December 2011 Issue
Case History: The Use of EFT in Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis
Another Step for Energy Psychology
Reiki Study Produces an Expected Finding and an Unexpected Finding
Energy Tip: How to quiet the chaos & increase your stamina during the holidays!


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Innersource's mission is to--with open minds and joyful hearts--educate and empower individuals, organizations, and communities to maximize their health and optimal functioning through the tools and concepts of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.

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As 2011 draws to a close, we gather our own energies to review the past year, and we set our intention to navigate through 2012 by cultivating our confidence, joy, and gratitude.

This year's final Energy e-letter opens with a case history about multiple scleroses.  Donna's personal experience of overcoming MS was one of the most important streams in the creation of Eden Energy Medicine.  Donna figured out how to get energy flowing in limbs that were numb or buzzing (the feeling when your foot "goes to sleep" -- except it doesn't just pass.)  Then when Donna opened a practice to bring others the benefits of what she learned on herself, she attracted and helped dozens of MS patients with their symptoms, often leading to apparent long term cures.  Unfortunately, documentation was not one of Donna's strengths at that very busy time in her life and, to date, relatively few cases have been written up.  However, a striking case history opens this issue.

That case, as you will see, uses an Energy Psychology approach.  The mental health profession still doesn't fully know what to make of Energy Psychology, but it is starting to realize that something important is going on, as you will see in the next article.  In a third piece, another case history shows not only how Reiki helps a man with Hepatitis C but also how it shifts the atmosphere during the healing.  Literally!  In measurable ways!  Finally, we close with our final energy tip of the year.  This is one of Donna's all-time favorites, yet one of the quickest, simplest techniques in all of Energy Medicine.

And our final words to you in 2011:  May the New Year bring you peace, well-being, and deep gratification.

Donna and David
Case History:
The Use of EFT in Overcoming
Multiple Sclerosis

As with other autoimmune disorders, conventional medicine does not even claim to have tools to heal MS, settling for efforts at symptom reduction.  Energy interventions, on the other hand, can go to root causes.  In a randomized controlled trial published in the journal Integrative Medicine, 26 women diagnosed with fibromyalgia (another autoimmune illness that defies conventional treatment) who had been on sick leave for at least three months were taught EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).  At the end of an eight-week treatment program where they tapped on acupuncture points while focusing on pertinent physical and emotional issues, they showed significant improvement, as compared to a wait list group, in measures including pain, anxiety, depression, vitality, social function, activity level, and performance problems with work due to physical limitations.

In Energy Medicine, autoimmune disorders are treated by bringing the Triple Warmer and Spleen meridians into balance (See Chapter 8 of Energy Medicine) and further discussions of MS can be seen our our Q&As. Meanwhile, applying EFT with MS, Sophia Cayer reports working with a man who had suffered for 42 years with MS-related pain, the last 24 of which he was on disability for diagnosed MS. Within the first few EFT sessions, his pain levels had decreased dramatically. After four months of
Sophia - MS
Sophia Cayer
regular sessions, he was holding a full time job requiring substantial physical exertion.  When he had a relapse, he was back on track after a few sessions and also had improvement in other physical symptoms, including problems with bronchitis and with his hearing.  Read more.
Another Step for
Energy Psychology

Growing numbers of mental health professionals and organizations are recognizing the validity of Energy Psychology.  Innersource is very pleased to announce that the California Board of Behavioral Sciences has just approved all seven of our Energy Psychology Home Study courses as qualifying for Continuing Education credit for Social Workers and Marriage & Family Therapists.  Most state licensing boards recognize these designations as valid for CE credit for their own Social Workers and mental health counselors, all this while the American Psychological Association continues to doze. 
The issue is vital because Continuing Education is the way a profession first incorporates innovation.  The empirical evidence supporting the effectiveness of Energy Psychology is increasing.  Some two dozen studies reporting positive outcomes have been published in peer-reviewed journals since David's controversial overview of the research was published in one of the premier clinical journals of the American Psychological Association in June 2008.  Unfortunately, the people in the APA who make the decisions about continuing education have, to date, ignored the evidence, staying confined to a paradigm that has no room for the effects of subtle energies on physical or mental health.

Meanwhile, as studies have accumulated, other professional bodies, such as the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, have chose to put aside the paradigm question and pay attention to the data.  The research is quite compelling.  David has just completed a follow-up paper reviewing the new research, which makes the case a slam-dunk except to the most die-hard adherents of the old paradigm.  The new paper will be announced in this e-letter once a top flight journal has accepted it for publication.  The California ruling is also important because Home Study is increasingly the way that professionals get their Continuing Education.  For more information on what Innersource offers visit our Energy Psychology Home Study area.
Reiki Study Produces an Expected Finding and an Unexpected Finding
By Pamela Miles
Foreword by Donna Eden

Melvin Morse, MD, of the University of Washington School of Medicine, has just published a case study on the use of Reiki.  Reiki is a healing form that claims to work with universal life energies.  Like EEM, it is being used increasingly in hospitals and outpatient clinical settings.  Many of our practitioners, in fact, had studied Reiki before coming to EEM.

Not surprisingly, given the documented medical benefits of Reiki, the new study demonstrated that Reiki improved immune functioning in a severely ill 54-year-old man suffering with Hepatitis C, hypertension, and other conditions.  More surprising, however, is that the Reiki treatment corresponded with changes in a random number generator.  Random number generators have been used to study the influence of human consciousness on the physical world.  The numerical patterns the machine generates shift in subtle ways that can be detected by statistical analysis when a crowd of people are going through an emotional event all at the same moment.  For instance, during a football game, the patterns take a form, they become less random, during a touchdown run compared with a less exciting moment.  The thoughts of a crowd of individuals correlate with and seem to cause changes in the behavior of the machine!  This is the "at-a-distance" influence that quantum physicists have well-established for sub-atomic particles.  Einstein called it "spooky action at a distance."  It has only in the past decade or two been measured with humans.

The new study found that a random number generator produced an altered pattern of numbers during a Reiki session.  The implications for topics such as "energy fields" and "distance healing" are mind-boggling.  It is hard enough for the conventional medical community to swallow the idea that a "five-minute daily energy routine" improves immune functioning.  As new experimental evidence such as the Reiki study accumulates, the cultural paradigm is slowly shifting to embrace the role of subtle energies in healing and all of life.
Energy Tip:

How to quiet the chaos and increase your stamina during the Holidays! 


Does the busyness of holiday shopping, parties, and

festivities have you completely stressed or exhausted?  Need a little "pick-me-up?"  When you get into the overwhelm of stress and exhaustion, your meridians begin to run backwards, compelling you to rest.  This makes you feel even more zapped.  Tap or rub your K-27 points (p. 24) to restore the natural direction of the meridian flow.  This gives you increased stamina.  In fact, Tapping or rubbing your K-27's is a simple exercise that will energize you if you are feeling drowsy and help you focus if you are having difficulty concentrating. 


To tap your K-27 points do the following:  

  1. Place your fingers on your K-27 points. 
  2. Tap or rub vigorously for 15-30 seconds.
  3. Focus on your breathing, in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Not sure if you're tapping the right spot?


To locate your K-27 points:

Donna illustrating the location of the K-27 points.
  • Place your fingers on your collarbone and move them inward towards the U-shaped notch at the top of your breastbone.
  • Move your fingers to the bottom of the U and then move down and out about an inch to find the spots.
  • For most people there is a soft spot or indentation there at the location of their K-27 points. 

Page references are to Donna's Book Energy Medicine, 2008 Tarcher/Penguin.