Issue No. 4May 2011

Editorial message  

As 2011 progresses, Sustainalytics continues to grow and improve to serve responsible investors across the globe. Our expansion into France will provide more options to responsible investors in the region. By forging new partnerships with index providers and engaging with the SIFs in France and Australasia (FIR and RIAA), we hope to not only build capacity, but share our knowledge and expertise. We will continue to release informative reports and briefs on topics at the forefront of responsible investing.  And, as always, we remain committed to providing clients with high quality ESG research and analysis.  

Analysts' Insights 


Three things investors should know about nanotechnology

By Stephanie LeNguyen  

Stephanie LeNguyen
Stephanie LeNguyen,

Nanotechnology is broadly defined as the manipulation of matter that is one to ten billionth of a meter. At this size matter exhibits unique physical properties that make it useful in production. Because of its benefits the use of nanotechnology in consumer goods is on the rise. It has been estimated that by 2015 more than USD 2.5 trillion worth of nanotechnology-enabled goods will be produced. Along with the increased use of nanotechnology in industrial and consumer goods comes increased concern. Here are three things we think responsible investors should know about nanotechnology.

1. With great opportunity comes risk
Nanotechnology has applications across a variety of sectors, from clean tech to pharmaceuticals to personal care products. However the size and unique physical properties that make nanoparticles so beneficial may also pose potential health and environmental risks. Investors should be cautious as the long-term effects and safety of exposure to nanotechnology and nanoparticles are unknown.

2. Consumers are exposed to a wide variety of nanotechnology-enabled goods
Companies that produce nanotechnology-enabled personal and household products face the highest risk exposure because of the direct interaction of their products with consumers. The use of nanoparticles has enabled the creation of stain-resistant clothing, anti-microbial food containers, more effective sunscreens, and more effectively targeted pharmaceuticals. However nanotechnology's widespread use despite its unknown environmental and health effects remains a concern.

3. Tools for mitigating risks
Risks faced by companies are ultimately risks faced by their investors. Companies may encounter operational and regulatory risks, and future liability costs if exposure to nanotechnology proves harmful. Failure to adequately address these risks may tarnish a company's reputation and shake consumer confidence. It is important for investors to engage with companies and demand transparency about the use of nanotechnology and the steps to mitigate related risks.

To learn more download Brave New World: Nanotechnology and Investor Risk here.

Product Spotlight

Controversial Weapons Radar


Sustainalytics' Controversial Weapons Radar (CWR) is a household name among sustainable investors because of its in-depth and transparent analysis of company involvement with controversial weapons such as anti-personnel landmines and cluster munitions. As a result of ongoing discussions about its controversial nature and growing interest from clients, we have expanded our CWR coverage to include white phosphorus weapons. There are currently seven companies under our radar, and we continue to conduct in-depth research.


Sustainalytics understands that responsible investors strive to enhance their defence policies and exclusion criteria to better cope with the ongoing dynamics in the sector. We provide extensive knowledge of sector developments, thus enabling our clients to make informed investment decisions.


Please contact us for more information on the Controversial Weapons Radar.

Inside Sustainalytics


Antonio Celeste, Director of Investor Relations, Paris
Antonio Celeste, Director of Institutional Relations, Paris

Sustainalytics Welcomes... 

Antonio Celeste, Director of Institutional Relations, Paris.


Antonio, who is based in Paris, will support Sustainalytics' existing clients in France and will provide responsible investors there with access to high quality global environmental, social and governance (ESG) research and analysis. In his new role at Sustainalytics, Antonio will also support clients in Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Read more here.


French Website Launched

To better serve responsible investors in France, Sustainalytics has launched its French-language website, www.sustainalytics.com/france. 


New office in Timisoara, Romania

Sustainalytics has opened a new office in Timisoara, Romania and Lotte Griek, Associate Analyst, will manage the team of research analysts ensuring continued excellence in our ESG research. The analysts will be integrated into the global research products team and will focus on emerging markets-related company research, among other things. With a presence in eastern Europe Sustainalytics will leverage our local expertise and broaden our global scope to continue to provide our clients in the region and globally with in-depth sustainability research and analysis. 


Our Boston Office Has Moved

Sustainalytics U.S. has a new address:

24 School Street, Suite 803

Boston, MA 02108



Tel: +1.617.248.0899


For more information, please contact us.


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Sustainalytics' Perspective


Upcoming Report on Aerospace and Defence Sector


Sustainalytics has been selected by Eurosif to write a report on the aerospace and defence sector, which will be released in June 2011. The upcoming report will highlight the environmental, social and governance challenges, risks and opportunities in the sector, plus cover industry trends and case studies.


Sustainability and Materiality in the Mining Sector


Sustainalytics will release the first of three reports investigating the link between sustainable business practices and shareholder value for companies in the natural resources sector. The first report focuses on the mining sector with reports covering the forestry and oil and gas sectors to follow in the coming months. To receive a copy of the reports when they are released, please email contact@sustainalytics.com.

Sustainalytics in the Media 


The recently launched STOXX Global ESG Leaders Index is an innovative series of ESG (environmental, social, governance) indices which are based on sustainability data provided by Sustainalytics. The news was featured in Responsible Investor and on SocialFunds.com.


Sustainalytics' upcoming report Sustainability and Materiality in the Natural Resources Sector was featured on Reuters Insider. View the full video here.
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