November 2011 Issue
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EEM Case History: Healing Lyme Disease
The EEM Foundations Program Arrives in Europe
Did Energy Medicine Help the St. Louis Cardinals Win the World Series?
How Much Evidence Does the American Psychological Association Need?
Energy Tip: Make Your Energies Crowd-Proof this Holiday Saeson!

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Innersource Mission Statement

Innersource's mission is to--with open minds and joyful hearts--educate and empower individuals, organizations, and communities to maximize their health and optimal functioning through the tools and concepts of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.

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Greetings!  Orange Spiral

Thanksgiving has just launched us into the 2011 Holiday Season and our gratitude is enormous. Ever increasing numbers of people are finding that they can use energy healing to make their lives better. A new study has just shown that tapping on acupuncture points can not only change emotional and behavioral patterns in ways that leave you feeling better, it also lowers cortisol and other markers of psychological distress more effectively than conventional counseling. Yet the American Psychology Association continues to ignore the value of this approach..


Lyme disease, when not treated early, can become a chronic condition. A debilitating case that was successfully treated with Energy Medicine is described below. Meanwhile, our EEM Foundation program not only has nearly 200 students enrolled in its 2011-2012 classes throughout the U.S., read below about how it is about to expand into Europe. And, speaking of the Holiday Season, learn how one of our simplest techniques can help you to protect yourself energetically when you have to be in a crowd.


Finally, if you follow baseball, you know that one of the most extraordinary seasons in history culminated in the against-all-odds victory of the St. Louis Cardinals in last month's World Series. Did Energy Medicine influence the outcome?

Read on. . .



Donna & David
Case History
Healing Lyme Disease

Three years ago, a psychotherapist learned of Energy Medicine at a conference. At that time, she was suffering from Lyme disease and a constellation of symptoms, including high anxiety, intense sadness, and fear.  Now three years after that introduction, she is an EEM Certified Practitioner, the Lyme disease has completely disappeared, and the stress, sadness and fear are gone.  She now finds her life filled with promise and opportunity.


Sally Smith (for privacy reasons this is a pseudonym) began working with Donna's Energy Medicine in 2007. At that time, she was suffering from a deeply embedded long-term sadness over her inability to have a second child. She had become pregnant after using fertility drugs, but miscarried at 11 weeks into the pregnancy. She was overcome by grief. Though she expected to move through the grief and onto emotional recovery, her body was so depleted by the loss that it was vulnerable. In this state, she contracted Lyme disease which resulted in a cycle of fear and worry that she now had a chronic condition from which she would never recover.
Read on...


Read More Case Histories | Submit a Case History 

The EEM Foundations Program Arrives in Europe!

We are excited to announce that the first European Foundations Program will begin March of 2012.  The year-long training will take place over four 4-day weekends at the historic Wooten House, located just south of London in UK_FP_BannerSurrey, England.        


Like their U.S. counterparts, these intensive classes will be packed with information, demonstrations, techniques, and hands-on practice, all supported with comprehensive handouts and class materials. A selection of Donna Eden's top US teachers will instruct the whole group from the stage.  But then, in true EEM form, we will offer the intimacy and personal teaching experience of small, break-out groups, as well.  In between the quarterly classes, students will also have one-to-one mentoring and support from their small group leader.   

At the end of this European Foundations Program year, students will be confident in using fundamental EEM techniques on themselves, family and friends, and to expand the scope of their natural healthcare practice. Graduates will receive a Certificate of Completion and the opportunity to move on to the one-year EEM Certification Program. Register Now 


We are so pleased to be offering this first year of our EEM Certification Program in Europe.  As a special gift, those students who register for the program by December 31st will be given their class material (Ethics Handbook for Energy Healing Practitioners, and the Energies of Love DVD) as a free gift.  Detials at 

Did Energy Medicine Help the
St. Louis Cardinals Win the World Series?

The path to the St. Louis Cardinals' World Series Championship last month has been called "the greatest comeback in baseball history."  It started on September 9th with an extra inning 4-3 win over the Atlanta Braves.  That was the day that psychologist, Dr. Erin Shannon, through family connections, began to teach some of the staff and players Energy Medicine techniques. 

While Dr. Shannon, who is enrolled in our St. Louis EEM Foundations Program, wasn't talking out of respect for the players' and the team's privacy, the media was not so quiet.  Seeing players doing strange-looking postures and motions in the dugout and on the field such as making "figure 8s," "thumping" on acupuncture points, doing the "Triple Warmer smoothie," and other grounding techniques got their attention.  They noticed a profound attitude change in the Cardinal's clubhouse and sports writers began speculating on the "magic" and "wizardry" that seemed to be taking over the team.  Suddenly Dr. Shannon was on the news, still being circumspect, but giving people at least a vague idea of what she was up to. 

