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January 2011  

Joey David -- Keeper of the Eastern Door 



Ringing in the New Year and kicking off IAIA's 50th Anniversary, MoCNA opens five new exhibitions on January 21, 2012. Under The Influence: Iroquois Artists at IAIA (1962-2012) is a visual testament to the stimulating atmosphere of interchange and experimentation generated by the Institute on one of the most visible and cohesive indigenous groups in the northeast. Selected works will map 50 years of artistic cultivation related to the IAIA. Peter B Jones: Prophecy is a timely exhibition pertaining to 2012 Indigenous prophecies and incorporating themes of ecology, creation, demise and the future according to Iroquois traditional teachings and other cultural beliefs. Wendy Red Star: Rez Car is a unique interpretation on what many see as unattractive debris. Having grown up on the Crow Indian Reservation, artist Wendy Red Star always had a fondness for the broken down reservation cars that litter the landscape. Red Star has come to recognize the abandoned vehicles as objects of beauty that represent a resilient and proud community that overcomes obstacles to keep its culture alive. Richard Glazer Danay: Shake, Rattle & Roll reflects upon traditional material culture and sources new materials to make rattles and its relevancy to culture and ceremony in the 21st century. VISION Projections is a program of four short films by emerging directors Carey Tully, Dylan McLaughlin, Ryan Begay and Marcella Ernest, all of who have attended the IAIA. Artists bring to the screen, their interpretation of the concept "vision."


Opening Reception for all exhibitions will take place on Friday, January 20, 2012, from 5-7 pm. Artist talks with Richard Glazer Danay and Peter B Jones will take place on Saturday, January 21, 2012 and Sunday, January 22, 2012. Time to be announced.


Gibbs Saunders sharing stretching techniques. 


fitness and wellness


What can we do for our health?  


There are many ways to address our health and to affect our quality of life. We spend a lot of our days at the computer, watching television and sleeping. Why not reserve 30-60 minutes a day to be physically active?


Exercise research shows that physical activity is the most effective method in changing all the body's metabolic adaptations. "The key ingredient, is hitting the appropriate heart rate training intensity," says Gibbs J. Saunders, the Fitness & Wellness Director at IAIA . The method of training is High-intensity Interval Training (HIT). The benefits of HIT include a shift in body composition, increase in endurance and oxygen consumption, and various skeletal muscle adaptations. As an exercise physiologist, Saunders teaches the essentials of the heart rate monitor to fitness training in her classes and at the IAIA Fitness Training Center. Her approach of teaching holistic fitness integrates the relationship between a fit body and creative mind. Thus, a prescription for exercise is the one intervention worthy of addressing chronic diseases, body composition changes, increasing mobility and overall well-being.

Saunders has a Master's degree in Exercise Physiology from Columbia University and worked as an Adjunct Professor & Conditioning Coach at Hunter College in New York City.

Alex Jacobs and Fran Loretto were participants in the IAIA Holiday Market 2011.
alumni news

As we embark on the 50th Anniversary of the Institute of American Indian Arts, IAIA has established the $50 for the 50th alumni appeal. This is an exciting way for alumni to give back to IAIA and to help fund our first, newly established, IAIA Alumni Scholarship and the Alumni Fund. The scholarship will be awarded every semester, so ask we for your donation to assist the financial need of a student. The education they receive today will last a lifetime.

Please call today to make your donation to the $50 for the 50th alumni appeal and help support the next generation of IAIA students. Thank you for your support of the Institute of American Indian Arts and Happy 50th Anniversary to IAIA! To make your donation call Marita Hinds at 505-424-5704 or give online at www.iaia.edu and specify the $50 for the 50th alumni appeal.


Fernando Charley's still photo "Santa Fe Railyard"

In February, our Digital Dome Director, Ethan Bach accompanied by two New Media Arts students, Joseph "Seph" Turnipseed and Fernando Charley, will present as part of the New Media Caucus events being held during the College Arts Association conference in Los Angeles, CA. The presentation will include examples of student and artist-in-resident work produced for the Digital Dome at IAIA. This event will take place on Thursday, February 23, at 8 pm at the Glendale Community College Planetarium.


Historically geodesic theaters have been used for exploring the stars in the planetarium. It is not until recent years that these theaters have become capable of presenting digital media. This innovation brings new life to the medium providing artists an endless amount of opportunities for creation. Still the fulldome medium has yet to define itself within the field of fine arts. With over 600 digital domes around the world, the content being produced and shown is primarily science-based and primarily intended for a fourth-grade audience. There is now a greater opportunity for the new media artist to creative interactive immersive experiences in the dome environment. The Institute of American Indian Arts has quickly become a leader in opening up the spherical theater for artistic exploration. 


mocna store    


Come beat the January doldrums by visiting the MoCNA store. We have scented candles as well as packages of Native-American coffee and teas to keep you warm on cold winter days. For your reading pleasure, the MoCNA store just received all of Louise Erdrich's novels and poetry chapbooks.


Starting January 6 in the Lloyd Kiva New Gallery, the work of IAIA alum, Melissa Melero, will be featured. Her Sube (Willow) Series contains contemporary mixed media paintings of abstract images inspired by the landscape and surrounding petroglyphs of the Northern Paiute Tribe of Melissa's home in Nevada. A reception for the artist will be held from 3 - 5 pm on Saturday, January 7, in the MoCNA store. Please come and join us for the festivities.

Doug Two Bulls
student life

Housing NewsIAIA said goodbye to Family Housing Area Coordinator Doug Two Bulls who will return home to South Dakota on a new adventure. Doug is an IAIA alumnus who had worked for the housing department for four years. The housing department and the students have benefited greatly from his service and we wish him and his wife the very best.


