the field of engineering. One outstanding mechanical characteristic of the new 58 absolute encoder is its capacity for high shaft loads with 125 N radial and 70 N axial.
To see Wachendorff's complete line of encoders and accessories, please click here
For pricing information, please contact
Tips From Our Engineering Department

WinFlash Device Name Consistency Check
WinFlash version 1.16r1 and newer provide a mechanism to verify that the hex file being flashed is intended for the target.  The Device Name Consistency Check works by comparing the device name reported by the target to a value encoded in the hex file. By running this check before erasing and flashing the target, mistakes like flashing the wrong program to a controller are greatly reduced.
A special structure added to your source code (C, or CoDeSys) contains the device name as well as other fields like date, time, project name and version and a string field.  The compiler includes the data in the hex file, where it can be found by WinFlash.  Contact STW support for more information on how to get the most of this new capability.
Update to the latest WinFlash to enable the device consistency check, Windows 7 support, a simpler interface and other great features.  Version 1.16r2 can be downloaded free from the STW Customer's Area.  If you don't know your login information, STW support can provide you the latest release via email.

STW Keeps On Growing!  


STW is currently in the process of hiring additional internal sales support to ensure that we continue to provide you with the superior sales and customer service that you have come to expect from us. We will introduce this valued member of our team in our next newsletter. 

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