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sandra  The OBSESSION, with Richard Wright working the deck, had some excellent catches in 2011.  Folks fishing on the OBSESSION earned 210 NC citations for meritorious catches, including 142 for white marlin releases, 7 for blue marlin releases, 15 for sailfish releases, 7 for wahoo, 8 for dolphin, 1 for yellowfin tuna, 6 for bigeye tuna and 24 for bluefin tuna catches and releases.  Combined with the 916 sailfish we released in Mexico January- March 2011,for the second year in a row, customers on the Obsession released over 1000 billfish in a single season.  The following is a monthly snapshot of a few of the very good catches on the OBSESSION last year.  


   Danial bluefinIn early April, Jim Thornboro's group caught 10 bluefin in the 180-300 lb class range.  In late April, Jim Kennedy's family boated a limit of tilefish, 14 'gaffer' dolphin, a 130 lb mako shark and 13 year old Daniel Kennedy released a 250 bluefin tuna.  Mako   













Ngyen 41    


  In early May, Dao NgUyen's crew boated 51 dolphin, including a 41lb bull landed by Ian Thomas, and a sailfish released by Andrew Chambers. 







gary blue marlin2

  In mid-May, on a makeup group I put together, Chris Cunningham boated a 160 lb bigeye tuna, the group boated 25 gaffers &Gary Coffman released a 700 lb blue marlin.

gary blue marlin               




JasonM dolphin


  Dolphin fishing was outstanding in June, with yellowfins mixed in most days.  Jason McAbee & crew  boated 60 dolphin including three 33 - 35 pound citation earning fish.  









  Tommy Shelton's crew had 60 dolphin, 4   yellowfin and 2 sailfish.  








feildman blue & bigeyes  

  Jim Feldman's group only caught 3 fish but they were all whoppers.... Evan Feldman, released a 250 lb blue marlin, James Dooley, boated a 172 lb bigeye tuna, and after a hour and 20 minute "slugfest", Ben Ruedasill boated a 197 lb bigeye tuna.




   July thru early August was a mixed bag of everything,  Preacher Kenneth Cutre told me his son Jeffrey dreamed of catching a sailfish, I told him when to be at the boat and to bring good luck, as sailfishing had been a hit or miss proposition...he told me he had something better than luck on his side....he was right.  They each caught 2 sailfish, 2 wahoo, a blackfin tuna, and 10 dolphin ...The good Lord definitely was shining on them!!      




  Kevin Tucker boated the OBSESSION's seasons largest 70 lb wahoo.  









   Steve Goodling & family boated  three nice yellowfin in the 40-45 lb class range, two wahoo, one boated by Bradford Hastwhich, weighted 41 lbs earning Bradford a citation... and Steve, boated at 186 lbs, a bigeye.  



                                                                                                                                         Alice Kelly 2011   White marlin fishing got going in mid-August. My wife Ruth Ann and friends, along with Richard's Mom & cousin, fished the Alice Kelly Memorial Billfish Tournament.  They were sponsored by proprietor, Mark Ballog, of the Lucky 12 Restaurant in Nags Head.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  AliceKelly                                           

  Richard's cousin, Ann Reithlingshoiefer, released a 150 lb blue marlin on her first offshore fishing trip and Diane Steyn, from Sam & Omie's restaurant, released a white marlin, and though we did not win, everyone had a blast!      










  The first day of the Pirate's Cove Billfish Tournament we started off great.... Peter Zeliff released a blue marlin and a sailfish, Larry Waite released a white marlin, and 15 year old Tyler Sudbrink released 2 white marlin to give us 5 billfish for the day, a Grand Slam, and the lead in the tournament after day one.  We were one fish shy of another  daily prize on day two, releasing 9 white marlin.  

PC grandslam  

  On Friday, three boats passed us on the leader board, so we ended up tied for fourth place out of 75 boats, with the first place boat catching 20 fish, the second & third place boats catching 18 fish; we caught 17, and we ended up winning the daily prize for day one.  My crew of Peter Zeliff, Larry Waite, Larry Waite Jr., Tyler Sudbrink, and mates, Richard Wright and Nathan, did outstanding jobs.  Tyler came in second place for top junior angler, as he hooked 2 fish and caught 6 for the tournament. 



