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STW Technic is the premier manufacturer of mobile electronics for off-highway and on-highway vehicles. The STW ESX line of freely programmable controllers combines German Engineering and American software ingenuity to bring you the most cost effective and capable controller solutions on the market today.
STW provides
  • Freely programmable controllers for on-highway and off-highway vehicles
  • Freely programmable, mobile rated displays
  • Freely programmable telematics controllers
  • Robust sensors for pressure and force measurement
STW Celebrates its 25th Anniversary! 

STW Technic is proud to join with its parent company, STW, in celebrating 25 years of successful growth as a leading company in the design and manufacture of high technology electronics.  In looking back on the success of the company, STW's CEO, Wolfgang Wiedeman, explains, "We enjoy our work and take pride in it, and because of that we do it particularly well.  The success of our customers serves the long term interests of our co-workers and our business partners."


The company was founded in 1985 by Katharina and Wolfgang Wiedemann.  The original product portfolio of sensors and measuring devices was extended in 1989 to controllers for mobile applications.  In 1990 the company moved into its own building in Kaufbeuren, Germany, an hour west of Munich.  Four years later the company KMW was founded with a specialization in thin film and micro system technology.  Additional building expansions occurred between the years 1997 and 2009.  In 2004 a clean room was created for the production of sensors with thin film technology.  STW became ISO 9001 and ISO/TSS 16949 certified in the years 1995 and 2003.


In 2001 subsidiaries were started in the U.S. and U.K.  STW currently has strong relationships with many worldwide distributors and system integrators.  STW has close to 400 employees.


STW is proud to have been a long term, reliable partner for an extensive circle of customers in a diverse set of industries, including construction, agriculture, mining, automotive, oil/gas, military and others.  STW is one of the leading worldwide firms in the area of freely programmable controllers for off-highway vehicles and other working machines.


As it looks into the future, STW is determined to play a leading role in the development, production and marketing of components for mobile working machines.  In particular, the development of energy-saving systems, components for diesel-electric drives, battery operated vehicles and products for hydrogen (fuel) cell drives is becoming an important business initiative (see article below).

STW Joins the Green Revolution with MELA!

STW is launching an exciting new product initiative in 2010 with its hybrid electric power drive technology named MELA.  

Mela- Green


In recent years the hybrid drive has become synonymous with environmentally friendly mobility. The combination of a combustion engine and an electric drive is the immediate future of vehicle technology, and an important step towards full electric mobility. Off-highway applications especially will profit from increasing use of electric drive technology. Electric mobility is expanding to cover agricultural and construction machinery, forklifts, utility vehicles and public transport. These applications are perfectly suited to the benefits of diesel electric drives.  

Mobile machines and off-highway vehicles typically experience frequent load cycles. The lifting and sinking of loads and machine parts, and the accelerating and braking of the entire vehicle or heavy machine components, converts large amounts of energy. In a conventional machine this energy must be provided for each cycle from the combustion of diesel, and is then dissipated as waste heat. With a hybrid system this energy can be recovered (recuperation) and stored in a battery. The energy can then be utilized in a subsequent load cycle, leading to significant savings in fuel and emissions. In addition to the energy and emission savings, electric drive systems open new possibilities through good controllability. For example, partial automation reduces the workload on personnel and increases productivity.  

Other advantages include:  

Operation of the diesel motor at the optimal working point

Smaller diesel motors(downsizing)

Additional drive energy from the battery (boost)

Substantial increases in the overall efficiency.  

STW is your complete system partner for mobile electric drives, power inverters, batteries and battery management systems, electric power management and safety, cabling and connection technologies.  

STW places a high value on safe, reliable systems with a long service life.  All components feature redundant protection of the high voltages. All power components are actively cooled -the only technique that makes the compact size and long service life of batteries and inverters feasible. A central power management unit communicates over the CANbus with all producers and consumers in the system, evaluates supply and demand based on capacity and continuously optimizes the distribution of available electrical energy.  

STW aims for flexibility and maintainability. All components feature high voltage connectors that simplify installation and maintenance. A patented and simple-to-operate electric power take-off is available for the connection of accessory equipment and implements. It enables the safe transfer of electric energy and the cooling fluid, which are cleverly combined in a single cable.

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New Product Announcement: IVDMS Strain Measurement Sensor

IVDMSUntil the IVDMS was created, measuring strain in beams (such as on cranes) had been a complicated process. But this small sensor simply has to be glued on and calibrated in software thus allowing readings to be taken immediately. On the face of the IVDMS is a full strain gauge "chip". Simply apply glue to the surface area of the face of the sensor and bolt in place. The glued contact provides excellent accuracy. A great benefit of the sensor is the existing metal of the beam or platform does not need to be modified.

The full bridge and CAN-bus connection also eliminate the need to source extra components such as signal amplifiers.

The IVDMS has been used successfully in crane loading and platform measurement applications and as is true with all STW products, it is rated for the mobile equipment market.

New Product Announcement: Low-Cost Programmable Controller ESX- IOXp

The newest addition to the STW line of freely programmable controllers is the ESX-IOXp.  This extremely capable, cost-effective controller is similar in appearance to the ESX-IOX, an I/O slave module.  But the IOXp has some very attractive features that make it uniquely compelling as a more economical alternative to the ESX-3XL and ESX-3XM for smaller applications.  First, the IOXp is driven by an Infineon 16 bit, 80 MHz processor, which gives it quite a bit of power for an economical controller.  It also has a full 1MB of RAM to facilitate implementation of complex applications.  Its enclosure can be ordered as either IP67 or IP69k and it has the capability to connect to two distinct CAN busses.  It has a maximum overall I/O count of 26, with individual maximums of 26 digital inputs, 6 RPM inputs, 6 analog inputs (0-10V), 8 analog inputs (4-20mA), 4 three amp PWM outputs, and a 5V of 10V voltage output.  Additional options are 4 four amp PWM outputs, which can be applied as a motor bridge, 4 or 8 four amp PWM outputs with current feedback, or 4 PVG outputs for Danfoss valves.  

As always, the ESX-IOXp is rated for mobile applications and can operate in the full outdoor temperature range.  Visit our website to pick up the spec sheet and give us a call to get a quote on this very cost-effective, yet powerful controller.

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We're Still Growing!  STW Adds Another Application Engineer to our Staff.


Joe Stephenson joined the STW team in January of 2010 as an application engineer after his graduation from college. He has completed his triaining course and is now assisting our lead engineers on customer and internal projects. He is rapidly gaining experience in project development and knowledge in both the software and hardware sides of controls applications. Joe has a degree in electrical engineering from Georgia Tech.
                                Joe Pic           

                                           Joe Stephenson

Dale Albee
STW Technic, LP