March 2010
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STW Technic is the premier manufacturer of mobile electronics for off-highway and on-highway vehicles. The STW ESX line of freely programmable controllers combines German Engineering and American software ingenuity to bring you the most cost effective and capable controller solutions on the market today.
STW provides
  • Freely programmable controllers for on-highway and off-highway vehicles
  • Freely programmable, mobile rated displays
  • Freely programmable telematics controllers
  • Robust sensors for pressure and force measurement

New Product Announcement  -  3 Axis Inclinometer and Gyroscope Sensor the "NGS1"

Safety Crane  
The new NGS1 combines gyroscopic and inclination sensors to measure inclination in 3 axis, as well as angular velocity.  . These measurements are available as CANbus outputs for easy interfacing with a vehicle's CANbus controller, providing a high quality, accurate input for safety applications involving vehicle stability and material handling, as well as other leveling and positioning applications.
The inclinometer (effectively an accelerometer) measures between +/-90deg and can be specified for +/-2 or +/-6g. Resolution is 0.01deg or 0.2mg.  The gyroscope has a measurement range of +/-50deg/s with a resolution of 0.6deg/s.  Outputs from both sensors are optionally available as 4-20mA or 0-10V analogue outputs. 
As expected for all STW products, the NGS1 is intended for rugged off-highway use. The sensor comes in a rugged die-cast aluminum housing, sealed to IP67.  All outputs are provided via a standard 24-pin automotive-capable connector with a captive locking mechanism to ensure the integrity of the connection. The device runs from a wide power supply range from 9 to 36V DC.
The NGS1 is available in many formats from a 3 axis inclinometer/accelerometer (without gyroscope output), up to a 3 axis inclinometer/accelerometer with a 3 axis gyroscope
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New Product Announcement:  TC3 Goes Into Production


IOX/TC3STW's newest telematics controller, the ESX-TC3 (formerly known by its working name Ybox) has been put into series production.  The TC3 is a very innovative and versatile product.  The basic unit has a 32 bit MPC5200B 400 MHz processor with ample memory (128 MByte RAM, 1 GByte flash) for data logging and remote diagnostics functions.  The controller runs the linux operating system, thus facilitating an incredibly rich set of possible applications and creating a very open environment for application programmers.  The connectivity for the basic unit consists of two CAN bus interfaces, an Ethernet port, an RS-232 port and a USB port.


To extend communications capability to the TC3, an expansion communications board is added.  This communications board adds a 3-axis accelerometer with wake-up function, and both a digital input and output.  GPS, GSM, WLAN and Bluetooth may be added through this communications board as well.


The TC3 is a game changer for telematics.  It provides the robust (IP69) and reliable electronics that has made STW the leader in mobile controls.  But also provides an incredibly rich communications and applications platform with almost unlimited potential.  When coupled with STW's other controllers for remote diagnostics and software update capabilities, it provides a mobile solution that is everything a manufacturer needs to create a competitive edge for their machine.

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New Product Announcement:  ESX-3XM engineering samples now available


The latest addition to the STW line of freely programmable controllers, the ESX0in, is now available as an engineering sample.  The 3XM is closely related to the ESX-3XL but about half its size both physically and functionally.  It has the same Infineon Tricore 32 bit processor and the same memory.  The difference is that the 3XM is in a smaller enclosure with only a single 81 pin connector (the 3XL has two).  Thus, the 3XM is limited to three extension (baby) boards, and can support a total of 64 I/O.  For those who want a powerful processor, ample memory, extensive CAN bus connectivity (four available!) and flexible, configurable I/O, but don't need quite as many inputs/outputs, the 3XM is ideal.  As with all of STW's products, the ESX-3XM is fully certified for challenging mobile environments such as agriculture, construction, mining, material handling oil, gas and military.  The ESX-3XM will go into series production in the fall of 2010.


We're Growing!  STW adds two Sales Engineers to staff.


STW Technic has added two experienced Sales Engineers to its staff.  John Sibiski is a fourteen year veteran of the controller and sensor marketplace.  Formerly with IFM Effector, John brings extensive experience in the mobile controls industry to his work with STW.  John has a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Central Florida.  Chuck McPherson is another industry veteran, having worked with Pepperl and Fuchs and other electronics companies for over 21 years.  Chuck is from the Midwest and has an electronics engineering degree with a business minor from University of Akron.


We are excited about adding this talent to our team.  We searched long and hard to find the right mix of technical knowledge, industry experience and account management skills.  We are determined to bring the highest level of technical knowledge and experience to our meetings with prospects and clients. We know that our customers will benefit from their relationship with these excellent professionals.


                             John Sibiski              
      Chuck McPherson                              John Sibiski

In Memoriam


As many of our customers and partners are aware, STW suffered the tragic loss of Jon Williams last fall to a rare illness.  Jon had been active with STW Technic since its earliest days, first as an Applications Engineer, and then as a Sales Engineer.  Jon was highly regarded by everyone, both for his technical acumen and his friendly demeanor.  He was a talented friend and co-worker, and we feel his loss keenly.  We appreciate all of the expressions of sympathy that we received and passed them on to his family, who also expressed their sincerest gratitude.

Dale Albee
STW Technic, LP