  The next week was the Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament which the directors made into a two day tournament, in view of Hurricane Irene coming this way..... weather was beautiful and fishing was good the first day..... Charles Spangler and crew released 4 White Marlin to put us in the top five boats, but we only caught 3 white marlin day two, which put us in the top ten, but not in the money.  




  September started off with outstanding white marlin fishing. Brent Nase & crew released 12 white marlin, including 2 double headers, and a triple header the second week of September.









  The next day, Sandra Hilar, on a personal quest to catch all billfish species in one year, individually caught 11 white marlin with us on a day where we released a total of 13.  




















Sailsfish & tuna  

  The fall tuna season got going in late September and was a nice mixture of yellowfin tuna & blackfin tuna with some wahoo, dolphin and billfish mixed in.  Mike Switlick & John Parker each released a sailfish the last week of September and then filled the  box with yellowfin & blackfin tuna. 






  Sportswriter' Rick Burnley, from Virginia Beach, rode along on the OBSESSION in late September and again in mid October, ironically, when Walt Ogden was filling in for Richard, who was in Canada duck hunting, and both trips coincided with Paul Ebert & his crew. walt Rick wrote an interesting article about yellowfin tuna fishing along the mid-Atlantic coast and talked about the days spent fishing with us...this was published in  the SALT WATER SPORTSMEN, January 2012, edition.  





  Tom Lynch & crew boated their limit of Yellowfin by noon in October.

Fall tuna


  Typically, I run tuna charters at least thru Thanksgiving weekend, but last year we hauled the OBSESSION in early November to spend six weeks painting and refurbishing prior to heading to Mexico.  Boats that continued fishing thru early December had good Yellowfin Tuna fishing.






   The OBSESSION is available for charter out of Pirate's Cove mid March thru at least Thanksgiving weekend (visit our website).  We leave the dock at or before 5 AM and return around 5 PM.  You can book trips by calling me (252-480-0094) or by email [email protected].  We head out of Oregon Inlet with the run offshore taking around two hours.  The cost of chartering the OBSESSION (as well as all offshore full day charter boats fishing out of Pirate's Cove Marina in 2012) is $1800 for 1- 6 people. This includes  bait, tackle, and ice for your fish. (If diesel prices go above $4.00/gal, their will be a fuel surcharge added...fuel is currently around $3.78).   A tip for the mate (15%-20%) is customary, assuming service is satisfactory.mahi      

  Deckhand Richard Wright, who did a great job fishing the 2009 - 2011 North Carolina fishing season's, is back for the 2012 season on the OBSESSION and fishing is already in full swing.  We have fished around 20 days since we got back from Mexico, and have boated several limits of yellowfin tuna, a few bigeyes, nice catches of gaffer & school dolphin, and released a 400lb blue marlin.


tuna limit

   FISHING LICENSES are not needed.  All licensed NC charter boats have blanket licenses to cover our customers.  All you need to bring is your food and beverages in coolers.  Pirate's Cove has a fish cleaning service available, and vacuum packing your fillets is an option if you are staying overnight.   You can reserve dates by email ([email protected])  or phone: (H)  252-480-0094.  


  The FISHING CALENDAR section of my website provides detailed information on what is biting when you plan on going fishing or when to go fishing for a particular species.
  Be sure to check out my frequently updated FISHING REPORTS  section where you can see photos of recent catches and  place comments simply by clicking on the word  'Comments' underneath the reports title. 


   If you need a few more to fill out your group, or want to join a group to share costs for a charter, please email ([email protected]) or call me (252-480-0094) and I will discuss several options with you and hopefully hook you up with a full group.  Most years I put 4-6  'makeup' groups together composed of folks that did not have enough people to book the whole boat.  Check my FISHING REPORTS, as I often list dates that I am looking for others to fill the boat.


feildman blue & bigeyes

   We guarantee 110% effort to show you a great time and hopefully catch you a bunch of fish and maybe a fish of a lifetime!  Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions!  My wife, Ruth Ann, and I are always glad to offer any assistance and/or recommendations for your travel, lodging and dining on the Outer Banks or in Mexico.
Best wishes and tight lines...


Capt'n Jeff      


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