May 2012 Issue
Case History:Estrogen Deficiency as a Cause for Serious and Debilitating Depression
Tapping World Summit
A Big Step Forward for Energy Psychology
IGEEM Registration is Open!
Amazon Review of the Month
Energy Tip: Cool Those Hot Flashes

In this 2-DVD set Donna teaches women how to manage their hormones by managing their energies.



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David & Donna circa 1977
David & Donna
circa 1977 

Yes, that's us. Dondi found it, Sparky posted it on Facebook, and our visits immediately spiked by 1300. Go figure! We thought people would be more interested in a new scholarly paper showing that Energy Psychology works as well as we've been claiming. Or in the half million people who are participating in the Tapping World Summit.  Or in a case where one of our practitioners was baffled by her own symptoms, all featured in this issue.

You will also find, below, hot tips for cooling hot flashes, more on Energy Medicine for Women, and that registration for IGEEM is now open! We are so excited about this first International Gathering of Eden Energy Medicine, which will feature our good friends Jean Houston, Bruce Lipton, Candace Pert, and more than 40 other presenters.  September will be here in an eyeblink!

Meanwhile, wishing you a joyous springtime!

Donna and David
Case History:
Estrogen Deficiency as a Cause for Serious and Debilitating Depression
Katharine Manning


It started with a sore throat and malaise, but this was getting ridiculous! A fever of over 102 degrees, and it wasn't going away. I had been sick since Christmas, and I never got sick! Of course there were the "discharge" type sore throats and colds each fall and spring because I had indulged in too many sugary foods, but I rationalized those away as necessary. After all, didn't Chinese medicine tell us we needed a cold at least once a year for a type of spring cleaning or a type of "mucuosy" clean-out?


But this was different. It was already March and I had such a terrible fever and cough it seemed I would break a rib with the intense hacking. And worse, I couldn't do what I usually did - just "muscle through."  And not only could I not muscle through, I couldn't get rid of my fever.  And...I couldn't get out of bed.  For three days. Then four days.  Then six days...then seven days... I became so dehydrated my doctor talked about having me sent to the hospital for fluids. No matter how much water I drank, my kidneys were so weak I was not urinating! And when I did, the color of the urine was either dark or such a pale color that I became very concerned.


The fever did not remit. The cough did not remit. I took an antibiotic and a strong; codeine- based cough syrup, realizing that breaking ribs from coughing could only make things worse. I became nauseous and still coughed and had a fever. Something was going on! Read on ...


Read More Case Histories | Submit A Case History   

2012 Tapping World Summit
Featuring Donna on May 14th
Energy Medicine and Tapping: A Perfect Marriage
2012 TWS Nick Ortner

We hope you've signed up for the 2012 Tapping World Summit we announced last week. The summit is in full swing now and has more than half a million listeners. There are two interviews taking place each day, and Donna's interview is on Monday, May 14th. You can still register for FREE and hear Donna's interview will be available from 8 pm EDT May 14 to 8 pm EDT May 15.
You can also get the three free pre-event bonus downloads including a Quick Start Guide to Tapping with Nick Ortner, Introduction to Tapping with Carol Look, and The Science and Research Behind Tapping by David Feinstein.
A Big Step Forward for
Energy Psychology

In June of 2008, David published a highly controversial overview of the research on Energy Psychology. He concluded that it is an important clinical development psychotherapists need to understand in order to deliver optimum services to their clients. Since that time, substantial research has supported the claims David made in his 2008 paper. David has incorporated these studies into a new paper which has just been accepted for publication in Review of General Psychology, a flagship journal of the American Psychology Association.

On reading the new paper, Ron Ruden, M.D., one of the most scientifically rigorous voices in the PTSD treatment community (he authored, When the Past is Always Present: Emotional Traumatization, Causes, Cures), made the following unsolicited comment: "This paper is a tour de force! Brilliantly laid out and will clearly become the most referenced paper in EP. Congratulations! The sheer magnitude of your effort is daunting. Hopefully, this will be the commencement of mainstreaming this remarkable therapy."

To judge for yourself, download the paper (PDF). 

IGEEM Registration is Open!
We are thrilled to
International Gathering of Eden Energy Medicine
announce that the 2012 IGEEM online registration is open. Classes and rooms are filling up quickly, and we've had to increase the room size for some of the most popular classes. They practically sold out the first day! Also, we want to share that our discounted Convention hotel room block is 40% sold out, even at this early date. We encourage you to reserve your rooms soon!

The 2012 IGEEM Convention is going to be a stunning event with classes for all levels, from beginner to advanced. All of the classes and speakers are centered around Energy Medicine, and the keynote speakers include Bruce Lipton, Jean Houston, Candace Pert, James Oschman, and Alberto Villoldo.

This remarkable event takes place September 26-30, 2012, in San Diego, CA. Register today to assure your spot in the classes you want!
Register Now
Amazon Review of the Month
Energy Medicine for Women: "Wonderful"
By Irene L. Larochelle (N. Vancouver, BC) April 11, 2012

EM for Women Book
Read the foreword by Christiane Northrup, M.D.
"I've been hoping to find a book that would show me how to heal myself of various common health problems. This is it! Thorough and insightful. Timely and relevant. I found I could relate to a lot of Donna's struggles with PMS. Thank God for this book!

While the energy exercises have taken quite awhile to learn, my moods and energy seem to have improved. I strongly recommend every professional healer read this book."
Energy Tip:
Cool Those Hot Flashes


Hot flashes are one of the unpredictable effects that come with hormonal changes in women. A combination of Eden Energy Medicine techniques and herbal remedies can help cool and control hot flashes. Herbal remedies include flaxseed or flaxseed oil, evening primrose oil, and for some women, black cohosh. In addition to the Menopause Module (pp. 219-23 of Energy Medicine for Women), Donna offers additional techniques that help with hot flashes: 


Dowsing the Fires


Donna found that when women did this procedure on a daily basis, their hot flashes became less intense and, in some cases, subsided altogether. It is also good for thyroid health.

  1. Cross your hands and massage both K-27's with some pressure.
  2. Remove your right hand and slide the middle finger of your left hand above the corner of your right clavicle.
  3. Inhale, then turn your head to the left as far as you can while you slide the middle finger of your left hand toward the outer edge of your right clavicle and exhale.
  4. Repeat on the other side. (An illustration of this exercise is on page 245 of Energy Medicine for Women.

Additional techniques that Donna recommends for hot flashes:

  • The "Cool-Down" Acupoint (p. 244)
  • Triple Warmer Smoothie (p. 107)
  • Darth Vader Breath (p. 152)


Page references to Donna Eden's book Energy Medicine for Women, 2008 Tarcher/Penguin.