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May 2010
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The first half of 2010 provided us with some regional events that impacted the business world globally. From volcanic ash to economic crises, regional crises have made demanded responses informed by international knowledge. Sustainalytics has been able to provide prospects and clients with analysis to help them understand the implications that these issues have on their investment and business strategies. At the same time we have been building a team from management to staff to best serve you. A critical component of successful global businesses is a high functioning board of directors. I'm happy to report that we've successfully assembled a board that fits that description, which will provide global strategic insight and advice, and help us navigate the challenges of building a mission-based business in an increasingly competitive and mainstream market. Although we are a young company, Sustainalytics has attracted a seasoned and professional board of directors. I'd like to introduce the members of our board.
Michael Jantzi, CEO Sustainalytics
AIS becomes Sustainalytics

Now rebranded as Sustainalytics Spain in the Iberian market, the firm will build on its history of more than five years in the Iberian market and continue to provide high calibre sustainability research and analysis. Please visit our new website here.

Clean Tech Index

On March 25, 2010 Standard & Poor's, the world's leading index provider and TMX Group Inc., operator of Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), announced the launch of the S&P/TSX Clean Technology Index. The S&P/TSX Clean Technology Index measures the performance of companies listed on TSX whose core business is in the development and deployment of green technologies. S&P and TSX chose Jantzi-Sustainalytics to develop and maintain the Clean Technology Classification System. Follow the link to read the full press release.

Country rating tool

The Country ESG Risk Analysis Tool provides investors with an analysis of countries' vulnerability to ESG risks and opportunities. This valuable product will enable investors to make fully-informed decisions by assessing the performance of 136 countries, with 31 indicators covered, quarterly updates and customizable weights and ratings.
For more information about this product, please contact Diederik Timmer, Global Director Client Services at
Insurance and Climate Change

Although climate change has been at the forefront of public debate for over a decade, many insurers have yet to realize the extent of their exposure to the array of risks and opportunities that it presents. As co-owners of the insurance companies, shareholders have an opportunity to urge them to address risks related to climate change. Sustainalytics' Associate Analyst Laurence Loubières explores these issues in Insurers and Climate Change: Taking Risk Management to the Next Level

Dax 30 Report

Sustainalytics published a much acclaimed cross-sector analysis of the sustainability performance of the 30 largest stock-listed companies in Germany. The report shows that most companies perform well on average although more efforts can still be made. Find out which German companies perform best according to the study here.
That 60 per cent of the world's energy-related CO2 emissions result from oil and gas? But before blaming big oil consider that on a wells-to-wheels basis (from the ground to the gas tank) according to the Cambridge Energy Research Agency all sources of crude oil emit 70 to 80 per cent of their total emissions from the combustion of refined products, such as gasoline. Meaning that only 20 to 30 per cent of the emissions are generated from the extraction and processing of oil and the other 70 to 80 per cent are generated by the end consumers, such as drivers.
Dutch ING to Link Executive Pay to Sustainability
In a bid to stimulate sustainable entrepreneurship, ING has created a Restrictive List of companies that are excluded from all ING services. The group's sustainable assets under management (AUM) marked a 10 per cent y/y rise to 2.5 bn in 2009, and are projected to outpace the growth of AUM generally.

Sustainable Farming Wanted
A group of over 200 professors has written a manifesto requesting an end to "organized irresponsibility" in the Netherlands' farming industry. They call for a government-driven paradigm shift which will transform the farming industry into one which uses modern technology and specialized knowledge to meet the needs of all living beings and protect the environment. For more information, please contact our food industry specialists at

Sustainability prize for Sustainalytics client
The 2010 winner of German magazine portfolio institutionell's Annual Investor Award in the category ‘Best Sustainable Investor' is the Evangelische Ruhegehaltskasse (ERK) in Darmstadt. The ERK has been a Sustainalytics client since 2008.
25 May 2010
PRI Drinks in Amsterdam

PRI drinks sponsored by Sustainalytics, taking place in Amsterdam

26-27 May 2010
The Amsterdam Global Conference on Sustainability and Transparency
More information

14-16 June 2010
Social Investment Organization's Conference in Toronto, Canada
More information

17 June 2010
Business Impact Seminar organized by NCDO in partnership with Sustainalytics and ING in Amsterdam
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23 June 2010
ESG USA 2010 in New York
Sustainalytics will also sponsor the event.
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21-25 June 2010
DBU's Summer Academy on Sustainable Investments, St. Marienthal, Germany
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More events or for more information, please contact communications@
Sustainalytics is a global leader in sustainability research and analysis for investors and financial institutions, specialised in analysing environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria for companies, institutions and countries. We provide a global perspective, underpinned by nearly 20 years of local experience and expertise in the responsible investment and traditional socially responsible investment markets. Internationally, the firm operates as Sustainalytics and as Jantzi-Sustainalytics in North America. The firm is headquartered in Amsterdam with local offices in Boston, Frankfurt, Madrid and Toronto.
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