February 2011 Issue
Case Histroy: From a Wheel Chair to the Tango Floor
5th EEM Certification Program Graduation
International Gathering of Eden Energy Medicine
InnerResources Interview with Donna
Women's Health Care Telesemiinar
Innersource Staff News
First Aid EFT
Energy Tip: Get Your Radiant Energies Flowing with the Nine Hearts Exercise

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March 16, 2011
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March 22, 2011
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March 24, 2011
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March 25 - April 3
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April 8-10, 2011
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April 26, 2011
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April 28, 2011
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May 5-9, 2011
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June 2, 2011
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June 5, 2011
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July 8-10, 2011
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Energy Medicine Weekend Workshop
September 9-11, 2011
The Omega Institute
Rhinebeck, NY

Energy Psychology Weekend Workshop
Sept. 11-16, 2011
The Omega Institute
Rhinebeck, NY
Donna Eden's Advanced Energy Medicine Class
October 6-9, 2011
Hard Rock Hotel
San Diego, CA

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International Gathering of Eden Energy Medicine
September 26-30, 2012
San Diego, CA

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Deepen Your Energy Medicine Studies

EEM Year One Foundations Program

This is a one-year course spread over 4 weekends where you will learn and practice the fundamentals of Eden Energy Medicine.


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Energy Medicine at the Sivananda
Yoga Ashram

Tiernan AshramTiernan sitting in the energy of Swami Sitaramananda at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in the Bahamas in January, where Tiernan was nicknamed "The Little Buddha."  

Teaching at Ashram
Donna and David found that teaching Energy Medicine to 150 yoga practitioners sitting attentively on mats in a sacred temple brings a special dimension of holiness to the work. Demonstrating what various yoga postures do energetically was one of the most commented-upon parts of their teaching.

Read Titany's account of their experience at the Ashram on our blog. Visit our blog


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Deepen Your Energy Medicine Studies

EEM Year One Foundations Program

This is a one-year course spread over 4 weekends where you will learn and practice the fundamentals of Eden Energy Medicine.


Classes begin
April - June 2011


Choose from

22 Class Locations!


Find a Class Near You 


Triple Spiral
Read of a night of triumphant dancing by a woman who had been told she would never walk again.  Get a glimpse into our 5th EEM CP Graduation Ceremony where our 500th graduate walks through the tunnel made of faculty hands overhead.  Meet the Innersource staff.  Learn about the very very special event we have planned for October 2012.  Read the final installment of Donna's InnerResources interview and/or hear Donna via teleseminar.  Witness our grandson receiving his first darshan (devotee in reverence with guru) of sorts.  Looking for the Good Samaritan tapper who helped the man who walked away from the demolished car pictured below.  And get your radiant energies flowing with the Nine Hearts Technique.  Enjoy!

With our love and blessings,

Donna & David
Case History: From a Wheel Chair to the Tango Floor

By Donna and David

Allison Leigh
A friend from decades earlier, after not having seen us for ages, showed up to one of our classes in a wheel chair.  A surgery had gone wrong, and she was never expected to walk again.  Dealing with intense nerve pain for eight years had worn down her immune system to the point where her life-force energy had dwindled down to a small flame. Colds quickly progressed into pneumonia.  She feared the next flu bug might take her life. After the class, she began to work intensely with some of our EEM practitioners and she was also diligent in her back-home work.  She was out of the wheelchair within 3 months, walking with two canes in six months, and walking entirely on her own within a year.  We then learned she had been taking Tango lessons and was becoming quite good at it.  We recently received an e-mail from her, written to some of her nearest and dearest, that begins:

"This message goes out to my family and dearest friends because I am overjoyed and uncontainable at 2AM and I must let you know how tearfully thankful I am feeling right now. It just cant wait!  I just came home after dancing all night long to GOOOOOD exceptional amazing live music at three different clubs. Oh My GOOD LORD, the musicians were playing straight from the soul, expressing their passion. But what makes me overjoyed is that I danced to all of the songs, all of those hours straight through, with no pain in my legs at all! (No alcohol or pain meds either!) Read on

Submit A Case History Here|Read More Case Histories

5th EEM Certification Program Graduation Ceremony
February 21, 2011

Donna & David EEMCP Graudation February 21, 2011

Carol Treadwell was our 500th Graduate at the Wigwam in Phoenix earlier this week.  Our dear friend, Ann Mortifee, who with her husband, the legendary flute virtuoso Paul Horn, has performed at two of our graduation parties, wrote the following note of congratulations:  "I am so happy to know that 500 Donna Davida Deities are now adrift in the world.  Magic wands in hand.  Inspired hearts afire. Spirit splendour ablaze.  It is a most magnificent thing that you have done together."
The International Gathering of Eden Energy Medicine
 ~ IGEEM ~ 


Classes for everyone... 
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September 26-30, 2012 

San Diego, CA

This Convention promises to be the first of its kind, with a wide array of special classes and events, all centered around Eden Energy Medicine:
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  • Guest Teachers
  • Diverse Courses Eligible for Advanced Training Credits
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InnerResources Interview
with Donna

The Grand Finale of 8 Installments


The following excerpt is from an interview conducted by
JanaMessing with Donna Eden for the Spring 2010 issue of InnerResources.   

