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February 2012


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Several provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will likely have significant effects on small businesses, their employees, and families. Currently, smaller businesses are less likely to offer health insurance coverage to their employees than larger companies. This fact sheet explains the changes that are likely to take place with reform, when they go into effect, and which businesses will be affected. Click here to continue.

In This Issue
Technology Curbs Employee Costs, Improves Efficiency
8 Moves to Improve Your Retirement Plan
Cost of LTC Requires Additional Financial Planning
Growing Risks Point to Need for Cyber Liability Coverage
P&C Insurance for a Home-Based Business

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 Legislative/Regulatory Update

HHS Issues Final Regulation on Summary of Benefits and Coverage


On February 9, 2012, the Department of Health and Human Services' Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO) issued its final rule regarding the Summary of Benefits and Coverage provision. The  regulation will be effective September 23, 2012  Click here to continue. 

EEOC Issues Final Rule Extending Title VII and ADA Recordkeeping Requirements to GINA


The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued a final rule extending the recordkeeping requirements under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) to entities covered by Title II of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 (GINA).  Click here to continue.

Internal Claims, Appeals and External Review: A Refresher for 2012


The new year brings new claims and appeals obligations for non-grandfathered group health plan sponsors, as the enforcement grace periods established over the past two years begin to expire. Let's start 2012 with a refresher on what's new and what's ahead. Click here to continue.

Labor Department Changes Tack on 401(k) Fee Disclosure


The US Labor Dept. has removed a controversial part of its proposed 401(k) fee disclosure rule that would have required plan providers to create a summary document, or "roadmap" of all their fees for employers.  Click here to continue. 

 Benefit Trends

Technology Curbs Employee Costs, Improves Efficiency

It may seem like science fiction, but telehealth technology is making real-life strides in curbing consumer health care costs while ensuring convenience and efficiency for patients. Click here to continue.

HR and Finance: Working Together


The Healthcare reform law requires a greater collaboration between HR and finance executives, as budget-setting and coverage options take on even more importance as companies begin planning for 2014, when healthcare exchanges become available. Click here to continue.

How to Combat the Effects of Obesity On Your Business


Obesity can have a significant impact on employers, in health care and workers' compensation costs and in lost productivity. Health care costs for obese employees are as much as 21 percent higher than costs for those at a healthy weight. In addition, overweight or obese full-time workers with other chronic health conditions miss 450 million more days of work each year than healthy workers, costing businesses $153 billion in lost productivity.  Click here to continue.


 Retirement Plans

Eight Moves to Improve Your Retirement Plan


Strategic retirement planning should be a blend of science and art. 401k returns are unimpressive, and Americans save far less than our global counterparts. If you want to maintain integrity in your fiduciary relationships, it's time to find the courage to make changes to your plan that will benefit your long-term employees for many years to come. Click here to continue. 

IRS Newsletter Employee Plans News


Click here to read the latest issue of the IRS Retirement Plan Newsletter. 

Treasury Eases Rules on Annuities for Retirement Plans


The U.S. Treasury Department will help expand the availability of annuities and lifetime income choices in retirement plans, the agency said recently. The department proposed two regulations to make it easier for those approaching retirement to fund an annuity through their company sponsored pensions or 401(k) savings accounts. Click here to continue.


 Financial Services

Cost of Long Term Care Requires Additional Financial Planning


High costs of home healthcare, assisted living and nursing home care underscore the critical need to address long-term care as part of financial planning security.  Click here to continue.

Business Succession Planning


When developing a succession plan for your business, you must make many decisions. Should you sell your business or give it away? Should you structure your plan to go into effect during your lifetime or at your death?  Click here to continue.


 Risk Management

Growing Risks, Muddy Legal Waters Point to Need for Cyber Liability Coverage


With an increase in claims frequency set against novel legal questions about how cyber security and data breach laws should be applied, cyber liability coverage could help businesses avoid costly penalties and legal settlements. Click here to continue.

OSHA QuickTakes


Click here to read the January e-news regarding workplace safety and health.


 Personal Lines

Property and Casualty Insurance for a Home-Based Business


More and more entrepreneurs are operating their new businesses from home. The advantages are obvious: running a home-based business is convenient and cheaper than renting or buying commercial office space. But running any business - including a home office - without adequate insurance coverage can be a recipe for disaster.  Click here to continue. 

Properly Cover Your HO/Condo Association Loss Exposures


Many people are active in their condominium or home owners' association, serving as directors, officers, and editors of association newsletters.  If you are an active member of your association, consider the following risk management tips and recommendations.  Click here to continue.


 Of Interest

Law Can Have Big Impact on Small Business


Two autumns ago, Congress passed the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010, a bill stuffed with provisions intended to help small enterprises save on taxes, get bigger loans and qualify for those loans more easily.  Can this legislation help your company grow and hire?  Click here to continue.