Then, against all statistical odds, the Cardinals won the World Series.  Besides teaching grounding, stress relief, and energy techniques, Dr. Shannon was also asked to comment on the use of the magnetic and titanium necklaces that seem to have moved into major league sports this year.  Athletes are using the necklaces to help increase energy, decrease stress, and shore-up stability.  Dr. Shannon's response was to extend to the players Donna's teaching that there are no one-size-fits-all energy approaches and to show them how to energy test to see how the necklaces impacted their energies, as seen in this TV clip.

Titanium Necklaces
Click video to open and play in a new window.

How Much Evidence Does the American Psychological Association Need?

More than 40 outcome studies demonstrating the effectiveness of energy psychology have been published in peer-reviewed journals.  Most recent is in the November 2011 issue of The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, one of the most prestigious journals in the mental health field.  The new paper shows that a single session of EFT (stimulating acupuncture points by tapping on them while bringing a troubling situation to mind) was not only significantly more effective than standard supportive counseling in reducing self-reported distress, the treatment significantly reduced cortisol levels.  Elevated cortisol levels are associated with accelerated aging, many organic diseases, and psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety.  Cortisol levels were not reduced in control subjects who received supportive counseling or no treatment.  In summary, the study showed that EFT was far superior to supportive counseling in improving both cortisol-related stress levels and self-reported psychological symptoms after a single treatment session.


Meanwhile, the American Psychological Association (APA) continues to prevent its continuing education sponsors from offering psychologists continuing education credit for training in EFT or other forms of Energy Psychology. Continuing education is the way a profession introduces new developments to its members.  The APA's position prevents our returning soldiers and others with serious mental health problems from receiving the most effective treatments.  With each new study, it becomes increasingly indefensible and embarrassing for an organization that represents itself as a standard-bearer for the mental health community to be blocking the dissemination of effective cutting edge developments.  Please see the Truthout Interview entitled, "The American Psychological Association is Blocking the Most Effective Treatment for PTSD."


The Energy Medicine Institute, Innersource's non-profit sister organization, has been actively trying to get the APA to change its position for nearly a decade.  The APA's ability to stonewall information that contradicts prevailing, though outdated paradigms, has impressed us all.  The new study, conducted by Dawson Church, Garret Yount, and Audrey Brooks, provides further evidence in another well-respected scientific journal of the effectiveness of Energy Psychology. For a summary of other studies, see the literature review in "Rapid Treatment of PTSD: Why Psychological Exposure with Acupoint Tapping May Be Effective (PDF)."

Orange Spiral
The 2012 International Gathering of Eden Energy Medicine (IGEEM) classes have all been selected and details will be posted online soon.  Stay tuned to your inbox for an email with details of registration information, classes, teachers, special events, and more!!  Be sure and save the date, September 26-30, 2012, for this groundbreaking Eden Energy Medicine convention in San Diego, CA.
Energy Tip:

Make Your Energies Crowd-Proof this Holiday Season!  



As we head into the holiday season, we are sure to encounter more people than usual in our day-to-day life.  Large crowds are usually the norm with holiday get-togethers, shopping, etc.  And sometimes, the energies of crowds can really stress us out. You can protect yourself by "zipping yourself up" when you find yourself in an uncomfortably large gathering or are feeling vulnerable. Central meridian runs like a zipper from the pubic bone to the bottom lip.  If the energy in Central meridian is unstable, we can take on the energies of others.To protect  ourselves, we can use the energies of our hands to "zip-up" Central meridian.   


"Zipping-Up" will help you: 

  • Feel more confident about yourself.
  • Think more clearly.
  • Protect yourself from overwhelming energies around you. 
Before doing a zip up (pp. 94-8), briskly tap the K-27 points to insure that your meridians are moving in a forward direction.   

Then, zip-up as follows:
  • Place your hands at the bottom end of the Central meridian. (see Figure 10, pg. 116)
  • Inhale deeply as you move your hands, slowly and with deliberation, straight up the center of your body to your lower lip.
  • Continue upward, bringing your hands past your lips and raise them into the sky.
  • Circle your arms back around to your pelvis.
  • Repeat three times.
  • Voila', your have made your energies more crowd-proof!
Donna demonstrating the Zip-Up.

Page references are to Donna's Book Energy Medicine, 2008 Tarcher/Penguin.