Continued from previous editions of the energy e-letter.

Jana:  Were you formally trained in any spiritual tradition or belief system?


Donna:  Well, I went to Sunday school.  My mother and father wouldn't go to church.  They were incredibly spiritual but they didn't want the indoctrination of any church or religion.  But they liked that I was learning The Bible.  Plus my mother subscribed us all to Unity magazine as early as I can remember.


From when I was four, I went to a Christian church at the end of the corner that we could walk to, and I particularly loved hearing about Jesus because, remember, he was my little invisible best friend.  Even at this very early age, I knew to dismiss anything preached at me that didn't fit.  One thing that I did at this church was to get baptized every month!  From age four.  Every month.  No one even noticed.  I kept getting baptized.  It was really fun!


Jana:  Full immersion?

Donna:  Full immersion, dunk back and everything . . . every month!  This went on for a long time Read More ...

Free Teleseminar Series:

Transforming Yourself
from the Inside Out 

March 22Donna Edennd

Join Donna, together with other world-class presenters, for what I believe will be a very exciting FREE teleseminar series on the topic of METAMORPHOSIS: Transforming Yourself from the Inside Out.

This event is hosted by Shifra Hendrie, spiritual life coach and teacher of Authentic Kabbalah. I've spoken for Shifra's series several times before, and I can tell you that they are very deep and powerful and an experience that may very well change your life. 

Starting Tuesday, February 22nd, this truly extraordinary lineup of expert speakers, teachers and mentors will be sharing a wellspring of life-changing information and cutting edge, transformational tools for healing with you... tools that will help you heal and transform your body, spirituality, relationships, finances and more. 


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Women's Health Care Teleseminar

There's a shift happening in women's health care. The current approaches are falling short, and the leading experts are developing new ways to better serve women.

EM for Women Book
by Donna Eden
with Foreword by Christinane Northrup, M.D.


Donna is taking part in NICABM's latest teleseminarseries, New Findings in Women's Health: Coming into Vitality and Wholeness.


Each week, practitioners such as Donna Eden and Christiane Northrup, M.D., from around the globe and across professions gather to listen to the call, and it's free to listen at the time of broadcast.


Or, if you'd like to download recordings, transcripts, and even earn CE/CME credits, you can sign-up for a gold subscription. In doing so, you'll be supporting the mission to provide these teleseminars free of charge to practitioners throughout the world.


Don't miss the opportunity to sign-up for this one-of-a-kind series.

Innersource Staff News
Innersource Staff
Our Innersource Family

Have you ever wondered about who was talking to you on the phone or writing you emails from Innersource?  Check out our new Staff Page with bios and photos on the website.  You'll notice some recent changes - Eric is becoming our Continuing Education Coordinator & Lindsay is our new Events Manager & Laurel is our new SPA Coordinator.  What's a SPA Coordinator, you ask?  Check out the new web page for all of the details!
From Lisa Bacon, The Mother of the Young Man Who Was Driving This Car When it Crashed:

Ians Car EFT

The Universe and Angels gave me a wonderful Valentine's Day Present. My 23 year old son, Ian, walked away from totaling his car with only minor cuts and bruises. After the accident, he climbed out the passenger's side and was standing disheveled and bloodied next to his crushed vehicle. The first passerby called 911 and waited until the Highway Patrol and Fire Department came. The second, a woman he told me was obviously shaken by the scene, came over to check on him. He related that she encouraged him to tap with her to reduce the trauma of the incident. I would like to personally thank this anonymous Good Samaritan for offering EFT first aid to this incredibly lucky young man.


 Energy Tip: Get Your Radiant Energies Flowing with the
Nine Hearts Exercise

The Nine Hearts Exercise is especially good for the Heart, Large Intestine and Penetrating Flow, but connects all Radiant Circuits and gets them flowing.

Bringing Radiant Energies to your Hormones in less than a minute:

  1. Make 3 "hearts" over your face, taking a deep inhalation and exhalation with each heart.
  2. With the third heart, "pull the stick" down to the center of your chest.
  3. Make 3 hearts over the trunk of your body.
  4. Make 3 hearts over the front of your legs. 
  5. As you finish the last of these, place the backs of your handstogether, bringing them up the center of your body, reaching high, separating them, and circling out into a large heart that encompasses your body and ends at your legs.
From Energy Medicine for Women: 4-Day Introductory Intensive Training DVD set class handouts.