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Energy Psychology Returns to Washington DC
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 David Congress
Dear  ,

Want to see Donna on the Lifetime TV channel? See below. Wish to sit in on an intimate interview with Donna? Read on. Does Donna expect her practitioners to follow the "law" of EEM to the letter? 
Donna, David, and Tiernan (with
chickenpox) in Norway!
Find out in this issue. How about David's testimony in front of the House Committee on Veteran's Affairs?  Read about our new involvement with Voice for Hope. Or join us for the August Facebook challenge to do the Hook-up.  Or most important of all, you have an opportunity to vote for our 14-month grandson in his first free election. 

Love and gratitude,

Donna & David
Donna to Appear on
Lifetime TV
The Balancing Act

Monday August 9th
7:00-8 AM EST & PST, 6:00-7AM CST
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Is This the Picture That Is Worth a Thousand  . . . Dollars?
Tiernan Ray

One of the joys of our recent California workshop tour is that it has been a family affair, with strong support from Titanya, Jeff, Dondi, and Roger -- with our 14-month-old grandson Tiernan delightfully in tow, charming every crowd we meet.  During a conversation following a class, a couple whose hearts had been stolen by Tiernan learned that he is entered in a contest in his home of San Diego, California.  They were so enchanted by our boy that they decided to help Tiernan as well as EEM. They have offered to donate $1000 to the EEM Certification Program Scholarship Fund (through the Energy Medicine Institute) if Tiernan wins the "Star Baby of San Diego" contest.  Tiernan has some competition, though. More than 5,000 other babies are in the running. But if you think Tiernan is half as adorable as his grandparents think he is, and that he represents a good cause, they are asking you to vote for him.  Voting is very easy, it takes only 10 seconds, and you can vote from anywhere in the world.  Here's what you do: Click on this link, scroll down to Tiernan, check "vote," and click. It's that easy!   You can vote once every 24 hours until August 12 at 11:59 AM (PDT).

Click here to vote for Tiernan >>>
An Interview with Donna Eden
The following excerpt is from an interview conducted with Donna Eden for the Spring 2010 issue of InnerResources.

InnerResources:  I have found very little information about how you grew up, or how you lived in the world in the earlier years. Can you share a bit about your early years; what they were like or anything about growing up with your abilities?

Donna: No one has ever asked me that in an interview before -- isn't that funny!

Well, I'm the middle child. I have an older sister, Sharon, and a younger brother, Clarke. My mother was orphaned at 4 years old. In a strange way, I think that is one of the reasons she turned out so good! She really wanted to turn out to be a good human being but she had to make it up as she went along. Growing up, she had nobody to dictate to her or tell her how she should be or what she should think. One of her goals was to be the best mother...the mother she would have liked to have had. And do you know, on her death bed, that's what she said. She said, "I'm the mother I always wanted to have." Isn't that an amazing thing to say?! And how fulfilling to feel that at the end of your life!

Read More >>>

InnerResources Magazine
On Following
Instructions Precisely
By Donna Eden

In writing and teaching about Energy Medicine, I have taken procedures that were invented on-the-spot during my practice and turned them into "Step 1-2-3" instructions.  Just how precisely must these instructions be followed to get good results?  That is a core question for anyone learning Energy Medicine.  I've addressed it in a recent very brief article.  I hope you find it to be of value.
Energy Psychology Returns to Washington DC

Problems with conventional treatment approaches to PTSD are reflected in a recent finding that of 49,425 veterans of the Iraq and Afghan wars with newly diagnosed PTSD, less than one in ten who sought care from facilities run by the Department of Veterans Affairs actually completed the treatment as recommended. In contrast, the first randomized controlled trial using Energy Psychology with 49 veterans suffering with PTSD showed that 86% went from above the PTSD cut-off on the military version of a standardized PTSD check-list to below the cutoff.  There was only one drop-out (both studies are referenced in the downloadable article at  Representative Bob Filner, Chair of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs, sent David Feinstein a letter asking him to testify before the Committee about such findings.

Since David was making the trip anyway, his visit to Washington last month also included:
a) a meeting at the Pentagon with the General who is the direct assistant to the Commandant of the Marine Corps,
a meeting with a psychiatrist who is a Lieutenant Colonel at Walter Reed and designing a comparison study between Energy Psychology and conventional treatments of veterans with PTSD, and
c) a meeting with a Senior Policy Advisor at the U.S. Senate, as well as
d) testifying before the House Committee on Veteran's Affairs. 

In all four presentations, David made some headway in making the case that tapping on the skin of veterans with PTSD is not as perverse as it seems.  Read about the July visit as well as an earlier trip to Washington that paved the way for this one.

Innersource &
Voice for Hope

Voice for Hope (HOPE stands for "Healers of Planet Earth") is taking initiative to help reform health care at the political and institutional level in ways that are in harmony with the mission of our non-profit Energy Medicine Institute.  We are thrilled to learn of their efforts.  We asked our longtime practitioner, Pat Butler, to attend an open meeting they presented during the ISSSEEM Annual Meeting in Colorado last month.  Read Pat's report to us and consider becoming involved.