March 2011 Issue
Case History: Breezing Through Dental Surgery
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The Uncertainty Principle in Energy Medicine
Oregon Takes a Step Backward
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Energy Tips: Relieving Pain

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One of the pleasures in our lives is to hear from people who have never been to a class yet have used our books and/or DVDs to successfully apply Energy Medicine to a serious problem.  Samantha Herron, faced with having to have all her teeth extracted in preparation for dentures, came close to panic when thinking about the procedure and didn't know
Donna and David
Donna and David
teaching at the EEM Certification Program
if she could go through with it, necessary though it was. Read below of the outcome. 

Read also about a PR victory for Energy Psychology as well as a legal setback in our very own state of Oregon.  Of more substance is a brief article on how the Uncertainty Principle in physics is an apt metaphor for the uncertainty principle in Energy Medicine.  Also learn about our upcoming regional classes, Foundations program, teleseminars, and an evening on the Energies of Love.  And this month's Energy Tip is about relieving pain, a technique worth keeping in your back pocket.

Sending you springtime blessings!


Donna & David
Case History:
Breezing Through Dental Surgery Using Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology


A self-taught EM practitioner had excellent success in mitigating both the pain and the impact of dental surgery using simple techniques contained in the Energy Medicine Daily Routine and the Energy Psychology Basic Recipe.


Samantha Herron began doing the Daily Routine back in April of 2010, after viewing the DVD "Introduction to Energy Medicine" and reading "Energy Medicine" and "The Promise of Energy Psychology".


In August, she had to schedule dental surgery for early September to have all of her teeth extracted in preparation for getting dentures.  Her fear of the dentist was so strong she came close to having a panic attack just thinking about going to the dentist for a routine visit, let alone the procedure she was facing.  She knew that she had to do something to alleviate that fear or she would likely cancel the appointment. Read on ...

Submit A Case History Here
| Read More Case Histories
A catcher for the Boston Red Sox has openly credited Energy Psychology for helping him overcome a problem with his ability to throw the ball with the laser precision required in the major leagues.  Read his story


Quantum Healing, Consciousness, and Soul Teleseminar

Listen in on more thought provoking discussion with Donna!

Donna with host Shifra Hendrie

March 22 at 9pm EST / 6pm PST

Quantum Healing, Consciousness and Soul is a bridge toward an aligned, empowered, illuminated life.  Each and every expert speaker, teacher and mentor in this series brings something unique and life-altering ... and often miraculous... to the mix... each will guide and support you in taking yet another step across that bridge...and allow you to experience extraordinary learning and astounding healing as you go.

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The Uncertainty Principle in Energy Medicine


What are you to make of it when Triple SpiralDonna tells you that the traditional associations of specific colors to specific chakras are not the way she sees it?  Or when one teacher shows you how to surround yourself with white light to protect yourself and another tells you that this interferes with your energetic rapport with your client?  Or when one expert describes the aura all together differently than another.  Donna and David recently addressed this important question for their Certification Program students.  See what they had to say.

Oregon Takes a Step Backward
David Feinstein, PhD

Although Oregon has generally been a very progressive state on health care, it has recently begun to crack down on people using the term "Energy Psychology" if they are not state licensed mental health providers.  

As an Oregon licensed psychologist, I wrote formal protest letters to the Psychology Board as I saw them positioning themselves for this.  I also asked ACEP to send a representative to the public hearings on the issue. They retained Midge Murphy, an attorney with a PhD in energy medicine, who provides risk management consulting services in energy therapies.  She provided ACEP a copy of her testimony, which I thought was very strong.  In my letters, I pointed out that terms like Jungian Psychology, Positive Psychology, and Spiritual Psychology are in common use and that it makes it look like the Board's motivations are to protect their economic turf rather than to protect the public if they try to restrict the use of these terms by people who are trying to help others.  They apparently agreed that it helps them protect their economic interests and ignored my letters as well as Midge Murphy's excellent testimony.  Read more
The Wellness Revolution 3

Energy Medicine:
Health Care for the 21st Century 

Donna with host Adoley

Thursday, April 28, 2011    



Join Donna Eden on "The Wellness Revolution Telesummit 3."

This web event is a gathering of the world's leading doctors, healers, and authors in the Complimentary Medicine movement that combines traditional western medicine with ancient wisdom, healing practices for incredibly powerful and new possibilities.

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Energy Tips: Relieving Pain
Donna says "Pain is your body's version of tough love."  It forces you to stop what you are doing. Pain is nature's way of getting your mind involved in the health and safety of your body. Our body's natural instinct is to touch and massage ourselves when we hurt. "This is an instinct to be listened to!"  These techniques can be used anywhere and are effective in relieving pain.

Tapping Sore Muscles:Hairbrush
  • This is especially effective for sore shoulders.
  • Use your fingers or something with "tappers" like a hairbrush.
  • Tap the area for a minute or as long as it feels right.
  • Tapping will free the jarred energy, allowing the muscle to move more freely, relieving the pain.   
Stretching Away Pain:
  • Pain involves having too much energy at its site.
  • About an inch or two beyond the sides of the pain, stretch the area to relieve the congested energy.
  • Then press deeply around the perimeter of the pain and stretch the muscle in every direction.  
Pinching Skin to Signal Pain Away:pinching
  • Pinching has a resetting effect.  It triggers the "spindle cell" mechanism.
  • With your thumb and forefinger, come to the center of the painful area and very, very lightly pinch the skin one time.
  • The slight pinch sends a signal to your nervous system to release the trapped energy.  
In Chapter 10 of Donna's book, Energy Medicine, she covers these and several additional techniques for relieving pain.









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