IAIA Housing will welcome three new faces to the RA staff in January. In the newly created family housing RA positions, Logan Blue Jacket and Blue Tarpalechee will be ready to assist all family housing residents. In the CLE Residence Center, Qyanah Leija-Elias will take on the responsibility of building community in the freshman halls.


We look forward to a great year in housing as we have a lot more programs to present that are sure to excite the IAIA community. We especially look forward to the 3rd Annual IAIA Hall Olympics which will take place in March of 2012. 


Students attending NACA and SFIS during the Laguna Facilitation

the center for lifelong education    


On December 14, 2011, the CLE staff assisted the Laguna Tribe with a youth summit involving 180 middle school students from Laguna and those Laguna students attending Native American Community Academy (NACA) and Santa Fe Indian School (SFIS). Students learned how ancestors overcame challenges and obstacles throughout their life. Interactive conversations took place when students were asked their views on the future and how they would contribute to a safer, healthier environment. In January the staff will continue community empowerment facilitation in Zuni Pueblo and with Tribal Educators from Cochiti, Santo Domingo, Santa Ana, San Filipe, Sandia and Zia. The goal is to work toward educational policy change on behalf of Indian students attending Bernalillo Public Schools. 


The Center for Lifelong Education will co-host a Cultural Corridor Summit with the Global Center for Cultural Enterprise. The Cultural Corridor Summit will be held on the IAIA Campus in the CLE Building. More information on this event will come soon! 


Planning continues for the Cultural Tourism Conference in collaboration with the Hopi Tribe as well as efforts to co-host a conference with Native leaders involved with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding policy change. There are also continued collaborations with SFIS and NACA on educational services projects. 


In late January, a cultural teaching/learning exchange with the Mayan Indigenous University (Universidad de Oriente-Valladolid, Yucatan) is scheduled as is collaboration with two Mexican Intercultural Universities & La Plazita Center (Albuquerque) for student and faculty exchange.


The first sections of the Greenhouse will be delivered soon and the CLE staff (Hayes, Luke, Stephen & Jaime) are preparing course content for spring classes at IAIA.  

Student Winter Exhibit: Money and Wealth  

Student Winter Exhibit: Money and Wealth 
primitive edge    


Student Winter Exhibit: Money and Wealth

Exhibition Dates: December 6, 2011 - January 27, 2012

Whether you shun the topic or obsess over it, this subject touches everyone's life. Often a taboo subject, this exhibit brings the conversation to the forefront and challenges the artist to materialize his or her own perspective on the subject.


The Student Winter Exhibit is a collaborative exhibit that has been brought to you by students of MUSM 190: Art and Exhibit Preparation, with the guidance of Samantha Eckert and Jennifer Coots. This exhibit explores and asks the tough questions. What is money? What is wealth? What is it to you?


"The Giving Trees" is also showing as an IAIA Winter Exhibit special installation. As part of the giving season we are collecting donations to raise awareness and funds for the Santa Clara/Tewa Pueblo Reforestation Program, "We Will Heal."


A $5.00 donation plants a tree! All proceeds will be given to the reforestation program. Jericho Nursery has also donated five trees to the program and we want to thank them for their kindness. To obtain more information about the "We Will Heal" reforestation program, visit nmcf.org


Please come by and view the talented works of our students and leave a note to support a wonderful cause. 


Participating Student Artists: Heidi Brandow, Lauren Giago, Upton S. Ethelbah III, Bryan Akipa, August Walker, Anna Nelson, Monty Little, Veronica Jourdain, Judith Vicenti, Rachel Kuc', Azizah Muhammad, Carlo Ray Martinez, Sydney Davis, Joanne Morales, Dylan Iron Shirt


Student Curators:  Dedric Lupe, Brian Shemayme, Keith Secola, Rylan Bourke, Mildred Raphaelito, Rose Marie Cutropia, Sydney Davis, Jasmine Lorentz, Genea Vallo, Azizah Muhammad

Outdoor game
Students playing an outdoor native game on the IAIA Campus   
the student success center

The Student Success Center has partnered with the College Central Network to provide IAIA students and alumni access to a website offering career opportunities. This portal will allow you to research job opportunities and internships throughout the United States. It is also a valuable resource for career advice, guidance and podcasts for additional instruction. There is also a section on the website where portfolios can be uploaded for employers to view.


This site is a powerful tool that will bring IAIA students, alumni and employers together in one location. The website will be available in the spring semester and access is located on the IAIA website on the Career and Scholarship page. 



general info

IAIA's mission is to empower creativity and leadership in Native arts and cultures through higher education, lifelong learning and outreach.

Wendy Ortega - Editor 
IAIA Director of Communications and Marketing

We welcome your inquiries:

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calendar of events

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1/21/12 - 7/31/12 MoCNA presents: 

Under the Influence: Iroquiois Artists 
at IAIA 
Peter B. Jones: Prophecy


MoCNA's Vision Projections

A program of four short films by emerging directors Carey Tully, Dylan McLaughlin, Rayan Begay and Marcella Ernest.


Wendy Red Star: Rez Car


Richard Glazer Danay


Opening Reception for all exhibitions will take place on Friday, January 20, 2012, from 

5-7 pm


Artist talks with Richard Glazer Danay and Peter B Jones will take place on Saturday, January 21, 2012, TBA.  


1/6/12 - 4/2/12 MoCNA Store presents:

Melissa Melero

Open Reception - January 7, 2-4 pm, Lloyd Kiva New Gallery



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12/7/11 - 1/20/12 Student Winter Exhibit
Primitive Edge Gallery 

2/11 IAIA Art Competition 
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